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  1. I'm going to say Redman/Shockley/Drat Pick. Harrington will definatly not be a Falcon next year, and Leftwich said he wants to be a starter so that won't happen so most likely he will be gone. Depends how Redman plays the rest of this season and I don't know I like Shockley and I think he will probably be here next season.
  2. I wish Petrino would start Norwood, but no...
  3. I voted at least 20 times already, and I'll go vote again.
  4. It bothers me enough that Norwood isn't getting a lot of carries but what pisses me off even more is how Petrino says that Norwood will get more carries every week but yet he DOESN'T!!
  5. Norwood 8 Carries 94 yards = 11.8 ypc Dunn 8 Carries 16 yards = 2 ypc If Dunn gets more carries then Norwood in the next game... I want Petrino Fired!
  6. Redman coming in next drive??? Let's see what hes got!
  7. I'd never think I'd root for someone to get injured but YAY!! Harrington is shaken up!
  9. The Refs can go ahead and suck my big fat hairy mother####ing BALLS!!!!
  10. Our O-line sucks and Dunn should retire, but that doesn't mean Harrington can't throw over the line of scrimmage.
  11. Dude, stop trying to defend Harrington!! HE SUCKS!! Are you watching this game or any other game? Here let me give you an example of a typical Harrington pass. 3rd and 9, Joey throws it in the flats or 2 yards down field and hopes his WR can break a couple tackles and pick up the 1st.
  12. Don't wish for their RB's, wish for their Lineman.
  13. OJ Atogwe is from my hometown which is unlikely because its a small city in CANADA! Even though i hope the Rams lose i hope he has a "decent" game.
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