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  1. Ole crab legs at it again...grabbing crutch of an Uber chick..another Tallahassee cover-up coming!!
  2. So you’re suggesting if we want to MFBGA, we gots to impeach Goodfella God-del?
  3. @SamMills51 so your boy deleted his teeet huh!? Wonder why...dude apparently isn’t an MD. Also, UGA produces more footballers than MDs.
  4. No my friend you are 100% correct...we got some payback! I think the dirtier the play, the better the Falcons show up...The thing is, learn quick what the refs allow and adjust accordingly! Fire with fire baby. Don’t beyotch out!!
  5. No no no here me out! I actually agree with the op..,Considering we had the same dream after we shared a “bowl” together just before kickoff! Went to sleep, had the same tripping dream, woke up heard about Free and just stared at each other and shook our heads yes!!
  6. F Thomas Davis...proof or get sued! And here is the patronizing troll! Lol
  7. Drug test coming! Purp. Falcon team record.
  8. Wtf is shat head Schroeder doing he is a fat azzz clown!
  9. Agree in theory and understand...but, would have had been “as one woman wisely said, when rape is inevitable lay back and enjoy!”...then I can fully buy in.
  10. If serious, I agree! If not, I’ll retract my comment and slink away.
  11. Meh...Next turkey up! I mean chicken hawk!!
  12. Nope would be an estranged member of the brutherhoodie, Right from jump. Not with my money
  13. Hey, you’re good by me!! All in fun, I say
  14. Man, you make me feel like a natural woman....
  15. Dude go cornhole yourself and Camilla as well. Patronizing clown!!