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  1. Yea, such a sick beat and it flows so well together for a mix. The freestyle was even better if you were talking about that lol.
  2. Same. Royce is my guy. I remember listening to I'm the King on GTA 3. Still one of my favorite songs.
  3. Do i get a prize? lmfao thanks for the heads up though. That thread is so **** long, I'm surprised Master UGA Fan hasn't locked it yet. lmfaooo @ College Out
  4. lol and whatever happened to grendel. I guess the Matt Ryan pick really hit him hard..
  5. If your breakin my balls over the typo, come on man. Otherwise
  6. I was wrong. Inow proudly own an authentic Matt Ryan jersey
  7. I like that you made your point with authority.. but man... ****
  8. lol i forgot to check again after, but i did now. It threw me off at first cuz there was another Tom Melton from Minny but then i saw the Beloit thing. Anyways, I'll get into this. My name's Mihai(pronounced Me-High.. yes i know i love it), I am actually 16(just enjoy adding +1 to my age lol) and i was proudly born in Pitesti, Romania. My family moved to Windsor when i was about 5 and a half because the automotive industry was booming and my dad got a job at Chrysler. Interesting moment in my life was when i came close to dying when i was 5 due to Asthma and not being able to breathe while i was sleeping. Luckily the door was open and my mom walked by and she heard me breathing heavily and she knew something was wrong. I was also fortunate that there was a Childrens Hospital right down the street from my apartment and my mom was able to take me there and they took care of me. I really enjoy playing football. I play QB for my high school and last year we went undefeated and won the Div 2. championship in Windsor. I also played Varsity football for a year until i realized the coach was an ******* and the depth chart was determined by who could suck the most ****, so i didn't bother going again. As you can see by my avatar, i drive a Dodge Stealth TT which i love ever since my brother had one. I plan on buying a Mazda Speed6 after i finish University. As for University I plan on going to the U of Western Ontario to get my Bachelor of Health Sciences and become a physiotherapist. Hopefully i can get my grades up lol. Originally i wanted to follow in my fathers footsteps and become an engineer until i realized i wasn't the best at math and i wasn't very interested in it. I got the idea of becoming a physiotherapist after i "broke" my elbow 2 years ago and had to go to physiotherapy. Everyone there was so nice and i was thankful that they managed to get my arm to be fully functional again. Though i probably won't play football at college, I would still like to be able to help those that have the dream of playing in the NFL one day. In my spare time i enjoy chilling with friends, playing whatever anyone is up for just to get outta the house, playin some madden, occasionally go drinking, and go cruising with my brother. Those last 2 activities are not related btw lol. I don't know what else to say so hopefully you guys got to know me a little better from this cuz i have have for a few of you guys.
  9. I'm pulling for Serbia. lol me and my friend(also serbian) were tryna think of ways that Serbia and Romania could make it and it involved killing France and Serbia letting Romania win at home. I can dream..
  10. I guess you fall under the category of "Loons that can't be saved"
  11. The refs really need to get more strict on diving calls.
  12. There's dumb people everywhere, doesn't matter if your white, black, american, european, mexican(shout out to BWD), or purple. wtf i was expecting a much worse pic.
  13. smh @ Cristiano Ronaldo, and that's a very true statement.
  14. Legion your 34 and you still play football?? That's impressive. And Offseason I tried to add you on facebook before but there we're so many **** Tom Melton's i didn't know which was you lol
  15. That's true. Watch retro games from a 10 or so years back and the game is so much more exciting and better to watch, and there's very little flopping, very little fouls in general, the refs let them play.
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