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  1. Yeah being closer to the exits was a huge factor for me. Huge bottleneck getting out of that place from the west side. We're now right above Mollie B's. I also love that we're near the 2nd level sky bridge. It's fun to watch from there. I've always preferred the end zone anyway. i can't believe the deal we got on these PSLs. The owner had moved out of town and was unloading them for 15% of face before they had to pay for tickets. We just happened to see them first. Thats good news about the credit/refund. Thanks Tandy.
  2. Impressive. Incredible recognition and closing speed. Hard hitter. Reminds me of a certain #59 at Carolina.
  3. Impressive. But if he can improve that he's a complete receiver. It doesn't matter how open if the ball hits the turf.
  4. IDK the answer to that. He's had enough rest for the other injuries, but I think the concussions could ultimately be the issue. Still I don't see him changing his style. He's a Luke Keuchly out there. 100% full bore, but always one play away from retirement.
  5. Freeman is much more reliable in short yardage
  6. We had 4 seats in the 3rd level end zone. 2 of the tickets were hard to fill last year, so we decided to sell 2 of the 4. Meanwhile we found 2 seats in the mezz for sale with a PSL price LOWER than what we paid for the upper level PSL. We were in the Mezz at the old Dome and honestly it's chapped my *** being priced out of that level. We've had tickets since 1968. So, we jumped at the seats in the mezz and sold the other two upper level seats. We accepted an offer today. The BS part is they hit BOTH the buyer and seller with a 10% ($250) minimum fee. So we paid $750 in fees for the 3 transactions. Then the remaining PSL balance is taken out of your payout. So despite it being a 30 year deal, it's paid off in 3 years. Frankly it's a rip off. But I'm a fan and we got to move closer, so I can't complain too much. They are supposed to refund us the deposit we put on 2019 seats. They better. I mean ****, it was just paid 2 weeks ago.
  7. My guess is team 3 is the Colts because they're built bigger on the outside. Team 5 is the Titans, built bigger at guard because Mariotta is shorter. We are team 1. I'm certain of that one.
  8. He's proven to be worth about a 3rd round pick.
  9. Chandler had ONE good, maybe great year. He was garbage in 2000 when he finally got Jam back. That's why we went after Vick.
  10. If we cut Sanu I might just sell my season tickets. That would be a sure sign we don't know WTF we are doing.
  11. We're team 1 because we don't have a player on either side of the ball over 320
  12. What's that saying, "There's good, cheap, and fast. Pick 2 out of 3." It's the same with OL. Pick agile, strong, or big. 2 out of 3. To get 3 out of 3 requires a top 5 pick.
  13. Lol for sure. Could be another Bullet Bob Hayes.
  14. Sanu is the closest thing we have to Edelman. Physical, dependable, makes the tough catches, and will do anything you ask.