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  1. Agree, but that poon hungry Eugene “pootytang” Robinson, soliciting an UC... dang! Spent the night before the SB in the pokie, waiting on Billy “White-shoes” Johnson to spring him, contributed mightily to the teams lack of focus, preparation and epic team fail! I still can’t let it go..,after all these years.
  2. Will he be the Falcons Dan Marino, greatest QB of all time, “not to have won a SB”, or more likely to be our John Elway, several SB appearances as a QB, with only 1 SB title, (guess against who!)? Surely, I’d take the Elway look over the Marino sadness, but still, can’t help but feel cheated as a fan if he only gets one! Marino, Tarkenton, Moon, Cunningham, Romo, Rivers, a few of the excellent QB’s never to have won a SB...misery does happen! Ryan, the clock is ticking and the wallet is shrinking like an old hag laid out in the sweltering Boudoir of a Reno Cathouse! Rise up!
  3. Along with the Pats. Interesting! But not surprising. I say, no go.
  4. So, ima wise azz and here goes. U 2 good to offer input, discourse with us about our birds? We may be missing out on lively comments from you... Only come here looking for favors from us folks? ...just kidding by the way! Good luck on your quest.
  5. Whew, Sorry, I just saw the s in his last name...was worried his name would fortell his ability without having to watch him first. Now, will have to wait and see, I guess.
  6. Waiting for someone to throw out the maryjane card!
  7. As in Falcons are WOKE to broke!
  8. Sorry guys I was wrong it was CJ Goodwin I was thinking of...thanks for the correction.
  9. Agree, I’ve suspended myself for a day!
  10. Ain’t this just so got dang special?! Bout wet my drawers when I saw the Falcons gave him an extension. Correct me if I’m wrong, but every dang game he got in last year, he was either getting burnt, or holding for a penalty, or getting flagged fo a P I. I may be wrong but that’s what I remember! Good lort, it must be his last name that makes him so special.
  11. Agree, just voted Best in Falcon history! Next up at 2, imo Matt Bryant and J Jones tied...could change down the road. Im hoping we start an annual trend of new best of all times for the birds.
  12. Seems like a reasonable option for the Falcons considering his age, potential, and ability to stop the run. Could also be a sack agent in certain situations for the birds! Take a pass on him, or consider if you controlled the purse?
  13. Some days I like chocolate, some days I like vanilla, occasionally...strawberry. But I don’t hate any of them! I am flexible and can adapt to all.
  14. Then I start every play, with backfield in motion!!
  15. oh nose...will calif want let him bring his pistola with him!