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  1. man all joey does is bomb it 4 yards and hopes his wr's make moves and pick up the additional 10 yards needed for the 1st.
  2. its obvious when pinner comes in were gonna run it no wonder he always gets stuffed.
  3. the good news is st. louis is kicking the crap outta the aint's 27 - 7.
  4. im sorry but dunn is done, he just had one good run thats it for 30 yards and he still brought his ypc down to 3.9 take away the 30 yard run and he averages 2.3
  5. anyone got radio? preferably from the falcons.
  6. at a kicker in the 2nd round and over houston.
  7. there's something called punctuation, don't worry you will learn that next year in grade 2.
  8. i couldn't see the game what happened to norwood? didn't he get injured and come back in? was it serious or will he be back in a week? we need him, you never know when hes gonna bust 1 for a td.
  9. but yet we give him 6 ####ing carries a game. come on!!
  10. joey isn't that bad he just ###### himself when hes getting pressured, and with our o-line i guess that would make him a bad qb. i'm sure if he was given a chance to play with a good o-line like the pats he would have some good numbers.
  11. schaub in the 3rd is pretty good, boley in 5th or 4th? norwood in the 3rd was awesome, laurent robinson was worth the 3rd, milner in the 4th sorry i had to, but at least he caught everything when it counts.
  12. going for #3, this is a hard week though. atl at car--- atl minn at gb--- gb jax at tenn--- tenn den at kc--- kc buff at mia--- buff stl at no--- no cle at pitt--- pitt philly at wash--- wash cinci at balt--- balt chi at oak--- chi dall at nyg--- dall det at az--- det indy at sd--- indy san fran at seattle--- seattle tie breaker pic atl--- 24 car--- 20
  13. sweet i won? cool thanks for the girls and the steak
  14. why the #### would we pass on 3rd and 1??? i thought petrino was supposed to be better then knapp?
  15. i've been wondering too, it sounds like the same thing over and over again.
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