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  1. Third Paragraph Cornerback Robert Alford stepped into the spot for Sunday’s win over Tampa Bay, but a fumble proved costly and allowed the Cardinals to make it a game to start the second half. This week, the Falcons are taking a close look at the spot as special teams coordinator Keith Armstrong says there are a couple of other players the team wants to look at. Shouldn't it say Buccaneers?
  2. I'm not giving up on this team. They never gave up and fought back to try to win when Ya'll given up on them. We just need a few tweaks here and there, work on fundamentals and all the new guys to learn from the film. All of our games have been very close. It's a game of inches gentlemen, we've just got to find those inches.
  3. Brent, You're my favorite player coming out of a small school with all the chips against you. You came out and played with inspiration. What I liked about you was that you always went for the ball, even though everyone knows that it wasn't catchable. I will always remember that play where you leaped really high to catch that INT from Drew Brees. Good luck with the Dolphins and hopefully come back to play with us someday. Now I gotta find another favorite falcons player.
  4. I thought it was said that the reason we kept Owens is that he is the fastest guy on the team. He did well as a rookie but got 3-4 concussions in the last 2 seasons. Nolan can train him up though.
  5. Sports track www.spotrac.com/cap-tracker/nfl/2013/ says that we're 9 mil under the cap. I don't know how accurate this website is either.
  6. I still believe Tony G was open on that play. But hey, woulda, shoulda, coulda right?
  7. I'm not saying goodbye because I have a feeling that you'll be back but as a Falcons Fan, I really appreciate everything you did for this organization. Hope to see your face in Bronze one day in Canton.
  8. If Eifert or Ertz is available at pick 30, absolutely, take Eifert. He's been top 5 in every event at the combine. I only saw 1 youtube video of him and he can catch the ball while being covered like what Tony G does, not sure of his blocking ability though. Our offense does incorporate double tight end sets especially at the goal line. Why not replace an eligible lineman with a versatile blocking/catching TE? That would catch lots of teams off guard.
  9. I was thinking instead of money, the winners get a rare coin with a set amount and increase the value every 5-10% until they sell it back to the NFL for it's value. Losers get $10K to pay for their trip. That would be something to play for.
  10. I was there. He played in the first 2 series. Then he stayed on the sideline during the whole game talking with Trent Williams, then Marshon Lynch. He didn't hold his helmet which tells me he may be hurt or something. Though, a couple of times, there were 4 trainers working on Thomas DeCoud's head or face. I only saw the back of his head.
  11. I want to "unplug" from Football but I can't. I'm ok with the loss. I'm happy that we won a playoff game and able to score points at will. Despite the loss, I'm happy with this team. I still think the media still won't give us respect but hey as coach Smith said, it's about us, not about them!
  12. I'm praying if Mr. Kaepernick runs past that line of scrimmage, I would like to introduce him to Mr. Sean Weatherspoon. Do what he did to RG3 this season! Be disciplined in outside containment. Let them run in the middle.
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