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  1. 57 yard field goals is A sure fire way to prevent more baby making! Bryant thanks you DQ!
  2. Kinda like going to a swingers party and getting something worse that what you have. Only at a swingers party, things revert back after an hour or so!
  3. Turner loved some burgers and drank! Once a f baller retired he can live as he wishes! Burner, live large, and as wasted as you want! It’s your money, your life, do it ur way!! You owe no one but you!
  4. Go takk! F U Beasley, sac sniffing clown! Always close but no glory.,.whole for you!
  5. Well said! Wonder who can’t sound out what you said and will say “WAT!”
  6. Well, he’s fishing and he found some huckleberries! So, he knows what he’s doing! No body is that dumb... but, me!
  7. Lol...loaded question, and seeking conflict I see. Well, several will swallow the bait! Let’s rock and roll!
  8. Hey agree, cept I hate calling someone an idiot! I’ve been called that, and I cried!!
  9. So true, it’s funny! No offense!
  10. Whether win or lose, why as fans do we give a snot what these yackers have to say ? Really, those like Quinn are paid to coach to the best of their ability, not to feed us intel or let out locker room giblets for us to feed on. Mostly it’s a PR event to give us some nuglets and help us understand how terrible the team feels when we lose and in hopes to keep a lot of us from going into a private space somewhere and offing ourselves! It feels great when it’s a win, but is drastically explosive to our psyche when we lose and Quinnie doesn’t give us the hopes for truth salve to massage our hurt... If quinnie was honest about his thoughts, and they were, are negative after a loss or injury, King Artie would crown him the jester and send him to the pit of misery to perform some dilly dilly! The pressers are nothing but some contractual obligation to perform, nuting more, nuttig less!
  11. Rumors of something called a georgio tavecchio. Not sure just looking for info. Just found d’led story. Yep signed him to fill in temporarily.
  12. Remember when this board took delight in stinky towns worst defense in all of NFL history! Better pray some folks show up and play or we may own that record as well! I’m sure stinky town would let the birds have that record, gladly!
  13. I’m sure folks would want a share of the Hennessy and Mary Jane, that you’d be accused of huffing, puffing, swallowing, eating, or main lining. For sure!!
  14. Free mesmerized AB? DQ, TD and Bird Nation his first two years! Then his agent jumped in and said, mo money for boo, and the rest is history! Boo broken ever since! Now is us who is booing! And it started with the missed block in the SB...