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  1. Someone to step forward and write the checks for all the fines the birds will be hit with this year! The lowering the crown rule, The Aaron Rodgers Rule, and the myriad of other fines for unnecessary roughness...standing by! Btw, most will certainly be subjective and most definitely questionable!
  2. Just in case it was missed...Khan, the owner of the Jags....oh, nvr mind.
  3. Disagree, it’s..,Oh my LAWD, you mean mf!
  4. Jalen Ramsay...Ryan u r overrated and you will be defeated! Quinn (Shatner voice) to Ramsey you will be eliminated! Khan, Ramsey U were told to keep ur mouth shut! U got torched by Ryan, Ridley and Jones, in the first qtr! Dang dude! Just hush!
  5. Imma old man and wear the lightweight wide slip on’s.... but, heck no to Julio unless it’s trying to attract the horse shoe throwing, tobacco spitting geriatric crowd! Then it makes sense, otherwise I say BK is after him! Lol
  6. Ezekiel, RU saying mission accomplished, or r u inferring another comment that was somewhat misleading when made?! Lol anyway, no knock on Tim in any event u, u, u!
  7. As long as ur over 16 In Ga! Otherwise, you’ll have to move to ME!
  8. Funny how comedic relief puts things in perspective! MR2 at 150 mm is all that needs to be said! IMHO
  9. Alcohol and Remington will solve the issue! Get it over with...
  10. Speaking of dubiety, Alex, I’ll have a doobie for $10.00. Thanks!
  11. if they score a lil more than them all they be in eggszelent shape to beat those dumb ******* azzes!
  12. Well, I’ve got a comment, but I’m going to wait till after cocktails and happy hour is over...that’s when I pen my pithiest musings!
  13. Nope not at all! After all it’s 2017
  14. After watching the last several years and how both Thomas and Dan have built this years team, I can’t help but feel this is the year the devil gets his due...with the talent acquired, coaching that has developed, and the event of the stars aligning, it all adds up..,,Hollywood, hopefully is standing ready to document a moment in football glory for Atlanta...calling on All that’s right, this has to be the year for the Falcons! if it does not happen this year, do you see any front office changes on the horizon?
  15. I think it’s gonna be tied to his scrotum, and if he so much as coughs wrong, Quinn is going to castrate him with that short rope, without so much as a vodka anesthetic! Dam, I hate to be Sark this year, hope like **** he has safety rails on the wagon he’s on, or he gonna fall the **** off and land hard! I pray this won’t be the case for all our sanity!