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  1. Uh oh, another first down. You know what that means!
  2. I honestly thought this was about Tracy Porter when I saw this thread.
  3. If the Bucs come back strong next year there may be a great rivalry for years to come. However, right now I hate the Saints more than anything.
  4. Am I the only one who would enjoy wearing a current jersey when they won't be making them anymore in 2012?
  5. I disagree with our secondary being weak but overall I really like this article. The main reason I like this article is that unlike most analysts he isn't suggesting that just because we have been beat once (Which they treated like the Giants/Eagles loss) and that because teams like the Packers were close in the game that teams can go in thinking they can beat us and as a result beat us. To them the key isn't scoring more points than the Falcons, it's thinking you can!
  6. We need to have unnoticed weapons like Douglas and Mughelli to be used in the passing game. (By that I also mean that they need to make these plays when it happens.) Ovie is going to the probowl as a blocking fullback. People forget that he can move with the ball well.
  7. That's good. We have the best possible position and still flying under the radar.
  8. The times that I have watched Whitehurst play I have liked him. I think the game will be closer than people think. One does not simply walk into Seattle in the playoffs and win easily. The Saints are the better team but I like Seattle in this game, Falcon fan or not.
  9. What? Mike Turner had a 4.1 Average while Rice had 4.0. Blunt has a 5.0 but has 100+ less carries. We are not a passing offense. We do not rely on big yards to move down the field. We move from first down to first down while bruising the other team and wearing them down into the 4th quarter. Turner has consistently kept our offense on the field. He has fumbled 2 times? So what. Show me a RB that hasn't. You must be some kind of stupid if you think that defenses enjoy seeing Turner coming out of that backfield. Watch a game or two. He doesn't get tackled, he slams the defenders to the ground.
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