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    Falcons Harley Davidson I am the only Falcon Fan in Baltimore I miss Atlanta
  1. Your not a jerk but Your not a Falcon Fan either. Matt will Protect the house,mark my words Thank you
  2. Jay How are we doing my power is out and I'm on my iPad Help!
  3. If JJ stays in one piece we will be ok . But on paper this looks real good !!
  4. I wish him well but don't want him to win in our house
  5. :PThis will be the game of the week by far . We had a week off and are the Host but the sports book just giving us 2.5 I will take it .
  6. And I jumped on the coach for a bad call at the first of the year ,boy do I look dumb
  7. I think Tony will be the winning touch ...He came here to win Superbowl
  8. Hello Love My Falcons ,, Love My Harley,s

  9. Falcon Fan For Life

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