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  1. If they shut Mueller down, it's go time.
  2. The psychos suggesting that a discussion about the 25th amendment constituting a 'coup' are some the stupidest people on the internet. It's a ******* AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION, morons.
  3. Such a dumb take by cucker. Can you think of a time that removing the President wouldn't be circumventing the results of an election?
  4. The POTUS is a blatant racist, and large swaths of the population support that racism.
  5. Oh, it is. It's just that there are so many other more local beers that are better than even the best Guinness.
  6. Yeah...ignore those jabronis. London is amazing. The sheer number of tasty bitter ales is staggering. You won't be drinking Guinness for long.
  7. can say that to pretty much this entire board.
  8. A buddy of mine has such a press. Super weird.
  9. Here's a really great article from a recent New Yorker about Michael Bennett and how politics are evolving for NFL players.
  10. There was a great article on Greenwald in a recent New Yorker. Highly recommended.
  11. He'll write them a sternly worded letter, and keep supporting them.