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  1. Hey, don’t forget the Waffle House waitresses ...all you can eat and half priced specials, though it will be served scattered, covered and smothered...unless you get the early bird special!
  2. Da mn! Cheap *** old fcuk. 59 to 79 for some stress release! He should just watch porn and buy a fake one, or just buy a sex robot! Shesh, the stupidity of being rich and old...
  3. Carry on soldier! Bye Captain Ben...
  4. Lol-As was mine! No offense intended at all.
  5. It may be somewhat mitigated depending on where your grandaddy was from!
  6. Lol. Sure you want to know? Well nvr mind, you’re not entitled.
  7. This is exactly as I envisioned it to be!
  8. Which Quinn focusing on the D, and all these new coaches, coordinators, assistants, etc., how is this year’s team going to be a successfully epic team, with all the changes?! Has Quinn showed us anything that would indicate he has what it takes to lead his subordinates in a journey of this magnitude? It’s going to be a huge endeavor with the many type A personalities on board all striving to be the best... Buckle up, it’s going to be a challenging, intriguing, frustrating, and hopefully rewarding, or else an epic head scratching year if the wheels fall off early, a year that we won’t forget anytime soon. Can’t see Quinn, who can’t manage a game clock managing this group of personnel, focusing on the “D” with just a few months planning! What we are talking about is transforming the Falcons of times past to the Falcons 2.0 future! Rise up, Brotherhood failed, something more, something better, something transformative is called for...hopefully we are on the cusp of transformation!
  9. Make a stand. My man!
  10. He isn’t G. Riggs, Free, Cannonball Butler, I don’t care one iota if he walks! Just stop the love fest for Teco! Please!!
  11. Nope no need.., he’s done it all, knows it all and is the QB guru of the NFL! So next job should be a QB coach or an Offensive Coordinator.
  12. Okay then who is Schaub getting help from! I’m assuming he has declined greatly sine he is no longer a starting caliber qb...must then, be a guru!
  13. Not being a smart zzz, but, Matt Ryan has been around for ages as well,though still somewhat young comparatively. With that said, Ryan should NOT need to consult Schaub for one danm thing, except for him to go and pick up his laundry!! Schaub can only dream about the successes Ryan has had and the records he owns and will break when he is through playing. With that said, Schaub will only be needed if Ryan gets hurt, then and only then. Oh, and perhaps helping with the third string and practice squad qbs...if Ryan donesn’t know it by now, he never will!
  14. Best gawd darn news the falcons have ever had! Now, for sure, an annualized trip to SB! Now stopping them boys now! A “mean freaking” deal for sure!! Ugggh