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  1. When is the last time you thought 'this seems really, really bad', and then found reality not to be 10X worse than you'd imagined?
  2. Honestly, I'm still kind of reeling from how totally and completely conservatives have completely trashed their 'values' during the Trump era. For decades, I thought I was talking to people who were passionate about their ideology, wanted what's best for America (for the most part), and just disagreed with how best to govern. After Trump, I'm not able to reconcile their continued support for the man and his ideology with what they've been emphatically professing to be their 'beliefs' for years. I'm left with no conclusion but that they did not hold the beliefs they argued so vociferously. So in that context, I'm well aware that I was pretty much in the dark about people's real political ideology, how much they would say and do to appear to follow that ideology, and how the only thing they really cared about was power. So even in 2016, I would have told you that racism was a major issue, and that systemic brutality and the like were the norm for many people in America, but I wouldn't have even guessed at how rampant, vitriolic, ignorant, and hateful nearly 30% of the population is. How many outright white supremacists there are in this country. How easily a very ignorant man could lay waste to what remained of our institutions. At this point, I'm perfectly capable of imagining the US as an authoritarian state, with fascist racists running the show. It's already happening.
  3. I'm getting pretty close to being 'over' bourbon. It's by far my favorite spirit, but I'm just sick of how unavailable everything is, and how expensive everything has become. For years, my go-to was Elmer T. Lee at $28/bottle. Then everyone stopped being able to get it. Then it came back in ultra 'limited' runs, at $40/bottle. Then you could only get it from stores that held their allotment for long time customers, at $55/bottle. Sorry...I'm out. The same thing has happened to Weller, and it's happening to Buffalo Trace. Every time there's a decent bourbon for less than $40, it disappears and then becomes super 'limited' and 'prized'. It's ridiculous. Lately, I've just been buying handles of Larceny for $45 and cursing the bourbon industry. It's good enough, and I don't have to play weird economic games just for the 'privilege' of paying $55 for something that used to cost $28.
  4. So....the administration lies to everyone, telling us, in a matter of hours, that 'Antifa' are behind the violence, and you tacitly believe them, despite a lack of any evidence to support their claim. The FBI conducts an investigation in the same amount of time, finds zero Antifa involvement, and you dismiss their conclusions. And this, after providing zero evidence whatsoever for your claim that the LaFayette Park protesters were 'throwing things at the police', which you then used to justify suppression of first amendment rights and police brutality. It appears that you're completely content to make up facts, fashioning reality to suit your far-right, authoritarian political leanings. And that is why you're mocked and ignored on this message board. Look in the mirror: you are the problem. Have a great day!
  5. I mean...I KNOW they're great musicians. And I know a LOT of people who really like them. And I've tried, again and again, to find Phish that works for me. But it just makes me angry about how bad it sounds.
  6. Dave Matthews? I like some stuff. Coldplay? I like some stuff. I can't stand the Eagles. And not because of some goofy movie reference. The 'just take it super chill maaaan' vibe enrages me.
  7. Everything up to and including Eliminator is pretty much essential boogie to me. Tres Hombres, Rio Grande Mud, and Tejas are fantastic. You missed PP Flop.
  8. Oh he's clearly a more than capable musician. A really fantastic player, in fact. I just can't stand what he does with it.
  9. My friends have tried to ply me with early Phish. Live shows. Covers. The 'best' era! And it's all been complete garbage to my ears. I've tried. I really have. I love ZZ Top.
  10. I went to see Phish a few years back at Verizon. I LOATHE the band, but a buddy had VIP tickets and gave me one for free, insiting that 'I just hadn't had the full Phish experience'. I've seen the Grateful Dead a few times back in the late 80s, so I'm no stranger to the genre, but that Phish show was one of the worst live music experiences I've ever had in my life. I spent that last three songs sitting by the car in the parking lot smoking a joint and drinking a beer while listening to Sabbath on my headphones. Just horrible, awful garbage. ZZ Top is an all-time amazing band.
  11. There are a lot of people stepping up for the right thing right now. Don't lose sight of them by focusing on Biden and Trump.
  12. When I look out over America today, the biggest issue I see is.... hurt feelings by peacefully kneeling in protest of police brutality Such a troll. Stop engaging.
  13. It took just three days for this entire post to evaporate like rubbing alcohol. 'Principles' indeed.
  14. In the face of huge national protests, rampant police brutality, and the dismal plight of Black Americans...we should most urgently turn our attention to...a fallacious, contorted argument that Antifa hates conservatives, which makes them a hate group? Really repulsive priorities you have there.
  15. Prediction: the 'I don't have time for this, I JUST WANTED DISCUSSION!!!' is coming in the next half hour. Who's got the over?
  16. Yeah, this whole 'discussion' is a joke. Antifa is not a hate group, no matter how much you want to redefine terms to support your argument. And it's obvious that the only reason anyone would say that they're a 'hate group' is so they can lump them in with the KKK in an effort to discount real, legitimate protest about police brutality. And I can't even process the 'Antifa hates my family' garbage. Antifa does not hate your family. You just imagine that they do because you'd rather focus on hatred and victimhood than the rampant police brutality and abuse of the Black population in America. Funny how that concern for George Floyd and the pain of Black America evaporated in a matter of hours, and coincided with the recycled, already debunked, conspiracy about Antifa. Do you think the people at Reading Is Fundamental hate illiteracy? I guess they're a hate group now, too, using the completely fabricated fallacy being thrown around today.
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