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  1. I'd love for them to take a look at Darron Lee. I live in upstate NY so I had forgotten all about Reggie Ragland.
  2. Quentin Dunbar - CB - the # 2 Cb according to PFF in 2019 Pierre Desir - CB Cameron Wake - DE/LB/EDGE ? - yes he's old but should one of our pass rushers go down late in the season. I'm literally just putting ideas out there, the Q dunbar idea seems interesting but lemme know who you wanna see the Falcons add/take a look at.
  3. I don't like that it feels like he's trying to fit a square peg into a round hole........ by that I mean i have no idea why he is asking Matt Ryan to roll out, why not do what your players do best instead of forcing your system on them?
  4. Go go go! I thank him for his service to the team/organization but it is time to move on and grow and get some depth/talent in here and built a real oline with a center who can snap consistently!
  5. Attaboy Q! Now it's time to show off your talent for finding/utilizing talent on defense, and let's fix our O line........... oh yeah and we need a TE.
  6. http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2015/11/01/report-browns-have-had-discussions-about-trading-joe-thomas-alex-mack/#comments Rumors fly that the browns are willing to part with Alex Mack!? I know we don't have a 5th or 6th pick but I'd gladly trade a 4th for Mack, imagine him at center!? Idk what Joe T has left but perhaps our GMs should review some recent tape on him. Thoughts?
  7. I think the thing that makes me happy is that I believe the Falcons have the players and staff to be able to pull of a solid win even if we did rest Julio, this year feels great!
  8. Happy happy birthday, hope you celebrate a 31-17 Falcons victory
  9. Happy Birthday, hope you celebrate a 31-17 Falcons victory!
  10. Happy Birthday, hope you celebrate a 31-17 Falcons victory!
  11. Thoughts and prayers with him and his family, head trauma and depression are events that can drag you to some very dark places.
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