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  1. These things simmer of their own accord, my man.
  2. baloo and I had some good times in the way back, long ago. What a total ******* loser that guy is.
  3. I may have mentioned this before, but I worked with Astra Taylor when I was at UGA way back in the day. She grew up in Athens. Very smart, very beautiful, and has a lot of meaningful progressive exchanges with Naomi Klein and that gang on Twitter.
  4. I guess I meant reverb more than delay. I confuse them occasionally 1. because I've never used anything other than distortion until recently and 2. the Boss delay I have also has reverb. So...reverb pedals?
  5. More than 5 seconds. So pretty well out of the range of most generic pedals. I'll check out the Belle Epoch (never heard one) and the Ibanez DE7 (have heard they're a great value). Keep 'em coming if you think of any others. Gonna be making some drones for a few weeks, it appears.
  6. Yeah, that's kinda the problem.
  7. So, tone-lawyers, riddle me this: I use my guitar to simulate a sort of droning string sound by using a volume sweep, and two delays run back to back, so the attack is really slow and the decay holds on for a long time. But I'm finding that the Boss DD pedals I'm using don't have a decay anywhere near as long as I'd like. Any recommendations for a good delay pedal with a super long decay?
  8. I guess. When discussing income inequality, health care, or any other litany of issues, I see little difference between Trump and a lot of other 'functioning adults'. Driving the entire country into certain death is a different thing altogether, where I think any functioning adult handles it better by at least handling it at all.
  9. If he is, he's functioning very, very poorly. His camp is really not handling this well at all.
  10. Not just that, but, for all their obvious, glaring flaws, Biden and Hillary would actually have a functioning, fully staffed government. This is one of those times that the 'any functioning adult' crowd has a point.
  11. Just unfathomable that this is happening with no repercussions whatsoever. The GOP can rot in ****,
  12. I'm about ready for a full on coup. The Federal government is knowingly putting tens of millions of Americans right in the crosshairs of a virus they know will kill countless people. It's treasonous.
  13. I could do without the period after Eliminator, honestly. And I could listen to Frank's accent all day long.
  14. Tell me you guys have seen the ZZ Top documentary on Netflix right now. So good.