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  1. Everyone is fair game. Always. This is a prove it or lose it league. The owner HAS to stay out of football decisions. I'm no fan of Dimitroff, and I'm glad he's gone, but how much against our salary cap do you think it cost us when the owner comes out and says "Ryan/Julio will be Falcons for life" in the middle of a contract negotiation. Those two comments probably cost us $5mil a year against the cap. He completely cut Dimi off at the knees.
  2. If Julio even simply lines up wide and stands completely still after the ball is snapped, he will still draw their best defender out of the play. Possibly two defenders. The guy is amazing. But we are paying Tesla S money for a 20-year old Chevy Mustang with a rusted out wiring system. It might start. It might not. It might run amazingly for awhile. Until it doesn't. IDK, if I were coach I'd have the guy on the field 95% of snaps. If he's not feeling well, I'd spread him wide opposite side of the play and just have him pull a "disinterested Moss".
  3. I'm trying to think of any. Mostly I'm coming up blank. I guess Foye's emergence and Grady's consistent play. Maybe a little bit that AJ hasn't looked terrible. I see NOTHING positive about the Offense. NOTHING. Julio is continuing to be less effective due to injury. Matt is running out of time (career wise AND on every play). Hurst is most definitely a step down from Hooper. The "rebuilt" stellar prima donna first round OL is awful. Heck, they can't even RUN BLOCK. It's becoming obvious why the Rams let Gurley go. And I've seen NO ONE look anywhere close to how Freeman looked at his best.
  4. It's so funny cause last week he had what I thought was his best game in years. Threw a beautiful deep ball, extended plays, made good decisions, and hit guys on target. This week was the exact opposite. He's gone total Jekyll/Hyde.
  5. Most likely they will get suckered in by an over-enthusiastic coordinator with minimal experience who "interviews well". That seems to fit the pattern we've seen for what...14 years now?
  6. Chuck Smith said months ago that Jarrett is the only legit NFL starter on our defense
  7. Our stellar OL of first round picks got embarrassed today.
  8. There’s no reason you can’t run the ball on 3rd and 7 or 8. Shanahan did it all the time.
  9. When all you do is back up, the DL can just pin their ears back. Thus the 8 sacks. You have to run the ball to keep them honest. Successful or not. And we were averaging about 4 yards/carry in the first half. It’s not like they were completely shutting it down. Koetter stinks.
  10. I don’t even need to see the score when I see that stat. That’s an L.
  11. I’m not sure if the philosophy is more Morris or Ulbrick, but I LOVE it. Reminds me of Jim Johnson in Philly. I think it’s important that we don’t throw the baby out with the bath water if we get a new GM/HC. The LAST time I was excited about a DC was Zimmer during Petrino’s aborted season. We should’ve never let him go.
  12. Wasn’t that third and 17 about the ONLY play in the 4th quarter where we didn’t either bring pressure or fake pressure?
  13. There was a postgame quote I read that might explain this. Can’t recall who. The quote was “it was the defense’s turn to win one”. TURN??? This isn’t share time. If BOTH our offense and defense aren’t thinking EVERY game is their turn then we have a problem Houston. I once read a joke about how the 90s Braves would get a hit to lead off the game, steal second, fielders choice to third, and sac fly home for a 1-0 lead. They’d hand the ball to Glavine or Maddux in the bottom of the first and say “There’s your lead, go get em!” That kind of mentality is not healthy. It puts enormou
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