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  1. see i dont care if our players are stupid, as long as they produce on the field and he **** sure didnt do that
  2. 2028, its going to be some year we are in transition with no expectations then boom
  3. i think we win at DL and TE is about a tie maybe with us having an edge
  4. georgia dome was full of other teams fans also
  5. not being able to be on the field is the ultimate underperforming
  6. keeps saying banned when i try to make one, looking for another platform
  7. **** here too, ill make one real quick
  8. And we should give it to him, tons of eff ups to pass around. Free had a good game
  9. lol early morning chat i guess, bump
  10. jesus man, why report this now. D linemen were already going to focus on his leg
  11. alford and tru said they learned a lot from asante
  12. julio scheduled for an mri on monday in 3...2...1
  13. love julio but i gotta give top wr/football player or however you guys are trying to categorize it to brown plus he doesnt get nearly as nicked up, better route runner, better catcher,great punt returner.
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