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  1. And Julio Jones May have had orange juice for breakfast. Not sure though!
  2. Last several years = a "failure of great expectations!" Not too hyped at this point, just hopeful with guarded expectations....your record(s) say who you are - we shall see at the end of the 2020 campaign..."to be seen - NOT HEARD."
  3. Hey Julio and Matt, do you guys like having Dirk as your offensive coordinator? Asking for Falcons Fan MVP...
  4. I don’t drink often anymore, but when I do, it’s absinthe with sugar.
  5. I don’t give a f’k what the NFL wants, AB do something bold, defy the conventional and go all the f in! Lead, don’t follow, and black them ***** e s (opponent’s) for that game out!! #turnouttjelfhts
  6. ...and young folks know WTH they are talking about? What is the age of young folks referenced herein?! Asking for a friend!
  7. Sort of a new meaning when you say F Drewess Breese... I still couldn’t do it! I have to let you boys smash that one! I couldn’t get drunk enough to have at it!
  8. If it is as it appears to be, one would not know who is underneath the ant man costume. This helmet in conjunction with the uniform will certainly make it look more like a costume than a uniform. Just imagine another player suiting up that is not on the active roster for the game coming into play if someone gets hurt... no way to see who it is if they have to keep that thingy on their bean from start to finish!
  9. No way - he has already caused a devision in the fan bases across the NFL, and beyond! He surely would on any team as well! Would be nothing but a massive publicity wohre seeking a stage to continue on in his social justice mission. Let Kaepernick just keep doing Kaepernick and the NFL to move forward without him...and, not adverse to having just the NFL grant him 36 million and wish him well...as long as he disappears from football. I’d be happy with that!
  10. And we know everything on the inter web is totally and always correct. Even fake news.
  11. Partially true! Well one carrier isn’t. The one I work for...
  12. Really? No one told me and I’m monitoring our network, signals and towers. Hmmm.
  13. Well let’s just go ahead a fire the staff now instead of waiting on the 3 and 6 through week 9 dustup that will have everybody saying keep Quinn, it’s not his fault. Heck if they are 1 and 2 after three, gotta pull the trigger and say, they are done, Anything less than a perfect season gets Quinn and company fired in my opinion...and then it’s all over but the crying.
  14. If he says hey cuck “stop crying!” You do so immediately, bow your head, fold you hands in your lap, and shut your eyes!
  15. Charles Shakleford, NC State baller...,after a NC State basketball game that "I can shoot with my left hand, I can shoot with my right hand, I'm amphibious”... In today’s parlance, he’d be a “shot caller” for the US Navy....
  16. But, took it into a personal and politically tinged arena. But, that is his choice, irrespective of whether you are or are not for the 1st amendment. I believe in the first amendment. So, I’m good with whatever one chooses to say.
  17. It was a facetious comment! So, since it was posted as such, intended as more rhetorical than anything, I really didn’t assume, or expect anyone to respond. And no, one can’t jell totally just by communicating virtually! Until you are in ones presence and interacting physically, it’s impossible to get immersed on a personal level.
  18. Why not just give Kaepernick RogeR G’s job, or send him straight into the NFL HOF! Everyone has their thoughts on him and it’s good...these are mine!
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