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  1. ha Ha i see you threw a pic of yourself in there!
  2. AR- "I could really use a hug" MR- "well JA was gonna hug you a bunch of times but your OL was holding like crazy"
  3. Roddy just tweeted that he was headed to Facility for Drug test....Can I assume that the whole team will have to???..Hope everyone behaved last nite after the Big win!
  4. DONT worry...LOL...We will be dipp..I mean deep! Make sure everyone joins us at the hooters on Saturday night!! See the road trip forum for further details
  5. i will be at the game but want to set my DVR...I have NFL network but live in Atlanta. Do I have to record it on NFL or on MYATL 36?
  6. I know... it wouldn't let me edit the title but I figured everyone would get the point. Yeah rowdy is an understatement...just ask n e one in Sec 318 row 14!!
  7. Its seemimg like that whole side needs help
  8. WOW!! we have 316, 318 and 318 on lock... Its gonna be loud on that side of the field
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