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  1. Remember when they just needed 90 days to review the immigration process? That was 14 months ago.
  2. Don't tell capologist. He never benefited from his skin tone!
  3. And because there were guns during a time of fewer school shootings, does not mean that addressing access to guns can't be part of the solution.
  4. I'm just completely awed by the complete ******** that comes out of this administration. They remove background checks for mental illness, and gut health care, and then tell us that school shootings are a 'mental health issue'. Just unbelievable.
  5. Almost one year ago today, Trump rescinded background checks for people with mental illness: I loathe this administration.
  6. The fascinating part about the current debate about gun violence is that violent crime in America has been steadily declining for decades. Here's a great New Yorker article from a recent issue:
  7. One of my best friends lives walking distance from there. We used to stumble in/out pretty regularly. Not as much these days.
  8. From my perspective, this is an excellent summation of the discussion. Dave, you're a great dude, and you contribute a ton, and I have a lot of respect for you, but your position hinders any action whatsoever.
  9. And if all those things had been true, and you were black, it would have been more difficult for you than it already was. No one is saying that you didn't work hard, suffer, and achieve despite difficult circumstances. We're simply saying, with mountains of data to support our statements, that, all else being equal, white people have an advantage in America. And I also understand that you have and will refuse to acknowledge actual data, so feel free to go on believing whatever you want. It doesn't change the facts.
  10. Because we have statistics.
  11. If I lived your life, I may not believe that I had any advantage based on skin tone, either. What you 'believe' isn't important, because, as you've been told before, statistics matter, regardless of whether or not you choose to ignore them.
  12. It appears that you completely overlooked my post about the concept of privilege as it applies to individuals, and still believe that we're talking about what is 'possible' rather than what is statistically probable. So I don't think we're talking about the same thing at this point.
  13. Of course you don't think you did. Mountains of statistical data say otherwise. Also, I think it's odd that you cut off the rest of my post.
  14. More straw men. You're good at this! We're not talking about what is possible, we're talking about advantages and disadvantages. Do you think someone born to a single mother that's broke and addicted to drugs has a better or worse chance of success than someone born to two wealthy parents who love each other and value education?
  15. I think it's a fair question.
  16. This administration is an unmitigated ****show.
  17. There are a few ways to see it, I think. That's one, but not one that makes a lot of sense when looking at individuals. When thinking about individuals, there are lots of factors that provide an advantage. Money, race, environment, parents...all of those things play a huge role.And being born into those situations isn't something you earn, so you should be grateful if any of them affect you positively, and compassionate for those who don't enjoy them.
  18. Why? Just because you had advantages that many minorities don't doesn't diminish your achievements. You can be grateful and proud at the same time. They're not mutually exclusive.
  19. Yeah, every single available metric on the face of the Earth disagrees.
  20. Interesting. I suppose we'll see it when it arrives.
  21. Sure, there may be some minimal changes to descriptions and the like, but I doubt that many people will change their deductions/withholding as a result.
  22. I'm not aware of the W4 form changing. Just the tax tables. 2018 paychecks should reflect the new tables.