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  1. This is the kind of stuff that bugs me. There are legit allegations here, and people are using the ubiquity of information to act as though using a phrase that EVERYONE uses is somehow indicative of guilt. It's just dumb. Phish is awful. I believe they once had an interesting musical idea, but that was a LONG time ago, now, and it was lost on a lot of entitled suburban kids sleeping in SUVs their parents bought them, with the AC on. Edit to add: didn't watch the video, only assumed he said the phrase based on the post.
  2. Yeah, I'd be happy to never see her name or posts ever again. Rest assured she's lurking, though.
  3. I got my degree in philosophy, and can't tell you a single time that any of my professors indicated any kind of political leaning whatsoever.
  4. I'm firmly in the 'let's wait and see what the investigation uncovers' camp. Always have been. I'm much more focused on how inept, corrupt, inhumane, dishonest and completely unfit the entire Administration has been, and continues to be. International relations are permanently damaged, thousands of people have died, thousands of children are locked up, the environment is being completely sold off to corporate interests, and the poor and middle classes are being robbed. At this point, I think our plutocrats love that the Russia investigation is giving cover to everything that's happening.
  5. Doesn't bother me at all, honestly.
  6. Yeah man, this is pretty ridiculous stuff to say, and completely disregards the entire motivation behind most journalism.
  7. And I'd assert that tailoring the media to effect any narrative or individual is the worst possible thing we can ask for. 'I don't know...what effect might these Pentagon Papers have on people who really support the war?'
  8. I appreciate the condescension. What is the role of the news media? Is it to report the news? If not, then what is it? And if it's to consider the effect that facts have on people, then you're essentially begging for the bias that we're supposed to be so concerned about, because it may cause people to lose faith due to subjectivity.
  9. But if they did, the NYT shouldn't report it because it might feed into the narrative that the deep state is out to get Trump.
  10. I don't think that newsworthiness involves considering the effect that the news has on people.
  11. It appears that you and I have a very different definition of what news is, and what is newsworthy. You seem to believe that news must pass through a number of filters, like the possible impact of actual information on morons. An individual within the White House writing an op-ed stating that the White House staff is subverting a democratically elected POTUS is newsworthy, regardless of whether it 'advances' anything, or feeds the appetite of conspiracy idiots.
  12. I completely disagree. If someone inside the administration writes something like that, it's newsworthy. The news doesn't always advance a discussion, and applying that standard is not the job of the media.
  13. This is silly. If someone from inside the White House writes an op-ed like that, it's news, period.
  14. Sure, but in the first few months, I had more of a 'he got elected...he sucks...and I can't stand him....but he's the POTUS now'. Since then, that's given way to the jailing, torturing, and murder of innocent children, and the complete abdication of responsibility for the citizens of Puerto Rico. Thousands of people are dying because this Administration refuses to govern.
  15. I think it may be time to consider the reality that Trump is unfit to lead, even if you completely ignore the entire Russia investigation.
  16. That fact that y'all can't put WFW on ignore makes this board unbearable.
  17. The whole point of Booker releasing the info was to show that the documents being withheld were not being withheld for any good reason.
  18. You're talking as though lots of people made the suggestion to pack the court. I've only seen two.
  19. I mean, I guess I learned that it's cool to circumvent the entire appointment process for the supreme Court since you can get two lifetime appointments that way, with no repercussion, because the other party is held to a completely different standard.
  20. No dude...we have to show these people how much a respect them!
  21. Remember the good ole days when it was only about a '90 day pause in immigration so they could assess the vetting process'?
  22. To summarize: Random dude on internet suggests that people may get violent: OH MY GOD, HOW DARE YOU INSINUATE SUCH A THING! POTUS suggests that people may get violent: crickets.
  23. Just a few days ago I wondered if Trump supporters would become violent in their protestations about the reality of the man for whom they've sold out all principles. It was met with accusatory histrionics from the resident whiners. Now we have Trump saying the exact same thing...and...crickets. Even in the face of threats of violence from the very same people I mentioned.
  24. I'll just be the annoying guy who somehow grew up in a house where that phrase was actually used on occasion, in tandem with 'monkeying around' as a reference to me and my siblings beating the crap out of each other. And my parents were people who would whip your *** if you uttered anything they thought was even a little racist.
  25. I think it's funny, and somewhat telling, that 'racism is bad', 'lying is bad', or 'separating children from their parents and letting them die' is the new 'we disagree on politics'. It's as though you can espouse absolutely disgusting things and just brush it off with 'it's just politics'.