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  1. Can you imagine 1 minute drill trying to get in field goal range with our kicker?
  2. If duke is playing like a backup this many years in he's trash.
  3. So when do we release duke Riley...got garbage at run fits
  4. Trevech..l...m...N...o...p is a snap kicker...he has terrible follow through and the ball always hooks late...he makes some but it's like he has no idea where it's going after the first 20 yards.
  5. Man...other than d line tonight...all I got is questions so far lol.
  6. Here is the article on the three surprising potential cuts from the Falcons. I will have to say watching Duke Riley for the last 2 years I can't see that one being a surprise. I'm not surprised that Grace is outplaying him either. https://thefalconswire.usatoday.com/2019/06/13/falcons-surprise-cuts-2019-duke-riley/?fbclid=IwAR15tuuzq7m1vJvLNpFkYB2AAnvZGjhwABEBJwVDkFhtJlv9FGEA8ASLQRA Anyone here think Duke wasn't a bust?
  7. I can't look at this year's key plays without acknowledging two things... Julio is always hurt, and Sanu is making plays. Julio is the better athlete, but we need to acknowledge Sanu is the best option on third down. Ryan is struggling but he is blessed with this man who has hands of steel. Without Sanu Justin Hardy and Taylor Gabriel are inadequate to fill the role. If we don't have Sanu this year...we are already done IMHO.
  8. So who's OC then when Kyle leaves? I can't see it.
  9. The FB we signed named Mooney looks like Jason Whitten's little brother lol!
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