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  1. Dude had issues such as this in college and folks said, he’s a kid and will grow, he’s apparently at it still, and running with rapists and other less than stellar individuals. Dude seems to be a sexual predator and no longer a kid! I cringe every time the Falcons play this team, cause I can’t stand crab legs!
  2. And I bet he was not told he was gonna get “faded out!” Either by Any of those kids.
  3. This situation for quarterback Jameis Winston appears to be getting worse. And ever since the shoe dropped on Wednesday, more have fallen ever since. On Friday, the mystery third person in the Jameis Winston-Uber case has been revealed as former Vanderbilt football player Brandon Banks who is serving a 15-year sentence for aggravated rape and aggravated sexual battery. His lawyer, Mark Scrubbs, told ESPN what happened that night the incident occurred. Winston, former Vanderbilt football player Brandon Banks and Eaglescornerback Ronald Darby were at a Scottsdale, Arizona, nightclub in March 2016 when Winston became intoxicated and “unruly,” prompting his friends to send him away in an Uber, Banks’ attorney, Mark Scruggs, told Outside the Lines. “What happened after that,” Scruggs said, “they cannot say.” Banks has never been identified publicly as being at the scene until now. He later added that there were two different Uber rides, and Banks wasn’t in the car when alleged event occurred. “Brandon was never in the car with this victim,” Scruggs told Outside the Lines. He said Banks told him that the three men had taken an Uber together earlier in the evening with a different female driver before partying together. “They were two different events, two different Uber drivers,” Scruggs said. This is bad for Winston. It’s even more appalling who Winston was with that night. It seems like Tampa Bay’s signal caller just manages to place himself in bad spots with the wrong crowd of people. - From bucsnation via B/R. Now we know more...
  4. Cap...your bar for giving respect must be real low. According to the post police on this board, (not the moderators or admins) the majority of things posted hereupon is garbage, stupid, dumb, or worthy of a ban! Just saying! And, j/k!!
  5. Take a stiff drink and guess what it is! Yep, the man, the legend, the one and only! Simply, Steve! Breaking news?! Not hardly, but he threw it out there!
  6. Hummmm...sounds like Winston may have heard the tape between Billy Bush and The Don about what women like, and was compelled to get some hands on “Uber” experience!
  7. There is no Tallahassee treatment in the NFL...Jamis Welp, least he got baptized at an NFL retreat just a few months back...and is engaged and a baby crab on the way! So perhaps, he’ll change his wicked ways.
  8. Budget, perhaps!!
  9. Who cares? Is anyone more important than an unknown? Just asking!
  10. K. Now we all know the rules here. Thanks for giving us direction. Hope all follow ur rules! Sorry for u having to clean this up for me! In time, all becomes clear!
  11. Shame, considering this bust will be heading towards oblivion once his competitive seasons begins in week
  12. I can always count on you to keep me grounded! Thanks!