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  1. I'm sure you haven't. Of course, willful ignorance on the part of some is a way of life....
  2. This week while trying to bolster the morale of the men and women protecting this great nation, the president said: "I'm always worried about using the word 'victory,' because, you know, it invokes this notion of Emperor Hirohito coming down and signing a surrender to MacArthur," Obama told ABC News. Hey genius, it wasn't Hirohito that signed the surrender. Geez, between sucking the King of Saud's toes, the 57 States, calling Vlad Putin the President of Russia , and his inability to make a speech without the words written for him by his speechmakers laid out before him and displayed on a tel
  3. Wow! Completely shocking ! A racist black man starting some BS with the cops to garner attention! Shocking pt2: Many black people coming ad infinitum to his defense! Shocking pt3: Obama, himself a racist (see rev. jeremiah wright) trying to deflect his tanking poll numbers by inserting himself into the argument, all the while ADMITTING he wasn't familiar with the facts of the case! Seriously, I'll tell everyone a little secret: White folks are getting sick and tired of being blamed for every failure that a minority experiences in this country. Your race card is expired. For those of you who r
  4. Seriously, the mentality of Vick's strongest supporters offer ample evidence as to why this great nation is in peril from within..... The man DOES NOT DESERVE to play in the NFL again, just like PETE ROSE was shunned by baseball. Just as McDonald's doesn't have to re-hire the throng of Vick cultists fired for theft or inability to correctly assemble my value meal, the employer that Vick defrauded, shamed and lied to does NOT have to re-hire him. The NFL will be just fine if Vick never plays again. BTW, Vick hasn't "paid his debt to society", he has been in jail. He may now "pay his debt" by
  5. If he's guilty, ban him for life. Personally, I think it's all BS. I never thought Kobe (whom I hate) was guilty either.
  6. People just don't get it: The NFL does NOT owe him a second chance. No employer that is defrauded by an employee owes them a second chance. This is NOT about dogfighting, rather it is about running a gambling ring then lying about it to the boss' face.
  7. Wow, that's quite a choice: Crazy folks crying racism where none exists or crazy folks who don't want you to eat meat using Vick as an excuse to promote their radical agenda. Either way, just pepper spray the idiots and get em' out of my way so I can go buy a nacho hat and watch the game... BTW, the NFL is just fine without Vick.....
  8. The problem is this: this bill sucks. It is an absolute disaster. It truly is naked Socialism. People are supporting something they know absolutely nothing about, which explains his supporters and their blind support of this bill. BTW, why hasn't anyone polled the electorate and asked them if they think Congress should be allowed to vote on a Bill they (Congress) haven't read and don't understand?
  9. Bottom line: The NFL doesn't need Vick. Bottom line pt 2: Vick has a second chance in accordance with the values of this country, just not with his old employer which he defrauded. Bottom line pt 3: Goodell has to send a message to potential ringleaders of gambling/criminal organizations.
  10. The frightening thing is not "whether it will pass", rather the thought that there are idiots in Washington who would even THINK of making it illegal. Obama and the current Congress are either complete idiots or intent on screwing this country. The "fixes" they are proposing are straight out of the "Wrecking an Economy for Dummies" book....
  11. This is either: A. A feeble attempt at humor B. The ramblings of a madman C. Someone desperate to see a black QB for the Falcons D. Mrs. Shockley
  12. IF Vick plays in the UFL, I look for him to yet again show that he is a mediocre QB, but more importantly, expect his brainwashed followers to blame his level of play on those who surround him. Youngsters and Vick followers, you need to give up the pipe dream about an extremely physical QB with questionable decision making skills (ie, million dollar body and ten cent brain) "revolutionizing" the QB position. It works in college, but college ain't the pros. Now, resume your Madden tournaments...
  13. You're right, Tavarias is great. That's why he had to transfer to a Division6AAAA poly-tech school so that he could get playing time....
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