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  1. It's depressing to watch an older person waste so much time trying to troll people who dislike and ignore him.
  2. I'm logged in on my CPU, but not on my phone, and have WFW and BigDog on ignore. Any time I scroll through this thread on my phone in mid-mornings, I am blown away by how much of the content are unfunny, or dumb political wing tweets that WFW has posted. It's absurd.
  3. You are wasting your time. Please let him drool on himself in ignore quarantine.
  4. Just blatant, right out in the open subversion of democracy.
  5. Nice! That was a LONG time ago. 2003, perhaps.
  6. Once, about 10 years back, I ate some mushrooms and listened to the entire recording I'd downloaded of the Jonestown event where Jim Jones gave the 'sermon' and everyone did the deed. It was a really bad idea.
  7. My ideal burger is a double stack, with crisped edges, cheese, mayo, and white onion. Sounds like the Monarch needs to put up a pot roast recipe or shut up.
  8. We need a new water heater. Ours is a short model that costs around $1500 to replace since it's discontinued by all but one manufacturer. What do y'all know about tankless water heaters? We're in a 1500 sqft house and there's just two of us (no kids), so I doubt that output would be an issue, so I'm wondering what the actual cost difference would be for the unit and installation.
  9. Yeah, we're not really a democracy anymore.
  10. BTW, if you haven't, I strongly suggest ordering from Pine St. Market. They have lots of great meat, you can order online, and they deliver ITP. It's not cheap, but it's real good. And they're good folks. I live about two miles from them and they had hand delivered to me two hours after my first order.
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