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  1. I'm type 2! Keep the media away from my team pls!!
  2. Well, Jerry meddles whether they're winning or losing that's just the kind of moron he is, to me it's evident by the fact that he gets more face-time in interviews and crap than any of his coaches or players....
  3. I didn't see/hear that but I did hear him say that the Falcons haven't done "anything" this year on the pregame this afternoon.
  4. I think DeSean is gonna be more concerned with Dunta personally....footsteps anyone??
  5. Hellz yeah, and I'm an astronaut that will be watching this game from Mars! See how easy that is to type??
  6. Deion's been saying that forever....it's a bit of an inside joke there because he was saying it when the press in NYC were hating on Eli a few seasons ago. Besides, he's an analyst/entertainer, expect him to say things that get people to watch the NFL network....controversial things sometimes!
  7. Nice link! But seriously....I could NOT care less what some little sports-whiner thinks. "Mercy Rules" are for little league. These men are professionals that get paid more in one year than I'm likely to see pass through my hands in a lifetime! Then they have the nerve to ask us to pay a ridiculous price for the "honor" of watching them get blown-out by another team that they should be somewhat even with talent-wise? They also reserve the right to criticize US for being foolish enough to keep them working by donating our hard earned cash week in and week out?? Man please!
  8. I think MM is convinced that he can "transform" Matt Ryan into Aaron Rodgers if he just gets a few more pass attempts!
  9. I'm honestly beginning to believe, that with all the hair-splitting over what is or isn't a legal or illegal hit, the **** refs, half the time, don't know whether a hit is legal or illegal so they just throw a flag and hope for the best. Or throw a flag to protect a big-name player or franchise. Will the NFL ever have full-time professional referees? You would think with all the money on the line they could make that investment!
  10. Yeah he seems to be getting it together, hope it continues!
  11. I watched the replay on NFL.com and the whole play from snap to TD is like 10-11 seconds! He doesn't even look like he's tryin' to run flat out either!
  12. You sir are a cold bastid....don't ever change!
  13. Yeah, unless you look at the win-loss record of both teams.
  14. If tripping is a penalty then the figure-four tackle technique should be as well!
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