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  1. I ******* guarantee you the patriot fans weren't saying this when they got beat up by KC. THIS IS THE TYPE OF ATTITUDE THAT BREEDS MEDIOCRITY. I guarantee you the Steeler fans weren't saying this when they got demolished by the Jags. that is why they went out and won their next two games easily, because they don't allow mediocrity. it's called being held accountable.
  2. Not to mention Hooper being open all game and just not throwing the ball to him because he's too busy staring at Julio
  3. Did you ever think that attitude is why this team has sucked for 44 years. I want my team to hold themselves accountable. We will never win anything until this "oh well, we'll get next year tiger" attitude is a distant memory. I'm done "hanging in there"
  4. Very easy, because just like all the other teams over the years every time we have a good season we just sit back and act like we will just automatically be good again. The patriots win the superbowl every other ******** year and they still try to improve their team WEEK IN and WEEK OUT. When they have a **** defense they cut or trade the problem and fix it. What do we do? We come up with catch phrases and make excuses. "we'll keep battling" and "attack", yet we don't and we look disgraceful. We need coaches who actually coach and hold players and other coaches accountable, not just come up with slogans for t-shirts
  5. I live in PA, and Steelers and Eagles fans never have to endure the kind of disgrace I do as a Falcons fan. Why, because the fans and media up here don't allow it. It's not acceptable to be embarrassed over and over again. If this **** went on up here for as long as the falcons have let it, heads would roll and coaches would be held accountable.
  6. Here we go again guys. For those of us who have been through this time and time again over the last 20 years, this should be enough. This is the worst disgrace of a coaching performance I have seen in a long, long, long time. There is just over 7 minutes left in the game and we are down by 23 points and we just start to go no huddle. This play calling is indefensible, and Matt Ryan looks worse than I have seen since he's been in the league. I don't even know why I even root for this team anymore. I am sick to my stomach right now. All the ******* stupid *** homer media members don't ever hold this team accountable and we as fans are helpless to do anything.
  7. hope so!
  8. well that's even more idiotic
  9. I'm not calling for his head, I'm just saying he needs to get it out of his crack. He just needs to improve and startattacking with the multiple weapons we have
  10. not to mention completely whiffing on blocks, which is the most important thing he needs to do
  11. Gotta admit, while I love Tru, he was not good today. I hate how he does that weird spin move when the wr jukes him, it causes him to back up 3-4 yards and lose sight of the wr. They end up getting more yac. He also was getting bowled over on tackles. I KNOW he is rusty, but no name wr's were abusing him today, and he needs to get it together
  12. You are absolutely right on this, we need to cut coleman. He was DREADFUL in this game
  13. I hear this from DQ all the time, but Sark did not do this whatsoever. We didn't attack their dbs with Julio or Gabriel. We didn't attack their lbs with TC and Freeman. Sark better get his head out of his *** or we are in for a long season. PS, where was the play action and no huddle. The best way to attack a defense is keeping them on their heels with no huddle occasionally.
  14. Mike Garofalo reporting