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  1. This was a fast and physical game and The Bids showed up to play!!
  2. E.g., TD to JJ to win the game. Proof!!!!
  3. Perhaps....I misread your post! Though I am a Falcon fan, and a UGA fan. Sorry eng. Rock on! Liquored up, I am!
  4. Once I saw the GT I knew you were and idiot! GTFO
  5. FO those bunch of idiot posers as Falcon fans! Eat this!
  6. Jake just pegged that turkey bird!
  7. Woho, J Jones, beyothches
  8. But, but, but, they played hard! MR2, 3 int’s.....what is Chris smoking. ! What a peter puffer! Slobber dripping from his chin!!
  9. Well boys.....we’ve seen this crap b4