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  1. On his thoughts on the offensive and defensive lines after film review: “Well, in terms of the offensive line I thought that they did a good job. In terms of the sacks, we only gave up one sack, albeit it was at a crucial time in the football game. We had too many pressures. I thought we were a little bit edgy, but for the group to come together in such a short time, I thought Coach Tice and his guys did a very good job. I think we can be better" We have a coach who thinks having your QB under pressure all game is better then giving up one or two sacks..I rather them give up one or two sacks
  2. Don't know how to post tweets buts that's a link to a tweet from falcoholic saying "Starr just knocked Holmes over in a might display." Holmes is done
  3. I think he was on out practice squad last season
  4. The chances for Dee Ford and Donald being there for us to pick in the second round is slim to none..I think they'll both be gone by the 20th pick..I see Hedgemen being there for our second round pick though
  5. Mack...i dont see clowney being there when we pick..i dont want us to trade up for anybody either..we've got too many wholes to fill we cant afford to lose any of our early picks
  6. If we replace Decoud with Jenkins we've taken a step back.......He is worst than Decoud..jenkins is a bust.
  7. Congrats on the new addition to your family bro! Heartfelt wishes for your lil girl.
  8. De La Puente is not under contract..he is a free agent
  9. Just got my twitter back..i need all my falcons fam to follow me @@WARIIRI
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