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  1. Kosuke Fukudome plays for the Cubs.
  2. Nana Papa Yaw Dwene Mensah-Bonsu
  3. 1. Kill the fat ***** 2. How in the **** can Mother Beluga be 400+lbs. but she has a daughter that looks like Mr. Twig on a diet???
  4. The TL is my favorite Acura. Great looking car.
  5. That's good to hear about the dealership, usually its the exact opposite. The TSX is a nice looking car though.. too expensive for me and has too little power for my taste :P
  6. Nope still have my Stealth. But the Speed6 is on my wish list :wub: Why Acura?
  7. lol when i first saw the pic i thought this was fake. Judging by the article it doesn't look like he did it on purpose but the video says otherwise
  8. lol i had to look up what a Sugar Glider was. Interesting animal.
  9. He was talking about tony Gonzalez not Vick.
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