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  1. Are you claiming that you never said that your position on immigration was because you fear for your safety? There's no way I'm searching through the archives of your paranoid ramblings to prove it to you, but you and everyone else here knows you're lying.
  2. All of those things are true, and you've absolutely stated that you are afraid of immigrants. My life moves on happily with no regard for your thoughts or opinions.
  3. You're wasting your time. She will take a question to which occam's razor easily applies, and twist fringe conspiracy theories about it for pages on end. could a man who spent much of his career spying in Russia EVER know a Russian spy? The answer is pretty simple if you're not crazy.
  4. There is absolutely nothing these lunatics will not say in an effort to attack anyone critical of Trump, or any legitimate investigations into his activities. Nothing. They've defended locking children up in cages, while claiming that 'all lives matter', and that 'all life is sacred'. They've defended enormous tariffs that damage the US economy, middle class citizens in particular, while claiming to care about workers. They've defended praise of outright racist groups. They've promoted tax cuts with trickle down economic theory that has been proven incorrect by all available data. They do not believe in democracy, and there is no argument too insane for them to advance in defense of a lifelong con man. Discussing any matter with them in good faith is a mistake, because they do not operate in the world of facts.
  5. I pay $425 per month for health insurance, and I've been trying to get an appointment for an urgent issue for three weeks. Kaiser does not have enough staff to see me, and the doctors they're referring me to will not call me back. Lovely system we have.
  6. Also, any suggestion that the US has the best health care in the world is provably wrong by pretty much every available metric. It's a ridiculous assertion.
  7. Yeah, even entertaining the thought that his infinite revisions were due to the difficulty of the form is high level stupidity.
  8. Dudes...enough with the incessant back and forth about Israel. Start your own thread or something.
  9. I think that's correct.
  10. 'We want people from Norway...not from ****hole countries' or 'rapists from Mexico'.
  11. No, you have overtly stated that you fear immigrants more than naturalized citizens, and used that as justification for limiting all immigration. You never addressed the irrationality of your fear when presented with crime statistics.
  12. It's the fundamental premise of their anti-immigration stance: the fear of violence at the hands of non-whites, despite clear data showing they're at greater risk of violence from naturalized citizens.
  13. Yeah, that's pretty extreme.