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  1. sweet. if we still can't manage to win... wow
  2. i would take o-line with our 1st pick, then get dd in the 2nd or maybe trade up, and then with our other 2nd get another lineman. byron will be the starter and if he gets injured or is bad, then we will bring in dd and shockley will be our 3rd qb.
  3. sf at atl--- atl cinci at buff--- buff denver at detroit--- det carolina at tenn--- tenn gb at kc--- gb sd at minn--- sd jax at no---- no was at nyj--- was arizona at tb--- tb seattle at cle--- cle hous at oak--- oak dall at philly--- dall balt at pitt--- pitt tie breaker pic ne- 34 indy- 28
  4. you might be a falcon fan when you get worried on bye weeks.
  5. but if hes "da future" shouldn't he be destroying 2nd and 3rd stringers?
  6. shockley has been inconsistent too. last year week 1 - 52.1 qb rating week 2 - 39.6 qb rating week 3 - 72.9 qb rating week 4 - 100.4 qb rating this year week 1 - 28.8 qb rating week 2 - 105.0 qb rating not very impressive considering this was in the preseason!
  7. det @ chi -- chi oak @ tn --- tn cle @ stl -- cle phi @ min-- phi nyg @ mia -- nyg pit @ cinc- pit indy @ car -- indy buf @ nyj-- buf jax @ tb -- jax hou @ sd -- sd no @ sf -- sf wash @ ne -- ne gb @ den-- den tie breaker green bay - 21 denver - 28
  8. he's actually aware that norwood is 10000x better then dunn because every week he says we need to get norwood more involved but yet still 6 ####ing carries! great job coach!
  9. ummm not going for it on 4th down when your losing in the 4th quarter? come on, seriously?
  10. harrington can't win games!! doesn't matter how good his stats are! the people that love harrington are the people that hated you know who. your more concerned about harrington's comp % and his qb rating then how many **** games we win! joey cannot win games.
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