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  1. Another mass shooting with legally obtained firearms by an old, Christian, ex-military dude powered by toxic masculinity & the Falcons message board blames *checks notes* Satanists, young people, social media & not enough legal guns. Never change, guys.
  2. 3 of the top 5 offensive lines in the NFL are protecting QB's with comparable contracts, so -- no.
  3. 70.5% - 4,076 - 28 TD - 6 INT - 108.3 QB rating If you told people that would be Matt Ryan's stat line after 13 games I wonder how many people would have guessed we'd be 4-9.
  4. I was there, too. Almost stopped being a fan after it. Almost.
  5. "duz MATt ryaN havE A weaK arm" - some 33 year old doofus that needs an ice pack after throwing out the trash
  6. We literally just "hung with" the Saints a few weeks ago missing 3 starting defensive pieces.
  7. Assuming that all NFL players -- h*ll, any professional athlete -- is definitely "trying" is nonsense, too. If effort level wasn't one of the most coveted attributes in all of football you might convince me otherwise.
  8. I like Rico but I was surprised when they offered him the extension.
  9. Name the situation.
  10. *looks at Takk sack in the Rams game*
  11. Special teams have been trash for a hot minute, in general.
  12. Yet he has the #1 accuracy on deep balls since after 2015 & doesn't seem to have issues hitting other receivers in stride. You know, I'm beginning to think that whole practice & repetition thing does matter -- when you sit out every other play, don't play at all in preseason & rarely practice a full week you're going to have some timing issues. As we all know, Matt is a timing/rhythm guy but you're going to miss out on some of the reps necessary in order to keep Julio healthy. If Julio played with a more "gunslinger" QB like Rodgers, etc. I don't think the lack of reps & timing issues would be as much of a factor. They'd just be out there playing sandlot football all day. That said, Ryan is going to SHRED with Ridley for these reasons and more.
  13. "In the second half, the Falcons adjusted. They came up and played tight man coverage, and scrapped the zone. That was a huge change for the Falcons defense because they are a zone team." This has been the case since the Super Bowl. But, round peg square hole and all of that.
  14. Poole has been trash juice this year.