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  1. ha Ha i see you threw a pic of yourself in there!
  2. AR- "I could really use a hug" MR- "well JA was gonna hug you a bunch of times but your OL was holding like crazy"
  3. Roddy just tweeted that he was headed to Facility for Drug test....Can I assume that the whole team will have to???..Hope everyone behaved last nite after the Big win!
  4. DONT worry...LOL...We will be dipp..I mean deep! Make sure everyone joins us at the hooters on Saturday night!! See the road trip forum for further details
  5. i will be at the game but want to set my DVR...I have NFL network but live in Atlanta. Do I have to record it on NFL or on MYATL 36?
  6. I know... it wouldn't let me edit the title but I figured everyone would get the point. Yeah rowdy is an understatement...just ask n e one in Sec 318 row 14!!
  7. Its seemimg like that whole side needs help
  8. WOW!! we have 316, 318 and 318 on lock... Its gonna be loud on that side of the field
  9. All fans that are able to make the game tonight: Please make an oath to keep your section CRUNK (yelling screaming and just making noise in general while on DEFENSE).. I will take care of Section 318 with No problem...What section can you handle? Lets make these people talking about our quiet little library eat their words!!
  10. Well thats because you BUC fans are raised to be punks.....BUT us...we dont back down from anyone.....In fact, I have sent him several invitations from strippers to meet in the BUCKHEAD district on WED night.. and we will see who gets away with murder
  11. In the press conference Ray Lewis kept sayin Rodney White....I want Roddy to make sure Ray Lewis never forgets his name.... My link
  12. Agreed...and I was just trippin out on your screen name...sorry PS if you look at what I have had to say thru out this whole topic I think you will agree with me.
  13. I hope you are not judgind....hmmm sourdesiel...what does that mean????
  14. I didnt say he deserved a nobel peace prize..you exagerate everything and with no basis. I responded because you gave FALSE information....notice you didnt comment on that..Go back to your pity party on how life sucks for you at home and everywhere else...
  15. Why would they worry about rushing the ball when you can pass on us all day?????
  16. 1) It was Sept 27, 2007 -(your already lying and deeming your self unreliable) 2) He didn’t flip off the "fans" he flicked off an individual that was stating he sucked when he was the whole team that day. The whole team quit playing except him 3) He didn’t get busted bringing in weed he got busted getting rid of a water bottle that had a hidden compartment (PS a lot of people use these and if I had an entourage like his I would hide my jewelry too) 4) Not the first person to contact an STD.(1 out of 20 people will get an STD in their life std stats 5) Since when do what peoples brothers do ef
  17. I don’t even wanna see the number 81 on anyone’s jersey EVER AGAIN....Jennings cursed it....I saw him screw up a punt return for Detroit at the beginning of the season and thought...What on film did they see that made them think he would come in a and do anything except for screw up???
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