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  1. is posting from his phone for the first time

  2. How about this... FK you dckhds, like you relly know what pizzes us off.Fk you and 6he horse you rode in on. FK everything aout you. You are the Fk's that are F'king everything up, so fk you. I f'n hate you. FK U.
  3. I don't give two ***** what the rest of th world thinks. F them. AMERICA FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. This isn't a f'n love fest, this is Falcons footballl. F those f ormer players.
  5. FCK the Pats. WE are the new brigade!!!! SB Falcons is al you need to know!!!!!!
  6. F U dckhd. No One is close to Falcons.
  7. Mike Zimmer is an awesome defensive coach. He was ruined by the Mora years.. Zimmer was the DC during the Mora years. Don't hjold that against him. ****, I'M X=DRUNK!!!!
  8. Jim Mora Jr. has tapped Knapp to be his OC. He is a fluke.
  9. Never underestimate Home Field Advantage. Hearst would not have broken his leg in Candlestick!
  10. Jimmy Williams. That guy is going to smoke pot and eat twinkies all season long. That sounds kinda great.
  11. All right, I've heard all I need to hear about how this year's schedule is harder and tougher because we don't play Det, Oak, KC, etc like we did last year. Well, about last year, I have THIS to remind them. WE DID WHAT GOOD TEAMS ARE SUPPOSED TO DO AGAINST BAD TEAMS. WE KICKED THEIR AZZES UP AND DOWN THE FIELD. Yes, we can only play the teams we are scheduled, and yes, we had some easy teams last year, but it's not like we struggled to beat them. We literally demolished those teams. To me, that is the key to the "tougher schedule this year" argument. We did what good teams do: Wiped the floor with the bad teams. Bring on the 09 schedule. I'm looking forward to a GREAT season; IMO, the only difference in the schedules is that this year, we will be in some nail biter games; I think we'll pull most of them out, because of how good we actually are, as exemplified by last year's routings of those bad teams everyone seems so hung up on.
  12. Jerious Norwood being our return man helped us win the Bears game last year. They would not have squib kicked the last kickoff if Jerious had not been tearing them up Hester-style on kickoffs. Crazylegs is the best KR we have. He's impressive.
  13. I'll root for Anderson to become a #8 pick for as long as he wears the Black and Red. But I think the writing is on the wall for him... Davis' contract, drafting Sidbury, Bierman has also had a year to develop... it all bodes poorly for JA98's starting position. And as soon as he's benched, this board will blow the f up. I think he'll keep a roster spot as a backup, but I do not believe he will be the starter at DE to begin the season.
  14. Levi Brown, anyone? Isn't that dude a mountain, even though he's not a true center?
  15. ^^^^ What he said. It won't make it illegal now, but eventually... Yes.
  16. I usually buy anything Falcons if it's cheap enough and put it in my "man cave"; the downstairs room with the pool table, air hockey, big tv, etc. That's where all my old jerseys hang, except the only one I ever wear...the ever appropriate #58.
  17. IF this is true, one would have to wonder how he put on all that weight and no one noticed during any OTA's. I can't think of a reporter who wouldn't mention the 26 lb ballooning of our starting running back. Does anyone else know if he was in OTA's, voluntary workouts. and such? Has he been heavy this whole offseason? This thread had better be bullsnot, or I'll be very unhappy with "the Burner."
  18. I watched replay after replay of a "muffed punt" against Philadelphia that cost us, as fans, another opportunity to watch Matty Ice work a last drive, last second, comeback win. That play really stands out as well, because all week long, I was like, "That f'n ref may have just cost us the PLAYOFFS." I was sure that that loss was going to boost Philly in as a wildcard over us if it came down to it. I was pizzed for a week!
  19. That's the one right there. Do yourself a favor and try it. You'll let out the HOTTEST belch ever, then start to feel human again.
  20. Actually, I just read last night on NFLNetwork's bottom line that they (NFLN) are broadcasting Falcons vs Lions live. So if you have NFLNetwork, you will be able to watch it in all it's live glory!!
  21. You got me; I wasn't actually thinking that you were talking about minor backup position battles.
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