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  1. DAVE FM Never works. Does it work for anyone else? All i hear is the commercial then complete silence.
  2. Does he expect he's going to come in to the NFL, get drafted by the Patriots, replace Brady and win 4 Super bowls? Because this isn't madden. Plus his voice sounds like he's still going through puberty... thats all im gonna say.
  3. Our DB's should put up career numbers. Come on!! ITS FREROTTE!!!
  4. We must draft OL in the 1st. Even Harrington can put up good numbers if he had time.
  5. Boards look awesome!! Great Work Mods!! Thanks!
  6. if we could get quinn and still get a ol in the 1st that would be incredibly awesome but it probably wont happen.
  7. start harrington, but more importantly start norwood and give snelling the ball on 3rd and short.
  8. calling a toss on 4th and 1 with dunn was one of the dumbest calls i've ever seen. petrino = knapp
  9. petrino sucks balls. i hope he is gone after this season. i could understand that we have no qb and our offense is bad but his play calling is really really ********. also norwood has 2 carries?? wtf?? he's always been saying we have to give him the ball more but we still got dunn out there getting his 1 yard runs.
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