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  1. F’ing Sark, and sorry azzz defense! Route is on!
  2. This must be Coach Q, sending a message to TD in a roundabout way! This is all I can figure out...
  3. At this point, I’m ready for next year! This year holds nothing but contempt for a team of what could have been, and MF failed, epically!! You talk about a major f you in the eye, they delivered at 100%! All of them, layed the stinking egg!!
  4. Yallbwrong! It b cents!!
  5. Sark lovers are here in full force on Saturday morning! He ain’t no good as a pro level OC! Just don’t see it at all!
  6. Totally gotcha !I played 4 years for the Airforce before going into the service. Some players are biased, some don’t care, others may be worth a while, some just avoiding controversy. Here is Mr. Mathis, never played on a team coached by Sark, yet he states he’s OK and we take that to mean, he is okay! Not an indictment on Mathis, but not an endorsement on Sark as an OC? Lacks specific context. We are asked to value Mathis’ comments to what context?
  7. What if another player stated the opposite? Would that carry as much weight? Anyway saying he is okay, means what exactly? Could mean anything.
  8. And Terrance Mathis knows this how?! Here is one dude that says he’s fine with no personal foundation other than being a former player. Well, the logic....also, you conversed with him, or Spoke with him?
  9. It may not take much to turn this around, but, g’dang it must start with marshmallow Quinn! If this boyo wants to stay here past the 2019 season he better wtfu and do some g’**** Coaching and leave the brothership sheeetz behind! He is a freaking coach not a best bud!!! I’d rather him fail being a coach of the old school than a best friend woosie music inspired slogan mind manipulator flucker fest on the downlow with the hoodies!! This is a warrior inspired business not a poofter league from...whoever beave
  10. Which one? The one that says “play offs, play off, what playoffs?!” Or the one that got on an Atlanta radio station and ask for a college coaching job with the huskies? If the later, perhaps he’ll do as the later dud, and gets fired!
  11. Don’t care what this suicidial attempted dyck has to say! Freaking cowboy brokeback mountain idiot!!
  12. Who wouldn’t want to play for a freaking Nancy?! He has been nothing but failure since he destroyed the team in SB 51! MF, Quinning!!! Beyotch!
  13. Quinn looks tough and angry, but, I’m sure he is soft as a bald head babies asz
  14. Fantastic position and well stated! Though, some would attempt to challenge some points...this is a well thought out position, with stated contrasting points. This is what offers value vs., a snarky comment about a cheeseburger with relish and a side of tots as a retort! + 1 for an intelligent and lucid statement!