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  1. So there is no system.
  2. They have no system. Make America Garbage Again. But hey, did you know two people working on the investigation into Trump didn't like Trump? Here's some tweets from alt-right Twitter!
  3. I think that people who are incapable of doing their jobs with impartiality based on their opinions of others tend to project that lack of objectivity onto everyone. It's why marla can't conceive of someone doing their job correctly while still disliking the POTUS. It's pure projection.
  4. And the worst of it is that ridiculousness like this gives 'conservative' extremists the ammo they need to discredit all factual information with which they disagree.
  5. This isn't a bombshell to any rational human being. Hillary Clinton is the most investigated human being in the history of the world, and you're claiming that she was never investigated.
  6. Note that no one here has defended the Obama administration on this topic. Not one person. Also note that the people who whined endlessly about Obama are now defending Trump on the topic after saying Obama was 'soft on immigration'. It's like the two 'sides' are different in some way...
  7. Maybe if you weren't a racist it would make things a little easier on everyone.
  8. marla is a spineless, non-contributing, paranoid, racist.
  9. And this
  10. I loved MASH, thank you very much. Mostly, I can't get over the fact that I'm communicating with someone who believes these awful, awful things. And I can't help but wonder how awful it gets, and the answer is always 'more awful'. Like 2 + 2 = ABC levels of ridiculousness, right there, with thoughtless pride.
  11. That you're incapable to responding without committing blatantly fallacious arguments is very telling.
  12. It's stunning to see someone so unjustifiably afraid of something so unlikely that they are willing to lock children in cages. As though being a compassionate human being is impossible in the face of fear. It's just a lazy, effortless demand for the government to coddle scared white people. 'I'm scared' is not a cause for policy.
  13. I'm not patient, just dispassionate.
  14. 'And even though every available metric says it's less likely that they'll commit a crime than a white naturalized citizen, I find them so scary (gosh...who could IMAGINE WHY???) that I'm willing to put needy children in cages indefinitely.' - Paranoid Racist
  15. Again, for anyone capable of paying attention: Violent crime has steadily been decreasing since the 1990s. Property crime has, too. And we know that immigrants commit fewer crimes per capita than natural citizens. The entire foundation of the anti-immigrant rhetoric is based on a premise that is provably false.
  16. Yeah, this pic is really, really stupid. Feel free to post it at will in between your paranoid, alt-right, racist rhetoric.
  17. If you're going to dismiss the source, at least dismiss the person who wrote the actual article.
  18. This is provably false. Immigrants have far lower crime rates than natural citizens. You are lying. Again.
  19. When Trump was first elected, I remember cautioning a lot of my more liberal pals about throwing around the word 'racist', 'fascist', and 'authoritarian', because I thought it was important to at least give it some time to see how they'd govern, and that the lauding cheers from abhorrent racists and alt-right losers didn't mean that Trump and his administration were racists. They're racists. Their supporters are racist. There's just no way around it at this point. When you're lying to support policy that is clearly meant to harm people of color simply for being non-white, you're a racist.
  20. marla/WFW and the rest of the goon squad will continually ignore verifiable facts in favor of supporting racist, xenophobic, and inhumane policy. They are liars.
  21. Patrick Leahy mispronounces Devin Nunes' name: he's a moron! Donald Trump misspells the word 'border': everything's cool! MAGA! It's just so brazen.
  22. Patrick Leahy has responded to this kind of garbage for years now. I guess we get to make fun of disabilities now?
  23. You're considering engaging someone who denies provable facts in an effort to support racist, nationalist policies, and trade policy that demonstrably damages the US economy. She's a rank hypocrite with no principles, no historical awareness, and is willing to outright lie in order to support her ridiculous partisan agenda. But you know that.
  24. Boring old people stuff like it's 1915, too. Anyone can find lobsters and steak.