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  1. I think Hawkins would make it easily if he wasn't so **** small.
  2. Holy ****! Look at the hair on that dudes arm :blink:
  3. smh @ you confusing me with offseason. I only wish i had as much draft prospect knowledge as him.
  4. I don't think we deal with politics aka snake. He's in too deep.
  5. Well then shouldn't you be a Seacocks fan? and I'm not even from T.O lol
  6. Guy you've been using the same jokes and lines for the past year. At least TRY to be original.
  7. We get the herd together before we terrorize y'alls wifeys
  8. Football camp started so I've been gone a lot after school. I've been trying to come on more and i def will now that FOAL is back together.
  9. lol glad this thing is getting back up. How come i don't get one of the big boy positions :unsure: lol idc.. I'll take the TATF Division and the Draft and Free agency forum since I frequently have to keep loons in check in the off-season.
  10. Of course i am. He is the most exciting player I've ever seen and i can't wait till he gets back.
  11. Pretty dumb thread imo. We've been told he's gonna be used more every year that he's been in the NFL and it hasn't happened. Besides you could make that point the previous years too.
  12. Thanks for the updates guys. You guys should know Sharpe is my guy, i was pulling for him in college and wanted him so bad because he has a lot of potential and we picked him up. Hopefully he'll be out there tomorrow.
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