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  1. I can go with that. Let's kick the tires. That's the AS way.
  2. This is truly fantastic. Thoughtful, well researched, funny, and just a special thing for long time fans. 1 down, 6 to go.
  3. I'm not saying we couldn't use Brown, especially if Gage is seriously injured. But acting like we have nowhere to throw the ball when the real problem is we have no TIME to throw the ball is missing the trees for the forest.
  4. Try him out if you want, but I think y'all are nuts. Why is WR always a weakness? This is the same Dimitroff thinking that got us into this "1.2 seconds to get rid of the ball" mess. Stop thinking about our wide receivers, and start thinking about our passing game holistically. How many times do we really want to throw the ball? The days of Koetter's 2/1 pass/run ratio are gone. Hopefully anyway. We have: 1) Calvin Ridley - Top 10 receiver 2) Russell Gage - Solid #2 3) Coradelle Patterson - Absolute STUD of a threat at WR, Slot, RB, or QB/Wildcat 4) Kyle Pitts - I don't care if he's technically a "tight end". As a receiving threat, he's equal or better than any WR. You can line him up anywhere and he'll eventually fill Julio's shoes quite nicely. Without the screws in the foot. 5) Zacchaus - Serviceable #3 or #4 6) Davis - A RB that's a serious receiver threat out of the backfield. 7) Hayden Hurst - Remember him? You're saying that's not enough targets? If anything, we need another RB. But waaaaaay more than that, we need people to keep our "skill players" from ending up on their back.
  5. I think Matt can still maybe win a Super Bowl. But he's no longer a "take over a game" QB. If he ever was. Especially with a shaky OL. If we're keeping Matt, we need to build DEFENSE. And then we build DEFENSE. And then DEFENSE. And after that, y'all can decide.
  6. We do have a pretty easy streak coming as far as the NFL goes. I could see 5-2.
  7. I'm not saying this team looked great yesterday or even decent. But I had a commitment during the 1st half and arrived home for the 2nd half. THEN, I watched the 1st half on replay. The game looked much better in reverse lol. What I saw I liked: Coradelle Patterson is a STUD. He will absolutely take some long runs to the house this season. He is bigger, faster, and more elusive than Davis and should be starting imo. I like the occasional use of a fullback. Not ALL the time like Mularkey. But at least occasionally. I like that we had both Patterson AND Davis in the backfield at times. With Patterson's receiver ability, that can provide some interesting play combinations The Right Side of our OL was doing some road grading in the first half. We were also getting significant traction on cutback lanes. ANYTIME you run for 100+ yards in a half, that is a very good thing. We just didn't close the deal. We didn't get TDs, we got FGs. Mostly because of stupid penalties. Despite the fact that Hurts mostly eluded them, I LOVE the pressure packages we are running. You can cry about getting no pressure with 4 all day long. But imo, if you can't, you have to bring 5 or 6. You can't let the QB sit back there all day and kill you with 1000 paper cuts. What I saw that I truly hated: If this coaching staff thinks we can win more than 7 games with our current LG, they are dreaming. He may be good eventually. But he ain't ready yet. We need to hit the FA market and get whatever we can. I'd even spend a draft pick. We are still getting NO separation on routes. IDK. I just don't know. On the opposite side, the Philly receivers were constantly 2-3 yards separated from our defenders. Even worse when we went zone. Matt Ryan threw about 3 "high-caliber NFL" passes all day. The seam to Ridley on play 1 The seam to Pitts in the 2nd half The out to Ridley that went off his hands The rest of Matt's throws had ZERO velocity and/or lacked accuracy. Furthermore, he took too long to release most of them. Defenders constantly had time to close the gap and knock the ball away. A couple could have easily been pick sixes had the defender gone for it.
  8. Awww c’mon man. We’ve been completely unable to run the ball for four straight years. Even in 2016 we got a lot on simple scheme and Freeman’s elusiveness. Ryan is releasing the ball on average about a second faster than most QBs. Cause he HAS to. We have THREE first round picks on our OL, and they are completely underperforming as a unit. It isn’t one guy. It’s all of them. With maybe the exception of Lindstrom.
  9. I’m surprised Huntley was cut. He showed both pop and burst. He also showed he can put the ball on the carpet l guess.
  10. True. Alex used to create great running games out of 6th round OL castaways and average running backs. Although to be fair, when you have the threat of Vick on a backside bootleg, it’s somewhat “slightly” easier to make the stretch zone effective lol. I’ll never forget the game we went right down the field on the outside zone/bootleg combo. My dad looked at me after the TD and said “My God, we only need TWO PLAYS!!!” Those were fun days.
  11. Chuck is right. Unless you’re the once in a generation rusher like LT, you have to develop at least 2-3 moves. And know them well. It’s like pitching. How good would Greg Maddux have been if you told him he could only throw fastballs? And even more if the hitters KNEW he was only throwing fastballs?
