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  1. Dude, you’re going to get smoked for this, but I see a lot of parts that I completely agree wit!h! A big issue with what transpired this season is the expectations that DQ set when hiring Sark. I understand why they promised that Sark wasn’t going to change anything, just maintain and grow the offense, think PSL sales and getting us to drink the kool-aid...and did we ever! But, all that did was to set up the embrace the suck later in the year! Now, we’re being ask to embrace the Sark. Hope it works out,..bigly!!
  2. Well we know at least one does somewhat, considering he used the immoralized word in his posting! Clearly thinking of Sean and the entire City of N.O. I’m pretty sure he did it on purpose though, him just being honest and all!
  3. Well, if they fail miserably next year, I dunno....the SB being here and all! I feel they are still a SB team but the window won’t stay cracked for long! Here’s looking to: Sark comprehension of NFL class play calling improves, a strong free agent class signing, an even stronger draft acquiring an OL and TE that will pan out in the near future, and Free and Julio getting well. couldnt hurt for Free to work on his blocking....when he’s healed up, wink, wink! Also, JJ needs to heal up and get back on the practice field, practicing routes and timing.,, Oh, and DQ improves On his situational time out calls!
  4. Just stated what was being reported in the sports world super sleuth 007 and we know it’s good news to you!!
  5. If the offense sux monkey nuts again next year, will DQ have to go with him?! Perhaps, indeed.
  6. But we have...sark
  7. If a Rag like SB Nation called this in October, should this analysis and data had to have been available to the Falcons during the Due Diligence process?! Absolutely, but friendships and rehab projects just seemed the thing to do, to hail with facts! Cheers!
  8. Well there this thing called skip level meetings for this very reason. Feedback from the troops is important and is most certainly valued and used in the Corp world..,if fb is solicited be fair and by all means give it! The ncluding your star QB!!
  9. Dude, ur not a Taints fan so your reply don’t count, though, it’s a valid argument in my book!
  10. Lol, been on it since Saturday.
  11. Make your argument if you’re brave enough, which I doubt! But here goes.., I say your collapse against the Vikings in the game Sunday with 10 seconds left and the Vikes needing 61 yards to win, is on par if not passes the Falcons collapse in the 28-3 least our boys kicked NE azz for over three qtrs before running out of gas..,and your dude forgot how to tackle and your coach was run off the field in utter shame! If your brave enough to post, whic I doubt, would like to hear your rebuttal!
  12. Ariens would work out fine and would be nice to coach up Quinn, but I don’t think Quinn has the balls to deal with him/Ariens, even if he said yes....pipe dreaming for sure!
  13. THIS is where the issue with the Sark debate started and led us to where we are now - EXPECTATIONS based upon the bill of goods presented when Sark was hired!!! From the time they broke the huddle. They were that predictable. It was underachievement that bordered on pathetic, given the roster's talent level and built-in expectations. What went wrong this season? It started in the offseason. Here are five issues: This is the MAIN point!!! 1. Misguided about Sarkisian's transition The Falcons hired Steve Sarkisian in the belief – at least in public dialogue – that his experience with the offense in college would lead to an easy transition from Kyle Shanahan. They were wrong. Read more here: