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  1. Redman is a hard man to figure out. A lot of times he throws passes that are *extremely* accurate. Just awesome plays to be honest. And at times i"ve been extremely impressed. But sometimes out of nowhere, he has a tendency to throw interceptions or close interceptions over and over. If he could just fix this, we would have on of the better backs up in the league.
  2. Julio almost had his 5th 100 yard game which would have been an nfl record iirc for a rookie. I think it was randy moss who had 5 100 yard games in his rookie season. But unlike him, he doesn't have the attitude. Complete team player. Considering that this is just his first year, imagine how good he will be next year and down the line? As for White, he clearly is enjoying julio's success. I think he enjoys being a mentor to him and considering he always has so much praise for him, I think that speaks volumes. So glad that White puts his team mates ahead of being the center of attention.
  3. He tossed him like he was a rag doll. God it was so funny. I wonder what they said to each other after the game (if they were aware of it which I'm sure they are by now). Very cool too that it's been replayed on the nfl network/espn because that was absolutely hilarious and incredible.
  4. With the exception of the colts game, this was the only other game where I wasn't nervous as ****. It was so nice to just set back and watch our falcons play without worrying about losing. I'm normally so stressed out watching them, I get knots in my chest and can't sit still. If only we could dominate like that all the time. That was just pure fun without the stress.
  5. ****, we are going to let them score though..don't like that much.
  6. That's the difference between us and the saints, saints would have just kipped kicking them while they were down. I don't know if you ever would see that among many coaches really. But I don't think it's much of a stretch we could have scored 50 to 60 on them if we really wanted to.
  7. And sure as the world I post that, they score...UGH. Crap.
  8. I love this. Earlier espn's site had atlanta up 27-0 "will jacksonville make a comeback?" now it reads this "Atlanta is running roughshod over the Jaguars with 34 unanswered points. Will Jacksonville score?
  9. Thanks for the correction. Not sure how I missed that
  10. LOL..at this rate he'll have like 6 or 7 by the end of the game
  11. The one bad thing is we are going to finally have a 100 yard rusher against us for the first time in a year or so. Won't complain though.
  12. LOL everyone had the exact same reaction and thought.
  13. If I was jacksonville I would just give it to drew every play.
  14. They might be but god they have like 27 people on IR..ouch.
  15. I'm glad, think it's deserved, but I'm a bit surprised. I figured it would go to manning due to his comeback win against the cowboys...since we all know the tendency for the media and others to suck up to teams like the giants.
  16. So you complain about them bringing race into it but then...you bring race into it. UGH. This crap is never going to stop until both sides put this race crap behind them. I'm so sick and tired of it from both sides. It's maddening we can't have a thread about our QB without this garbage being brought up by someone.
  17. It truly is astonishing how great he has been this year. He's been such a key part of our offense since he arrived and has helped us win so many games, I would just be absolutely SICK if we didn't win his first freaking playoff game for him. Even if we lose the next game, I would at least be very happy about that. Of course it sure would be nice to at least get him to the superbowl. It would just be a cruel injustice in it's own right that the greatest TE to ever play the game never made it there, much less even win a playoff game.
  18. I can't believe this, my nerves can't take this anymore.
  19. 4TH AND 13 FOLKS AND THEY SCORE A 40 YARD TD. Only We can do that.
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