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  1. If you actually watch college football games and not just sportscenter you know this kid had a first round grade. Both Det and Jax taking CBs pushed them up the board we added DL already couldn't miss the chance at a Day 1 starter
  2. Matty puts the ball in the perfect spot in that HD83 highlight video
  3. No i'm from NC and watched every tarheel game this year and Burney is a chris houton clone always in good position but never gets his head turned around to be able to make a play on the ball.... he gave up alot of big plays this year
  4. All the Defenive studs were taken 2nd, 3rd, and 5th maybe Robert Quinn but he would have been a huge reach at 6
  5. Good point, Torrey Smith, Rudolph, Brooks Reed, Jutin Houston no value at all in the 1st it was a great move by TD
  6. Exactly alot of ppl here are UGA bias huston would be a bust as 4-3 DE
  7. what a couple guys you only draft 7-9 guys who the *** expect more than a couple of them to be stars... we have gotten better every year and a now poised to takeover this divsion thanks to TD and his draft picks
  8. What Defense of player drafted at 27 would have even been a starter for us?
  9. yea and only like 3-5 of them where game changing plays honestly
  10. who were we gonna draft that would start for us at 27 or 59 the 4th round picks would be player for Depth or ST I think it was a great trade Julio Jones put up great numbers with a broken bone in his hand 6'3 , strong, quick, tough, great hands & blocking our offense is dangerous now :wub:
  11. Me too I wasnt sold on any of the first round DE's in this draft beside Quinn were gonna have a top 5 WR core with a top 10 QB and RB
  12. I think Eli is a top ten QB problem is he hasnt had a true #1 reciever is whole career
  13. Agreed only i resign is Clabo, i love Dahl's nastiness but he's a liability in pass protection
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