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  1. Why did FOAL stop anyways? I realized i was the only one rockin the sig so i took it off... We definitely need to start it up again. Keep some loons in check.
  2. I do but only if i have to. Anyone ever piss in a plant?
  3. Glenn Sharpe deserves some consideration. He is a great CB and was playing very well in pre-season last year.
  4. Sharpe made it over Blue Adams. Also i think that Blue couldn't be added to the PS so he was just released.
  5. We signed him to the active roster last year, before he was on the practice squad. He is actually a very talented CB he just missed time with an ACL injury in college. Now that he is healthy I'm hoping he can make the team.
  6. Ahh i see. I didn't know you were talking about the back-up spot.
  7. I don't think Edmond Miles has a better chance to start then Stephen Nicholas. The battle at SLB imo is between Nicholas and Wire and i expect Nicholas to come away with the starting spot. I'm also curious to see how Glenn Sharpe does now that he has had some time to get fully healthy.
  8. Insert Glenn Sharpe to battle for a roster spot now instead of Irons.
  9. You realize that about 10% of the people that respond to this thread will take you seriously, while the other 90%, including myself, will laugh at "anger-bang her" for about 2-3 pages.
  10. Are you sure it wasn't about Harry Douglas?
  11. Exactly. Don't be surprised if you hear any of these names in the later rounds Russell Allen - LB Julius Williams - DE/LB Ataefiok Etukeren - DE Cecil Newton - C
  12. LMFAO watch the other ones that are linked in the vid. Hilarious!
  13. lmfaooo you can add that one to the greatest movie thread.
  14. lol this is some of the funniest **** i've seen in awhile on these boards.
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