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  1. Just do what I do. When the wife is not around or when you have to take a trip to the landfill/recycle center just throw the stuff out then. Not whole piles so that it is noticeable but a little from here, a little from there. Trust me they won't notice it missing and if they do it is usually years after it was gone and if you can't win that argument then you deserve what you are getting.
  2. The Hawks resigned Jon Koncak, the most underperforming, talentless, waist of space there could be to what was at that time the highest paid contract in the history of the league. The Hawks traded away Dominique Wilkins, the most iconic, exciting, competitive, and best player the franchise has ever had. The combination of those two actions have rendered the Hawks dead to me. It was a year before I noticed they changed the uniform. I just can't emotionally invest in an organization that has such a dismal history of incredibly bad decisions!
  3. This! And also the fact that Hartsfield is an international hub and the busiest airport in the world.
  4. Aww man, you had me all excited. I thought you were talking about this Appleseed:
  5. I quit writing in cursive when I got out of highschool. I was shocked when my daughter was learning it in school and asked me for help making a lower case b. I could not remember what it was supposed to look like. :wacko:
  6. There are a lot of resistant strains of bacteria that emerge from southeast Asia. We (CDC) have seen a new resistant stain of gonorrhea that is currently spreading across the US. It originated in southeast Asia and took hold in Hawaii and is now spreading to the mainland. The biggest culprit is the black market antibiotic trade that is prevalent in southeast Asia. With the overwhelming availability of brothels etc in Asia many of the workers are treated for infections with black market meds and most often attended by non medical persons. The result, a whole lot of people being undertreated
  7. This was actually kinda suprising to me but he was in declining health for years. Jack Tatum
  8. Wait a minute. You're comparing the quote of a rapper as synonymous to a news anchor? Although you apparently don't, I feel that there is a huge difference between a news organization spreading falsehood and some idiotic rapper.
  9. Racism is a product of ignorance. Ignorance will never go away. Therefore racism will never go away. The difference now is that racism is not acceptable in the mainstreme. People that have racist idologies keep it to themselves until they find others that are like them.
  10. Actually this is the proverbial two sides of a coin. One one side, cheerleading is definately a sport. What must be recognized is there is different types of cheerleading. My daughter is on a competitive cheerleading squad and they practive 2 hours a day, 4 days a week. During competition season they have one or two competitons a month. They practice starting in April, competitions start in September and the season ends in Feb. That is far longer and more envolved than my son's football season. On the other side, most cheerleading camps do not want to be characterized as a sport because th
  11. The bias part of your assumption is true. But there is a huge difference between running negative stories about the opposition and mischaracterizing the truth or outright lying. Take for example Fox news during the presidential campaign in '08. They referred to Mrs Obama as 'Barack's baby's Momma' in one instance and called the common fist bump between the two as 'a terrorist fist jab'. No matter how you try to raionalize those examples I'm sure you can understand how they can be derogatory and thus paint the individuals as someone that is less than trustworthy. That is not presenting facts
  12. Eddie Lee Ivory Because he was an electrifying runner that was fun to watch.
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