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  1. And he calls himself "Intellectually Honest"
  2. 1 poor coaching decision away from having as many rings as Russ. What exactly was your point again?
  3. Cool story. The guy who is more competent at his job will be here next year, the one who is less competent at his job won't. Anyone want to put a rack up on who each of these people will be?
  4. We still having this argument about a guy who has turned every one of his OC's into head coaches, holds NFL records, an MVP & is 2 running plays away from having a ring -- all while never having anything above a #10 defense? This fanbase is forever dumb. Foreverrrrrr.
  5. Shouldn't you be eating tapioca and warm oatmeal somewhere.
  6. Absolutely not. This has been a sloppy, under-prepared, poorly coached team for 4 years. Quinn is still eating off of Shanahan's clout. He's cooked.
  7. "Stat Champ" did his job. They kick a FG after that catch and "Stat Champ" has a ring. Imagine seeing Julio Jones break a Falcons record and being MAD about it. You folks must be miserable irl.
  8. Go ask Matt Ryan how "important" Harry Douglas was to him in 2013. MVP QB's have to throw the ball to somebody. Jordy was no Julio, Rice, Harrison, etc. -- who are all first ballot HOF. The OP's point was being a first ballot HOF WR hasn't really translated into rings lately.
  9. Kind of unfair to Wentz to call him this. He throws an ok ball.
  10. lol Jordy Nelson Wasn't he like 10th in receiving yards the year they won the Super Bowl?
  11. What reality do you exist in and/or who is your dealer?
  12. Another mass shooting with legally obtained firearms by an old, Christian, ex-military dude powered by toxic masculinity & the Falcons message board blames *checks notes* Satanists, young people, social media & not enough legal guns. Never change, guys.