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  1. You germanium transistor worshipping tube-screaming tone attorneys only have yourselves to blame for ridiculous prices on fetishized gear.
  2. I remember sneaking through a hole in the fence at Sanford Stadium to watch Herschel Walker practice. Been in it for a while now, but still manage to get irritated with the general fanbase and tailgate times. I've watched so many people completely trash the North Campus quad while proclaiming their love for the Bulldogs.
  3. My parents went to UGA. My Dad got his master's and then taught at UGA. I went to UGA. My brother went to UGA. My wife went to UGA law. I watch pretty much every single UGA football game. I own two pieces of UGA gear: the hat a close friend's Dad used to wear that I keep as a memory of him, and a t-shirt I pretty much never wear. I feel silly in sports bro gear. Grown men who don't play sports wearing jerseys has always seemed really dumb to me.
  4. Fans of these sorts of jams should know that this is an exceptional show. Acoustic Cooley, Hood, and Isbell in 2014. The 4 LP box is $50 direct from Isbell's site. https://stores.portmerch.com/jasonisbell/pre-order-live-at-the-shoals-theatre-mike-cooley-patterson-hood-jason-isbell-4lp.html
  5. I'm not real sure why anyone thinks wet markets are racist? Or suggesting that a disease could spread there is racist?
  6. I was a caterer for a few years during and after college (philosophy degree will do that). This show was perfect.
  7. About 15 years ago, me and a group of friends camped at Lake Lanier for July 4th weekend. We rented a pontoon boat for one of the days and staked out a small island from which to watch the fireworks. Loaded up coolers and brought along food and whatnot. On the way back to our campsite, captained by our designated driver in the evening, a speedboat came flying onto the back of our boat, missing my head and a friends arms by about two feet. They had been hauling *** and just didn't see us at all. Once they figured out we were all OK, they took off. None of us got their tag/call #. We all h
  8. You seem to think Republicans care about consistency, have principles, or care about anything other than the big fat R next to someone's name.
  9. I actually get my hands on 100% sativa fairly often. Huge fan.
  10. I mean, I voted for Biden, but I don't really consider myself a 'Biden voter'. I wasn't psyched about it. I will say I've been pleasantly surprised by a lot of his work to date, though.
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