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  1. Likely the latter. It's been phased in everywhere it's been passed.
  2. I'm not sure restaurant owners are the people we should be painting as fat-cats.
  3. Hat tip to the Biden administration for appointing someone quite worthy.
  4. Stop with the straw men. Not many people said that about Schumer, specifically. And just say 'Corn Pop'. I don't see a lot of that from anyone else. Yes, it's really annoying to have someone play woke soldier with old information that a lot of us have known for decades. It's also annoying to have endless Twitter posts substituted for discussion. And even more annoying that he's constantly ranting against a version of centrism that I don't really see much on this board. That's what Corn Pop does when he's not telling us how super cool he is (for his age). But your obsession with the
  5. Maybe you should consider that other people have different opinions about Schumer than you do, and that many of those people did not form their opinions based on information obtained from tweets. Dismissing everyone who disagrees with you as 'buying the horse**** Twitter narrative' is condescending at best, and total hackery at worst. Do better.
  6. Your continued assertion that the last 30 years have been anything but pure capitulation to Republicans and capital is incredibly irritating. As though Schumer doesn't have an entire decades-long career to evaluate. Especially when you cherry pick headline tweets as evidence...while castigating people for cherry picking headline tweets as evidence.
  7. Dude went to Lovett, like a mile from where I grew up.
  8. Trout and Corn Pop are the same person. Prove me wrong.
  9. I saw this tweet and it reminded me of a former poster here. Quite a lot.
  10. Lemme know how you like it. Which one'd you get?
  11. The 2009 stimulus was plenty of money, it just went to all the wrong people.
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