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  1. Yea that was a piss-poor celebration. I was watching it and i had no clue wtf he was doing and neither did any of the commentators until they interviewed him and he told them it was a tribute to MJ. The reporter then asked him "Why not a moonwalk as a tribute?" and Bruce responded with "Cuz MJ ain't doing moonwalks anymore"
  2. Please fill me in on where the media is getting this idea that John Abraham is a cocky, lazy player, who takes plays off. Really, i want to know.
  3. [falconrevival] aww you guys are bffl[/falconrevival]
  4. lol one of the worst things you could do to your car
  5. Yea man we're just tryna help a guy out.
  6. I thought you were gonna let us know what happened?
  7. Ms. Skidmore......... you can't be real :lol: :lol:
  8. So you guys won't see each other for a month and your worried about her cheating on you. I see tough times ahead in your future.
  9. He'll be crawling back to us soon enough
  10. and you blame us for making premature ejaculation jokes..
  11. Didn't you guys break up? And I'm gonna say this again. SHE wanted to have sex with you.. so YOU go to her house, and then after YOU take her out to dinner too. Does she do anything for you man or just the occasional minute or two of play time before you rattle one off?
  12. idk man the subconscious hints your dropping say otherwise.
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