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  1. He's not lasting past 10 the way he's been playing.
  2. No need. I already know Serge is a Grade-A jabroni.
  3. Basically a nice non-carb pipe that's slightly larger than a one hitter. For flower only.
  4. https://grav.com/products/12mm-grav-whimsical-taster-assorted-colors-pack-of-10 I buy these. They get dirty pretty quickly, but I just toss the dirty ones into a jar with rubbing alcohol in it until I need a fresh one, which is when I clean all the dirties.
  5. I do. I used to smoke bowls, but now that a lot of the weed that's around is 25%+ THC, I find a chillum is just the right amount.
  6. I think the point is that not everyone who is unvaxxed is an ignorant, loud blowhard like the buffoons we see here. Loudmouthed idiots deserve our scorn. Some people aren't super bright, and are surrounded by predatory misinformation. Those are the people, they and their loved ones, for whom we need to remain compassionate.
  7. Weird. We lived in Sarasota form 1996-1999.
  8. I guess I listen to so much metal, ambient, techno, and weird stuff that anything that's straight ahead 4/4, verse/chorus/verse sounds like Dad-rock to me. But you're right, that's not what Dad-rock is. Agreed on Sturgill 100%.
  9. Hm. I don't mind that. It's a little Dad-rock for me, but much better than Sturgill's fragile *** to my ears, and quite fitting for Outlaw Fest. Thanks!
  10. He is. I haven't heard Tyler Childers' music, though. I'd love to be pleasantly surprised.
  11. We have tickets to the Outlaw Music Festival up at Ameris Amphitheatre tonight. My wife really wanted to see Sturgill Simpson (I'm not a huge fan - sounds like a Waylon Jennings cover band), but he's canceled his set because of voice issues. This is now the third consecutive show where he's either canceled or had a guest singer come and do vocals. I'm done with Sturgill Simpson.
  12. Really, just the lamest person on the entire internet. Leave.
  13. That someone would spend so much of their waning years posting corrupt, ignorant absurdity on a message board where everyone openly loathes them is probably the saddest part of this entire forum. Like, just close the browser tab and go play golf or something.
  14. I do not play video games, ever, so that explains my ignorance.
  15. Yeah, my fully vaxxed buddy who's had a COVID fever for 13 days...he's not happy.
  16. While they may be in flux, I think rejecting all statistical analysis would be pretty silly.
  17. I think one of the main drivers of people throwing up their hands and just giving up is that they vote Democrat at every possible turn, and things just keep getting worse, and Republicans keep gaining power. After a few dozen years, I think it's valid to ask 'What's the point, exactly? That they don't get worse faster?'
  18. I voted for Obama, Hillary, and Biden. Do I get to have an opinion then?
  19. A group of people are saying 'You haven't produced a candidate that compels me to vote for them' and your response is 'You haven't produced a candidate that compels me to vote for them'. That's kind of the point.
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