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  1. Because I saw content that I thought warranted a response. It's not 'pile jumping', or whatever you want to dismiss it as. I follow very little political content on Twitter. Try a new line.
  2. Yeah, it's gong to be hilarious when everyone goes back to talking about how concentration camps for kids are bad. Super funny. It's a shame we won't get to see you taking a bold, thoughtful stance about David Hogg. Where will they find the courage to go on?
  3. The obsession with David Hogg, warts and all, is a red herring.
  4. Responding to statements that serve a status quo in which people are increasingly abused, marginalized, locked up, etc. isn't exactly 'Pavolivian''s kind of what we do here. I guess every time you jump up to talk about how important guns are to your ability to raise your children is 'Pavlovian', too. It doesn't really bother me when morons like HMFIC and their ilk make these kind of statements, but the thought that a seemingly reasonable dude would advance these kinds of comfortable absurdist statements is concerning to me. As is the assertion that we're supposed to keep any disagreement to ourselves lest we appear 'Pavlovian''s just gross.
  5. Great to check in to see cozy JDaveG talking about how classy people should be when their entire world is being burned to the ground around them. It's the same boring attitude that got us into a lot of the messes in which we find ourselves. Some people don't have the luxury of 'tone' when they're being choked to death by failed ideology. And the 'you guys make me want to vote for Trump' is about as childish of an attitude one can have. But yeah...David Hogg is the problem.
  6. Yup. Palak = spinach, paneer = cheese curd. I also like aloo gobi (potatoes & cauliflower) and vegetable korma (often called navratan korma). I live in a pretty dense Indian community just north of downtown Decatur. There's Indian food everywhere around me. It's glorious. And we've been really happy with the vibe in the neighborhood. Been here since 2002.
  7. I worked in an Italian restaurant in Sarasota, FL in the late 90's. The chef there was a recent immigrant from the Amalfi Coast. When I told him I was Italian, he asked where my family is from. When I said 'Sicily', he said 'You're not Italian, you're a n*****'. True story.
  8. Probably because he's an idiot.
  9. I have this buffoon on ignore, but saw his post and wondered if he was talking about the Republican base.
  10. Jesus. This is horrifying. The federal government received more than 4,500 complaints in four years about the sexual abuse of immigrant children who were being held at government-funded detention facilities, including an increase in complaints while the Trump administration’s policy of separating migrant families at the border was in place, the Justice Department revealed this week. The records, which involve children who had entered the country alone or had been separated from their parents, detailed allegations that adult staff members had harassed and assaulted children, including fondling and kissing minors, watching them as they showered, and raping them. They also included cases of suspected abuse of children by other minors.
  11. My Grandmother immigrated from Sicily, and married my Grandfather, who grew up in Oglethorpe County, GA. He called her a 'guinea' while drunk once and she broke a plate over his head. 'Fredo' isn't racist. The entire discussion is a stupid sideshow.
  12. Trump's tariffs cost US business $3.4B in June. As President Donald Trump doubles down on tariff threats against China, the price tag of the year-long trade war is climbing for U.S. businesses. U.S. importers have paid $6 billion in tariffs in June, a 74% jump compared to a year ago, despite a slight decline in the value of imports. And $3.4 billion of that total came from tariffs imposed by President Trump. This is according to research released on Wednesday by the business coalition “Tariffs Hurt the Heartland” in conjunction with The Trade Partnership, a Washington-based trade and economic consulting firm. The June data highlights the first full month’s impact of Trump raising tariffs on $250 million worth of Chinese goods to 25% from 10% on May 10. “June was our biggest month yet there in terms of punitive tariffs made,” said Dan Anthony, vice president at The Trade Partnership. Despite the removal of steel and aluminum tariffs from the 232 Investigation in May, American companies paid about $3.1 billion in tariffs on products subject to Section 301 remedies on China in June, compared to just $411 million in June 2018. Meanwhile, the value of imports from China declined sharply by 36%, as importers look for alternatives in Southeast Asia.
  13. It sure gives lunatics a mouthpiece, but you have to follow the lunatics in order to see that.
  14. This just isn't true. I'm on Twitter, and it's where I get a lot of information about music releases, current events, articles, art, and commentary. It's as damaging as the person using it.