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  1. what a dumb call by petrino, no qb sneak no ovie? a ####ing toss??
  2. i was all for byron starting but i want joey to start the 2nd.
  3. this is a must win game, our d has to play big today.
  4. az at cinci--- cinci nyg at det--- nyg car at gb--- gb kc at indy--- indy oak at minn--- minn mia at philly--- philly sd at jax--- sd cle at balt--- cle no at hou--- hou pitt at nyj--- pitt was at dal--- dal stl at sf--- stl chi at sea--- sea ne at buff--- ne tenn at den-- den tie breaker (predict the score) atl- 27 tb- 24
  5. wow what a (insert insult here), seriously man hes a rookie and hes been good at stopping the run. he'll get his sacks don't worry but to say hes a bust is moronic.
  6. come on guys leave the bucs fan alone.... or joey's mom whoever.
  7. i think i remember seeing him play for oakland, seemed like a really good receiving te, he can probably block too or petrino wouldn't have gotten him.
  8. we got to beat tampa twice and beat the saints and i think we will be in the playoffs.
  9. joey is not the answer, we can't relay on his 3 yard passes to win us games.
  10. i thought jamaal had a great game. people, he is not a bust.
  11. aalgernon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omfg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  12. again harrington throwing it short making the wr's have to fight to get the 1st. anyone who thinks harrington is a good qb should have their head examined.
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