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  1. This is true. For a linebacker to get the sack he has to first be sent by the defensive scheme. The Falcons need an impact pass rush DE to replace Biermann who isn't getting the job done. Elite defenses can pressure the quarterback with their front four. And currently, we can't do that.
  2. I was broken hearted over the loss too Rev. For us to get to the next level, we're going to seriously have to improve our defensive line.
  3. yep, brees is getting worse. He already has 20 ints this year.
  4. Ha ha, this is verging on ridiculous. An aint's fan calling out a Falcons fan on a Falcons message board.
  5. Well Arthur said on the radio that the "Rise Up" campaign cost him a ton of dough especially having to hire Samuel Jackson. So I think we should keep going with it.
  6. There's nothing wrong with Turner. The steelers stacked the box and forced Ryan to beat them through the air...
  7. I predict the eagles start 1-5, Kolb is benched and Vick leads you all to a wild card at 10-6. But most importantly, you McMVP will become a Vick Believer !!!
  8. The good news is that this is Matts 3rd season and we should know by game 7 or 8 of this year whether he will be a 4000+ yard guy with 30+ tds.
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