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  1. Mike Garofalo reporting
  2. Anyone know anything about this guy?
  3. I'd rather have Cliff Matthews and Malicah Goodman! J/K we are loaded on the dline, feels good
  4. starting at around 2:30 or so he he knocks the qb off his spot multiple time andthen causes a holding call on bolles, and then they start triple teaming him!
  5. you have to actually watch the video
  6. Just watched Takk against Utah, and he absolutely terrorizes 1st round pick left tackle Bolles. I get why people are pissed about giving up picks, but if are pissed about selecting Takk then you are nuts. With him getting coached up we will have a NASTY pass rush duo for a long time. This dude is going to wreck the NFC south along with Beasley, Poe, and Grady.
  7. would LOVE to get him
  8. If you mean reuben 49ers took him at 31
  9. I kind of want Obi now that Tampa drafted OJ Howard!
  10. Skins have a ton of picks to trade us for our 31st pick. I would be all about trading with them and getting extra picks.
  11. I am not questioning that at all , i said i love your mock. Love the trade down and i really love Bowser!
  12. love this draft man! I would rather Duke Riley as the third pick instead of the WR, but other than that you killed it. Don't know why people on here are so negative when you clearly state over and over that you are using the big board as a reference. maybe they can't read or something
  13. Almost every one is like that. Just sounds like you've got sand in your puss
  14. How do you get click baited on a message board when it says fanspeak in the topic?