  12. Chuck does like to toot his own horn for sure. He also got the strip sack on Randall Cunningham just before halftime in the ‘98 NFCCG that became the turning point that ultimately put the Falcons in their first Super Bowl. A little respect might be due on here imo.
  13. OMG, I missed that play in the restroom as well lol. Still my favorite falcon game ever. i think Julio wanted a stronger armed QB to take advantage of his speed more. I think it’s been obvious he’s frustrated. He’s not a Diva. He’s still a pro and played and prepared that way. But he is human and that showed. That being said, my wife thinks it’s been a divisive thing for YEARS in the way he is treated special with leaving the field, skipping practice, etc
  14. Impressive stuff. Good recognition and closing speed. Good hands. Catches like a receiver. And fantastic knack for punching the ball loose. Looks like a defensive turnover machine.
  15. I think Free was eventually burned out. He was too small a guy to take those direct hits with as many carries as he did. However in his prime he got a LOT of yardage on his own. There were numerous times he certainly should have been thrown for a loss when our blocking broke down and we had guys in the backfield at the handoff. Free almost always turned those into positive gains. As good as Julio was, Freeman was the engine of this offense for a year or two.
  16. I mean you gotta admit there have been some really freaky things happen to this franchise. Most have been self-induced. But the biggest thing is that we've constantly been the victim of some really bad decisions with terrible timing. We fired the most successful coach in franchise history after 1983 because cause we'd reached a "plateau". It took us years to get back to that plateau. We traded away a sure HOF QB with a once in a generation arm because it appeared he wasn't mature enough for the NFL. He matured perfectly well after that. We let the most talented player ever to don a Falcons uniform go to our hated division rival because we didn't want to open our pocketbook. An experienced team leader goes soliciting sex the night before the most important game in franchise history, from a woman who just happened to be an undercover cop, and our QB and best CB are up till 3:30AM bailing him out. We fired our head coach because our QB got injured, and there was no suitable "backup", like there ever could be for a once in a generation talent. In the process, we lost the key experienced father figure that could have possibly kept said QB on the proper path, and replaced him with a "player's coach" that put in a complex offense that the QB was not prepared or willing to learn. We have changed our offensive philosophy back and forth from "smashmouth run the ball/play action deep" to "pass to enable the run" multiple times, requiring a complete re-tooling of our OL almost every time because the size/mobility requirements for both offensive styles are generally not available in any offensive lineman not picked in the top 10. Super Bowl 51 - what can I say? There's a whole list of shoulda/coulda's in a single quarter of this game: The 3 consecutive defensive holding calls on 3rd down that were never shown on replay, the "almost TD" when the ball was stripped from our QB as he had a wide open receiver down the middle, The miraculous opponent's catch off our player's leg, the tipped almost INT by our DE, the brain fart by everyone from our QB to our OC to our HC when we could've run the ball 3 times, kicked, and won the game.
  17. Just checked the map again. The only major tailgating options still available (outside of a private lot somewhere) are the Yellow lot to the NW, and the cluster lots @ Trinity and Forsyth SE
  18. If you're coming from the North, the Blue Lot is huge and great for tailgating. From the East/NE, try the AJC lot. From the South there's lot 77 but may be sold out. From the West there's the M lot ( I think also sold out) and also a cluster of lots around the Trinity and Forsyth area. FYI...they closed the Gulch this year, which was a HUGE lot, so parking will go FAST.
  19. How are you Rev? Old story... I lived in Nashville in '83 near the end of Bart's career. One weekend I was driving back to my folks in Atlanta, and the Falcons were playing. I knew that as soon as I got to Chattanooga, there would be local Falcons coverage. This was loooong before cable took over with NFL packages and such. You got what you got. One game. Maybe two. Anyway, I pulled off the freeway at the Breinerd Rd. exit looking for a bar. I found a place called "Bud's Breinerd" and went inside. I was thrilled that they had the game on and said that to the bartender. His reply, "Man, if the Falcons are playing, they are ALWAYS on here!" Chattanooga is a Falcon's town and has been for a long time.
  20. Remember that season well. I didn’t get to go to the great MNF game. It was a school night and My dad and Uncle went. Somehow after that huge win streak we missed the playoffs.
  21. Those were exciting times. Amazing stuff in that video. It just saddens me thinking what could have been for my Falcons. My uncle is a Steelers fan and after the 2002 playoffs he was ribbing me saying “How’s that RB you have at QB doing?” He lured me into a $150 wager that we’d win 2 Super Bowls before they’d win another one. That seemed a reasonable bet at the time. Well, of course they won 2 Super Bowls years before we even got back to one. I still feel like Vick shoulda paid that bet for me. It’s like he never really TRIED when he was here. He coasted. Whatever. Long time gone now. I love the Madden line at the end “the kid who was never IT in tag”. That was hilarious.
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