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  1. I feel, if TD and DQ are truly on the hot seat they better stretch out the old sphincter and pull a lot of rabbits out their collective cornholes! I strongly feel AB will leave the firing of these two strictly up to McKay if things spin out of control, and will be quick about it also. So yes, I feel they just may do it! They are now in a win and in season, or otherwise will be with a lot of other folks in the unemployment line, seeking biscuits and milk.
  2. I want a good barometer at the midpoint. So, at a min 6 and 2 on the win side...4 and 4 or less, will spell the send of TD and bro Quinn. Going to be interesting the first half.
  3. I’m an *** sometimes l, but I pray for all my brothers! Preach and prayers brother! God will protect and preserve!
  4. Did you get one of those Monica infused cigars that was being hawked?!
  5. Any idiot could deduce isn’t what Kirk says..,it’s what common sense says! Kirk = Cap’n Obvious.
  6. Who, gives a rats *** what this ignorant rapist, sexual divant, low class swine, fart sniffing, mother fornicating, dumb ***, b yacht thinks?! I bet JJ 11 could slap the stupid of this clown if he cared to! Though, that would be beneath JJ 11 to do so! This boy needs an intervention stat!! Covid 19 taking some goods folks, leaving many covidiots behind, for sure!!
  7. Strongly looks like this entire NFL season may get cancelled and DQ and TD will make it through another year because of a random event! Though life changing as The current time is it,.I pray all will be protected! Sheesh, months without any sports is going to be excruciatingly heiiacious... how will you survive without getting Suspended or banned by the COPOS of this message board! Ain’t gonna lie, gonna be a by tch! And most likely, any post by me will be my swan song! So, I’ll say it now, stay safe, stay strong, and Go Falcons!
  8. All the freakin time! SF owned us then!
  9. NO! Hate that twerks hair! Lol
  10. Lol. Nope, not me! Busted knees ain’t worth millions!! Sorry UGA brothers!
  11. This resonates the same as Latimore from SC gameycocks! Went pro and nada!
  12. If we didn’t get Gurley to Atlantie then, why now, when he ain’t the same Ole dawg, doing the same ole trix?! He’s and older La’ramdawg, with less trixability! Might as well have kept that ole Dev’Free dude, tho not really free!
  13. SB guaranteed! Sheesh