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  1. sauce*
  2. its one of his adopted sons
  3. And we should give it to him, tons of eff ups to pass around. Free had a good game
  4. lol early morning chat i guess, bump
  5. jesus man, why report this now. D linemen were already going to focus on his leg
  6. alford and tru said they learned a lot from asante
  7. bump
  8. julio scheduled for an mri on monday in 3...2...1
  9. love julio but i gotta give top wr/football player or however you guys are trying to categorize it to brown plus he doesnt get nearly as nicked up, better route runner, better catcher,great punt returner.
  10. it is a circle but he boarder of the actual picture is a purple box, just happens to be white around it
  11. lol yea i laughed a little to hard at that
  12. blue panty hose?
  13. mayock and gruden say hi. i dont learn a thing from collinsworths commentary kinda surprised he stuck as a nbc personality
  14. they are advertising nfl network only like they did for this tenn/jax game