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  1. Yes, I would definitely miss them. I use them exclusively and would hate to have to pull out my phone at the gate or for an usher. Not my idea of improving the game-day experience.
  2. Thoughts and prayers go out to his four children. He was only 41.
  3. Fan pressure is never real. It makes no sense to cater to the lunatic fringe...that is to say, us.
  4. If the price is right, bring him back.
  5. Confirmation bias is definitely part of the equation. It's human nature.
  6. Boom!
  7. Have fun, Tandy.
  8. The likelihood of Dirk being here for the remainder of Ryan's tenure is small.
  9. I assume the names are in order of most-to-least touchdown receptions, right?
  10. This game is just ticking me off all over again.
  11. Welcome home, Matt.
  12. Congratulations. I hope all are healthy.
  13. A sprain of the big toe.
  14. I too agree that correlation does not imply causation, but in this case, it doesn’t matter. The article is not trying to show why teams that score less than 44 points in the preseason struggle in the regular season, only that, since 1983, they have.