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  1. You are losing money! The game yesterday that turned into a Bears home game is costing you fan base and PSL's for your new stadium. Atlanta fans are a hard sell to turn out in the first place but let them feel that they are supporting the Keystone cops of the NFL on both sides of the ball and you will have every game look like the visitors home game. 1.Defense looks lost. Nolan may not have the talent he would like but he has to at least look capable with the players he has. Worrilow at free safety and defensive ends covering slot receivers is looking more inept than creative. 2.Offense
  2. I am grateful for the past 5 years and I wish you much regular season success. Unfortunately, you cannot develop talent on either line, your team looks undisciplined in blocking tackling and arithmetic. The main reason you need to go, however, is because you don't punish poor play such as DeCouldn"t, and don't recognize and reward hard nosed football as in Antoine Smith. If not for the injuries Worrilow would have never seen the light of day. I believe the coach sets the tone and the tone you have set reflects a soft, fundamentally unsound team with very little fire!
  3. Unfortunately our top 5 defense forgot how to cover a tight end in last years playoffs!
  4. 2013 Falcons are not good! Injuries have hurt the rhythm of this team on both sides of the ball! Lack of developing talent on this team has been exposed and someone needs to answer for it! It might take more than just one years draft to fix!
  5. Inspired by Mike Nolan's side line approach, A once timid and directionless group of Rookies, UDFA and underperforming vets arose into a relentless, fire beast. With the angered head of Mike Nolan, the unwielding heart of William Moore, the encompassing wings of Desmond Trufant and Asante Samuel, and the lethal talons of Osi Umeniora and Jonathan Babineaux, the Falcons held the Cardinals to 9 points with 5 sacks and Desmond Trufants first pick of the season. With the exception of Thomas Decould's 8 missed tackles the much maligned Falcons defense was down right nasty!
  6. Cant see this team without Roddy. Great leader, mentor, work ethic, cheerleader! Needs to delete Twitter account!
  7. Cant see this team without Roddy. Great leader, mentor, work ethic, cheerleader! Needs to delete Twitter account!
  8. Didn't surprise me! He did really well for filling in for Julio when injured last couple of seasons. Congrats HD!
  9. Today was a great day for evaluating a "what if" scenario concerning the trade up for Julio. Matt Ryan is who I thought he was! An exceptional quarterback in which given enough time can find the open receiver and get him the ball! I believe that the mistake coach Smith and TD made is not trusting in his ability to do so and it has maybe cost us draft focus on both lines. I am not a fire MS and TD advocate I just hope that going forward this game and disappointing season translates to the correct focus on next years FA and draft day. Falcon Fan since 1980 - death!
  10. we wont be able to tell until he consistently has 30-35 pass attempts per game like most of the elite QB in the league do. the seam pass and the deep ball is the only passes we need to see if he can deliver. we need a bigger more physical slot and a speedster on the outside and i believe we are set.
  11. A new OC - we need to see if Ryan is going to be able to take the next step in becoming the QB that everyone is beleiving he can be. MM has reached his usefullness here
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