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  1. If you actually watch college football games and not just sportscenter you know this kid had a first round grade. Both Det and Jax taking CBs pushed them up the board we added DL already couldn't miss the chance at a Day 1 starter
  2. they all have Above Average to Stellar Oline play as well. All four of our guards and RT have had dreadful years.
  3. Agreed that’s why I believe this is great chance for him to prove he’s elite and deserves to get paid. If you disappear against the Aints this ain’t da squad for ya.
  4. Takk is out marking this a perfect chance for 44 to show his worth. We’re banged up and need someone to step up, This why you draft elite pass rushers right? If he doesn’t show up today I’ll be all for letting him walk in FA
  5. The reports on Sark are gonna be the typical preseason optimistic type. So I’ll be watching how the new additions look and general player improvement (Austin Hooper)
  6. Very good assessment, but don’t you think we got enough in the farm to cross two of those needs of the list (Starter, Closer) in my opinion.
  7. My gut tells me we're gonna win out, the Rams will drop one or more of the last three and we get the 2 seed. Gotta believe our guys see that it's ours for the taking and are gonna ball out.
  8. I think it's more of a keep Vic, Clay, and Takk on the field together type move. Because honestly Riley didn't look anywhere near as bad as Beasley does at LB. I know Riley was WLB not SLB, but Beasley looks so bad dropping into coverage and closing in to make an open field tackle.
  9. Why try to depend on other teams losing have a lil faith and root for our boys to ball out and bring it home!
  10. He really looks better to you than Manning, Brady, Marino, Rodgers, Farve, Steve Young, McNabb, McNair, Warren Moon, Montana, Randall Cunningham? I like Stafford and Wentz better tbh.
  11. Matt does need to play better, however the OC is struggling mightly, and the receivers are 2ND in the league in drops and have to lead the league in pics off fingertips. Gotta look at the whole picture
  12. It's crazy bro, we're in prime position to win the division. But you can't tell from the atmosphere round here.
  13. It's it great how taking Matty Ice at 3?turned out for us, and how trading up for Julio is way worth with it. Hitting on Vic Beasley, Matthews, Freeman etc etc... Or how fast Quinn has turned around our Defense? I love our current team from the FO to the Practice Squad guys. Rise Up!
  14. Yea when saying that I'm assuming that Matt/Nick or both would be traded by the deadline. Peterson would fill the void, So if Acuna does half of what he's doing in AA in Gwinnett they would wanna get a look at like they did Ruiz last year and were planning to do wit Ozzie before the injury.
  15. I see a Peterson Ender Acuna outfield next year hopefully Kemp is used in a deal for a frontline starter and positional prospects.
  16. Don't come over that often but this Ronald Acuna kid. At this pace is a September callup plausible?
  17. Somebody gotta step up and take few hundred snaps from Brooks Reed
  18. 12-4 defense gonna be a lot better more aggressive and keep that deadly offense on the field
  19. Levitre, Reed, Clayborn,Ryan restructure would free up a good 20 mil not to mention our cap is middle of the pack for next year with about 3 must sign guys (Freeman, Matt Bryant and one of Poe or Hageman) three more quality guys u want back (Turbo Taylor, Ish and Upshaw) and theroritcally we're set. We're in good shape the Beasley, Coleman deals are the ones that might put us close to the cap trouble but not in a Aints situation.
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