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  1. I'm not. I tend to try to keep an open mind to all possibilities when considering 'what we don't know', and really find that the 'connections' that people make in the absence of evidence tend to say more about them personally than they do about who/what they believe has conspired. Reality tends to be lumbering and rarely conforms to our increasingly hyperbolic world views.
  2. Classic 50s are great amps for a great price.
  3. I have a Standard Tele with a rosewood fretboard and a Seymour Duncan Little JB humbucker in the bridge position. It's a fantastic guitar.
  4. What amp are you playing through? I roll with a Hiwatt Custom 100 through a 4x12 Marshall cabinet.
  5. My '77 Standard is my favorite guitar. It's not all shiny and perfect like y'all's museum guitars, cause I bring the RAWK.
  6. What do you mean by 'go after'? Who are 'u guys'?
  7. So I guess you didn't look at the electoral map.
  8. Lovely. I'm a little frustrated that we're 'debating' a solution that's already been tried and failed spectacularly.
  9. Unless they're a 'liberal', in which case you assume nefarious intent.
  10. There are. Maybe you should look at an electoral map.
  11.'s because everyone here is so super liberal...compared to the folks in rural portions of the southern states.
  12. Perhaps you don't understand the point: you categorically accept conservatives at their word. You categorically assume that liberals are lying, and make up reasons they might be doing so. You do not believe 'people' at their word. You believe people who agree with you at their word. I think that's a matter of fact at this point.
  13. I get that people need notes in certain situations, but this stuff? COME ON.
  14. Fair. I think we're getting into semantics, though.
  15. You apply this standard only to people with whom you agree politically.