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  1. It doesn't seem like a particularly far fetched interpretation to me. So it goes.
  2. Indeed, Dave. We should try harder to understand people who vote for pedophiles out of pure party affiliation, and we shouldn't shame people for supporting them. We need to be sure that we tell them that pedophilia is bad, but only with messengers that are the most palatable to them, with the best possible optics.
  3. Why are you casting what I say in the worst possible light?
  4. In one case, the perceived 'evil' is based purely upon party affiliation. In the other case, it's based on child molestation. They're not the same thing. Is there a 3rd party candidate in the race?
  5. In the context of this discussion, it certainly seems like you're using the Moore situation to suggest that people shouldn't call political opponents 'evil'.
  6. You realize that some people are actually evil? I don't think 'child molester' is the hill you want to die on.
  7. I like them more than anything but George Harrison's All Things Must Pass
  8. I think a lot of Yoko Ono's contributions to art and music, and find her very, very interesting. Never quite understood the hate.
  9. He's too ignorant and arrogant to be nervous.
  10. He's a fool. Don't waste your time.
  11. I think it's funny that the people who continually bring up Hillary Clinton then complain that people continually bring up Hillary Clinton.
  12. The straw man said it.
  13. Between this and defunding Planned Parenthood, you'd think that conservatives were begging for more abortions. So asinine.
  14. So much so that he's citing the opinion of the NYT. Typical.
  15. defend america

    Phew, finding this was SUPER TOUGH!
  16. You are, of course, welcome to entertain whatever delusions you have about the intentions of others, no matter how psychotic and paranoid those delusions may be.
  17. Wait what?'re trolling. Have a good one, and enjoy the 'honest debate' you think you're capable of having.
  18. It's weird that in a world with so much middle ground, and so many varied opinions, the only thing you see is 'all guns/no guns' and 'conservatives/liberals'. Lots of liberals own guns. Lots of conservatives don't.'re throwing out red herring after red herring. I'm in favor of stricter gun control measures. I also believe that gun ownership is a Constitutionally protected right. There are a lot of people who share my view, and don't fit into your narrow conception of the world.
  19. Of course there is. All we have to do is point to the endless debates that say otherwise. Indeed, far more people are killed by handguns. Is anyone here suggesting that we ban handguns? I'm not sure why you present yet another red herring on the matter. Perhaps the reason you can't have honest gun control debate is because you're incapable of having one?
  20. There's a lot more to the gun debate than the premise of taking all guns from everyone. But herrings being what they are...
  21. And the depressing this is that morons will be repeating the lie that the IRS targeted conservative groups for the rest of eternity, all while accusing others of regurgitating fake news.
  22. And 7 years apart. And ignoring all of the other content.
  23. Puh-leeze! The New Yorker has written numerous articles on Gorsuch over the years. Finding articles 7 years apart that discuss two completely different justices that have a differing tone is NOT an indication of some sort of unequal treatment, or bias, towards specific justices. And if Gorsuch is actually annoying other justices, is the New Yorker supposed to report something different so they can present everyone as exactly the same?
  24. It's not always convenient in Atlanta, because the city is so spread out and there aren't many lines, but it's perfect for where you'll be.
  25. The Little 5 location is about a mile from the Inman Park MARTA station, on the same line as Decatur.