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  1. cap space wasnt a problem with signing a decent oline. the scheme was. get it correct. we had plenty of money to blow on hartwell, price, williiams, etc..... our great rushing game gave our horrible pass protection a pass. dont blame vick for the front office not providing adequate pass protection or targets to throw to. if vick was so horrible why were t.o. and moss lobbying to come here. the 2 best receivers in the game. riddle me that??
  2. youre a ****ing faggot just go back to sucking the **** that was in your mouth before you logged on you piece of ****.
  3. actually i assumed the o.p. was a "75" alias i didnt even read it lol falcon ace youre one of the few posters here i respect. just had to letcha know that!!! im just happy to have a winning team again and even though im a big vick fan my falcons come first. sorry bout that!!!!
  4. composing sentences isnt one of yours is it?
  5. i dont care if i get "banded" **** you faggot!!! ryan is the truth!!
  6. only a ***** would think stats are important. wins are what count. ryan has been doing his part to provide them. how many forecasters had the falcons winning more than 3 games this year let alone 3 of the first 5?????? GET OUT OF HERE HATIN *** FAGGOT!! just because youre a vick fan doesnt mean his replacement doesnt deserve your praise. ****in *****.
  7. i dont care if he did have a sack. we still need a dt and a de in this years draft. desperately. anderson, while not officially a bust, can never change the fact that he was not worth the 8th pick in the 2007 nfl draft. NEVER.
  8. if somebody had forecasted our oline playing at an actual nfl caliber level then i would have been all for the ryan pick at first. i am on board now and have been since week 1. is he outplaying flacco? i dont know but the falcons are winning and thats all that matters to me! **** you haters!!!!
  9. im with you. i dont fit the typical mold of the right or the left. pro guns anti tax (even on the greedy rich ********) anti affirmative action anti labor union pro choice pro decriminalization of drugs pro strict separation of church and state. STRICT pro national defense (strong, not the joke that is the foreign policy of mccain/bush which has actually weakened america significantly) anti republican and democrat anti censorship anti socialist medicine/healthcare actually im what a REAL conservative should be not what the bible thumpers and racists have turned the word into.
  10. :lol: :lol: bwahahahaaaa!! isnt it bad enough for the right that a black man even got nominated, let alone is the front runner in the election? that really says something about how badly your party is viewed in america. sure the racists and bible thumpers are keeping the party afloat but they are a dying breed.
  11. i had to spend a whole summer vacation working at goodwill. that sucked.
  12. the scariest part about the whole situation is, they felt comfortable with getting the vote shot down the first time, then being arrogant as ever, knowing the public wouldnt have much to say about them buying the rest of the votes needed to pass this "rescue" bill. WHERES THE OUTRAGE? i cant be the only one thoroughly peeved by this move. i dont ever want to hear washington republicans call anybody a socialist ever again. this is a move typical of tax and spend liberals so i expect it out of them.
  13. if any of you people vote for mccain, obama or any of these idiot representatives you need shot. **** traitors.
  14. fox news is the only outlet for its brand of trash. liberals have to split trash spewing duties through msnbc and cnn. not sayin much there spongebob.
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