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  1. I'm going to look at this question like this; guys who played better than I expected. 1) Booker 2) Snelling 3) Jerry
  2. You must not have been a Falcon fan for a long time...........does the name Charles Dimry mean anything to you?
  3. ....he was in the backfield every play against the Chargers 1st string line. Just about the only ray of light for the defense tonight.
  4. I'd just like to make a comment about the owens touchdown play. He did not get burned on the play. "Burned" has the connotations that he was nowhere near the play. Not true. Did he get "beat"? Ya...maybe, that sounds like the more appropriate description. But, when i think about the play again, I have a hard time thinking he got beat so to speak. I'll say this, he was right there.....you can't cover any better than that. And you can't complain about that coverage. 9 out of 10 times, that will not be a completeted pass because he was draped all over that guy. I took a perfect throw and great concentration by the receiver. Owens played it as good as you can, the lions just made an outstanding play and there's no fault to Owens as far as I'm concerned.
  5. This one is easy. Who has the Pro Bowl QB: Saints (but Ryan is not far behind) Who has the Pro Bowl RB: Falcons Who has the Pro Bowl WR: Falcons Who has the Pro Bowl TE : Falcons Doesn't look close to me................
  6. I agree. Watch the last play of the Chicago game when Ryan hits Jenkins. Blalock gets totally abused by the Chicago DT....like he wasn't even there. Luckily Ryan got the throw out.
  7. ya...roddy and Mike gotta switch jerseys. That way we have another Jenkins 84.
  8. Alfred Jenkins was my idol growing. My favorite Atlanta player all time!. I'll never forget the words grew accustomed to hearing..."Bartkowski to Jenkins...TOUCHDOWN!!" Oh man, I went down to our local (Syracuse, NY) Champion Outlet store and bought a red jersey and had them put "JENKINS" on the back and "84" on the front and back. My friend got a Bartkowski one and when we played street football we wore them. He was a great receiver and should be in the Ring of Honor. Oh....those were the days........................
  9. Dolpjins have to worry about gameplanning for the Falcons, not the other way around. While they have good players, is anyone afraid of Chad Pennington...Ronnie Brown.....any of their recievers???? Didn't think so.
  10. I used to live in Tunisia and watched on Orbit. I think you can get Orbit in Kuwait becasue it's based in the Middle East... it has Orbit ESPN. You'll get a 1 PM and 4PM game plus Monday and Sunday night.
  11. This would be my guess. You say you know for a fact and i don't doubt that one bit. But **** the Chargers!! I don't get people's infatuation with Cushing. I'm miffed! I just don't see anything but "bust" in the guy.
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