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  1. FOAL taking over.

    Some people forget that last year the reason we we're able to go 11-5 is that we pretty much had no one get seriously injured. Y'all act like we are supposed to get through camp and pre-season with everyone healthy. Last year we got lucky, HD got hurt this year, and he won't be the last.

  2. holy shhhiiit! this is really bad i hate roddy! this is beginning to feel like we will have problems in the passing game with roddy not being happy therfore not playing at his best level and HD injured!??????? WHY DOES THESE THINGS HAPPEN TO US!! i used to wake up and check our webpage to see if roddy was getting his extension already and now this? UNBELIEVABLE, we need to do something NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


  3. This was in a mock draft, i can only wish my real team was like this in the league with my friends. Check it out, let me know what you think.

    btw I picked 7th and the order snakes, in a 10 team league.

    Your Team

    1. LaDainian Tomlinson (SD - RB)

    2. Steve Slaton (Hou - RB)

    3. Marques Colston (NO - WR)

    4. Aaron Rodgers (GB - QB)

    5. Chad Ochocinco (Cin - WR)

    6. Knowshon Moreno (Den - RB)

    7. Chris Cooley (Was - TE)

    8. Matt Ryan (Atl - QB)

    9. Kevin Walter (Hou - WR)

    10. Laveranues Coles (Cin - WR)

    11. Ray Rice (Bal - RB)

    12. Earl Bennett (Chi - WR)

    13. New York (NYJ - DEF)

    14. Mason Crosby (GB - K)

    15. Felix Jones (Dal - RB)

  4. I'd take Forte. Guy will see a lot of carries and will be a threat out of the backfield as well. If you getting points for Returns, take MJD. Either way I'd stay away from Turner. He will get less carries this year and i feel that Matt Ryan will throw a lot more in the redzone with TG now and Turner's TD numbers will go down.

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