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  1. For sure...dang Eugene!!
  2. Lol !!
  3. My friend..a life line has been cast! Thanks!!
  4. Nah Jpowers, just declaring my commitment to the birds! I do so believe, this upcoming season is The One! See, I lived thru the 60's and 70' love, Led Zep and Shock jocks, and I don't mean a cattle prod to the groin!
  5. Okay... after the birds win one.
  6. Only after the Chevis kicks in, then it's all of a sudden! Free flowing and immediate...Man, what if I had the herbs?! Then wired would be epic!
  7. Why? You skerred? Just kidding my friend!
  8. Man, thanks JPowers...I would have failed for sure! I FIXED it!
  9. Not at the moment! I have six children and want 6
  10. Remain celibate till Falcons can celebrate a Lombardi Celabration? Sign on and experience the ultimate Experience of a mind blowing experience in February 2018... won't start till late December 2017! Can, will you do it? How much faith do you have in our Birds?! Mine is Supreme! I'm in!!
  11. I'll start it! now 2017 - Tina Turner, "Simply The Best!" then 2018 - "We are the Champions...of the world!" Now, your turn.
  12. I've still got my balloon pants, e.g workout pants and white sneekers and wait,... platform shoes. Will gladly sport'em when we win the Lombard!! Will post pic!!
  13. Pretty funny for sure! But, for the record, don't need viagra...not yet that is!! Lol
  14. No problem friend...we post here to have a civil discourse ...a closed mind isn't a way to champion that! We are who we are, and what we believe and no one is entitled to attempt to change it!
  15. My thoughts are just mine. No one else's and I can't, won't debate it...but, as stated earlier I am not empowered or qualified to debate the merits for or against it. Just my beliefs.,,I understand human suffrage and the feelings of helplessness and aloneses. I pray for all to have peace and to live as one chooses. We have our own crosses to bare, life challenges to settle and we do, we shall! I do appreciate your position comments and point of view!