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  1. Would love to trade down some spots and pick up a couple extra pricks and draft Baun.
  2. I am a Penn State fan and have watched YGM for a while, he was highly recruited with just crazy measurables and athleticism. Has all the tools but for some reason he disappears for long periods of time. He did this for a few games in the middle of the season this year but really came on strong at the end of the season.
  3. Shut Up, don't ******* read my posts then.
  4. Any coach on this team would be better than Quinn. Morris, Koetter, Mularkey even. Let Ulbrich take over defense
  5. agree on players bad, but coaching is way worse
  6. Anyone who defends Dan Quinn after this ****show should be banned from these boards. Unprepared, penalties, terrible defensive effort. Dan needs to be fired to save this season
  7. Dan Quinn needs to be fired at the end of this game. His coaching and unpreparedness is going to cause these players to give up on the season. Fire him now and salvage the season, keep hima nd this maybe just the beginning of a huge meltdown.
  8. this guy gets it. Two things dumb*** Dan preached all offseason, fix oline and get tough. Failed miserably at both, but then again has Dan done anything he said he was going to do except come up with more slogans,lol
  9. haven't seen any other info on this since this morning hopefully it has some legs!
  10. I'd be ok with a 5 or a 6 rounder for him
  11. nice thanks!
  12. I don't know how to paste it with this stupid chromebook laptop I have.
  13. Paul Crane reporting on twitter, hearing ATL among interested teams