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  1. I'm sure he has, just like I'm sure he heard a lot of rumblings about our offensive line. You didn't see Blank go out and defend the oline, in fact, quite the opposite. If Blank was disappointed in Matt Ryan, I think he would have said so. He pays the oline just like he does Ryan
  2. Why do you think Blank gave Ryan a "public vote of confidence"? Is Ryan so sensitive to criticism that the owner has to come and a defend him?
  3. Yeah, I'm not sure what this question is supposed to indicate either.
  4. Who says they haven't been in talks to do just that. Like I said, an extension won't matter to you anyways. If they gave Ryan and extension, you'd go from bashing Ryan to bashing Ryan, Smitty, TD and Blank for doing that.
  5. What does it matter? How does an interview with Blank become some conspiracy?
  6. I guess because Blank isn't saying what YOU want him to say that this is a 'p.r." move.
  7. Oh I don't know... maybe because it's a Falcons related article... owner of the team was interviewed... fans might be interested in reading it... Once again, you said that Blank didn't need to call out Ryan and yet he has to come out and give Ryan a public vote of confidence.
  8. So he didn't need to call out Ryan because he is doing well but needed to give Matt Ryan a public vote of confidence?
  9. Yeah I guess Blank calling out the offensive line's performance at the end of the year was just his way of distracting everyone from the real problem...
  10. Or maybe he was just giving his honest opinion.
  11. Bellichick has said many times in press conferences that he would take Tom Brady over any QB.
  12. I guess while you are waiting for this extension you'll continue to spam this message board with your ********
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