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  1. Yep. The adage is defense wins championships but you could almost narrow that down to "D Line". You cannot compete in this league without at least a solid DL. Think about it, how many games do we talk about our upcoming opponent, "They've got a good DLine"? Seems like every week.
  2. It seems like Jake has plateaued. He's solid, but certainly not perennial pro-bowl like a #6 pick should be. The other thing is he's still making mental mistakes, which is inexcusable at this point in his career imo. It almost appears to be a complacency. Evidently Ryan ripped the line after they missed an assignment against Dallas and it worked. They weren't blocking at all early in that game and they did at the end. We need more of that. That's another reason I think Garland would make a good change. We could stand to have a little more military mindset on the OL, imo.
  3. A failed fake FG isn't really a turnover. It's probably worse than that cause it took likely points off the board. But I still think we were +1. The muffed kickoff was atrocious.
  4. Yeah, and some guys are called "gamers" for a reason. Wes doesn't appear to be. Plus, in camp it was pretty much considered a dead heat. Wes only won out because he was a draft pick and slightly larger, imo. ONE freaking quarter. Imo we will see a big difference. If nothing else it sends Wes a message that he needs to play better.
  5. Oh yeah...I forgot we beat them. Doh.
  6. I didn't know we had the tie breaker on Detroit. Is that conference record?
  7. One at a time. But if we generally take care of business, the New Year's Eve game could decide the wild card.
  8. No way he gets an immediate start imo. Both Tru and Alford are playing at a high level now. I think you slowly work him into dime situations, and occasionally rotational at nickel. Definitely could use some help on special teams too. But we really don't know what he'll do. The PEDs may be the ONLY reason he looked so good last year.
  9. We don't need to terminate any contracts. Just give Garland a couple quarters and see what happens. Either he'll suck just the same, or he'll be better. Sometimes guys need motivation. Wes was sort of handed that job because he was the draft pick. Either way there's more upside than downside. The defense is playing hard. Yeah, they sometimes make aggressive mistakes. But I'd much rather have them doing that than have them playing completely tight and scared, and worrying about showing up in the "Notepad". As for Special Teams, Armstrong needs to be put on notice. It's gone on far too long. Going back 2 years there are major scheme issues that have been exploited by Kansas City, New England, Carolina, and Seattle. I'm sure there are more teams I've left out.
  10. And just see what happens? I know Wes has played some tough competition. But it seems almost every team in the NFL now has stout defensive tackles. It ain't gonna get easier. I really don't see what we have to lose with that proposition.
  11. He's stepped it up and is now playing like the Pro Bowl caliber DB he should be. I was on his back big time, but I'm happy for him and the team. Great game from Tru yesterday.
  12. If Bosher is hurt, it'd be better to hit a high pooch kick to the 20 that would give our guys time to get down there and cover than try to kick it to the end zone and fail. That just gives them more time to build up speed. I know Roberts has had some decent returns, like the opening kickoff. But I bet if you averaged the return yardage PER KICK or PUNT, for and against us for the whole season, we'd be something like -180. We're losing 20 yards every time the ball changes hands. It's putting our defense in terrible position and forcing our offense to work from deep in their own territory FAR too often. From Neyland's 7 maxims:
  13. It's almost like his legs try to go so fast he runs right from under himself. He's an upright runner until he gets in traffic. Then he seems to lower his head almost too much and falls forward. I thought he was better at this yesterday than usual though. He ran very tough yesterday imo. He's still potentially a bigger weapon on quick passes out of the backfield. We threw to him I think once yesterday and it was a huge 1st down. We need more typical "dump offs". The kind of stuff we used to do late in a game with Quizz when we were waaay behind late in a game. Send the receivers downfield and dump it to him underneath just past the LOS. He doesn't even necessarily need screen blockers. All that will do is tip off the DL. Just have him sneak through the pass rush and quickly dump it off. He can make guys miss in the open field. We would eat teams up if we did that more often.
  14. Early we were bottled. And how many times do you run that toss sweep before you realize they're ready for it? But Coleman and Ward BOTH ran tough last night. Coleman fought for every extra inch. It didn't show in the stats, but he kept our down/distance manageable when there wasn't much there. And Ward had some big runs late once he got a rhythm. Neither are Free, but they will be fine. Two things: 1- THROW the ball to TCo underneath more. Send the receivers deep and dump it off. That would kill almost any D we face. 2- Please give Garland a shot at RG. He couldn't possibly play worse than what we have now.
  15. We'd be calling for Quinn's head right now if that was us.