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  1. I think it's perfectly reasonable to find something 'odd' about the case. But that's not a fair assessment of what you've been saying about the case, at all.
  2. First, how is Comey a 'leaker'? He released non-classified information. Second, why do you take issue with Comey visiting the NY Times?
  3. Questioning what happened that night makes sense for some. When you veer into the realm of answering that question, you're speculating.
  4. It is, indeed, an appalling piece of legislation.
  5. To be fair, there is no actual hard evidence that Seth Rich was murdered for his political knowledge. That doesn't mean that he wasn' simply means that any assertion that he was is speculative. To some, speculation = BS.
  6. I think things like this can be examined on a case by case basis, rather than painting entire parties with the same broad brush. Some people go high, both R and D, and many don't.
  7. Thought I'd drop in on this thread simply to say that I have close friends and family members who helped to start and run Ossoff's campaign, and that Jon is a thoroughly good guy. This won't be the last we hear of him. I never expected it to be this close, so that's a positive spin on an otherwise disappointing result. I don't think there's a broad lesson for Democrats to learn from barely losing a suburban county that's been staunchly Republican for decades.
  8. This is the kind of thing that I believe to be exactly equivalent to the Giffords matter.
  9. Of course, but how would you suggest they do so in the health care environment? Not sure why this discussion appears to be so caustic.
  10. What can the government do to control costs incurred by private businesses?
  11. So you'd say he 'hoped' for special counsel? My reason for doing lots of things may be in hopes of a particular outcome, but that doesn't mean I control those outcomes. You can't say that someone caused something they have no power to cause.
  12. I'm not sure I understand what you're saying. Yes, the attempted fix did not solve all of the issues. How does that then become the cause of the issues themselves?
  13. Our collective attention spans are very short. It's been a month since Mueller was appointed, and these things often take a very long time. Most of the talk right now is just hot air filling the vacuum.
  14. All he did was disseminate non classified information. He did not trigger special counsel.