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  1. If we pull this out it'll be great but if we keep going score for score with them it's hard not to be worried about out defense.
  2. HAHA! I knew that article about the top RB duos in the L was some B/S. We have one of the best. Turner finally gets his chance to shine and Norwood has always been a beast. His quickness is out of this world! Enjoy this now Falcon fans. We deserve this one. Let's keep it up.
  3. Umm yea, What happened. I picked him first in FF. I learned from last year.
  4. I started him too! And was laughed at by one guy when I drafted him (not too high either). Can you say trashtalking time?
  5. I was forced eat b/f with the girl and I come back and WTF!!!!! Yea Bia!!! This is great!
  6. Seems like a cool dude. Hope he can block.
  7. I remember you wanted Patrick Willis too . Patrick Willis>>Chris Lofton. Too bad we let him go. I like Lofton though.
  8. Old timer, whose the other guy from the Falcons? Audrey Bruce?:hehe:
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