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  1. I love the fact that he talks about being active in free agency EARLY to fill holes, before the draft, so that you can go into the draft with more a BPA and less of a "needs" mindset. That makes SOOOO much sense and Dimitroff always did it the exact opposite. He took too long to resign guys, so we never knew our cap. This impacted our ability to be aggressive in FA. Which then impacted the draft focus. It was a freaking daisy chain of negative impact. It sounds like these guys have the exact opposite mindset.
  2. I like diagonal routes. That seemed to be more of what we used with Shanahan. When our guys catch the ball I want them running toward the end zone. Not parallel or God forbid, backwards.
  3. REALLY like the film on this guy. I do not think he'll make it to the 3rd though. Is he worth an early 2nd and should we take him there? Maybe. Some people were saying Aaron Donald was a late 2nd-3rd rounder. We saw how that went.
  4. How long has it been since Abe left? We STILL haven’t found another. Sad.
  5. I’m not sure we have to trade anyone. But I think we’d be a fool not to take Sewell if he’s there at 4. The guy looks like a 325 pound fullback.
  6. I do not like Etienne. He seems a space runner only to me. Najee is likely another Derek Henry. I'd be good with him, but I think we need D or QB in the first. But I'd take EITHER one of those Tarheel running backs in a later round. I honestly think if we simply didn't have a defender in the backfield on every play, even our current RBs would be pretty decent. It blows my mind to have invested this much in the OL and have the PATHETIC blocking we've had the last 2 years.
  7. Reminds me more of a Jim Johnson / Steve Spagnola thing. It's not necessarily how many, it's how they come from unexpected places. Safety, back-side corner, etc... That being said, there are VERY few plays when you're not bringing at least SOME extra pressure.
  8. This was the logic a lot of people were using on this board about Aaron Donald. I agree. IF he's the best on your board, get him. 4th, 14th, or 1st. Who cares where they're slotted. It doesn't matter. In hindsight Donald was consensus the best player in his draft. Some had him slotted 2nd round lol.
  9. I REALLY like this guy. His film pops the way Aaron Donald's did. He has incredible closing speed for someone that big. Reminds me of John Abraham.
  10. Yeah, the criteria for “deep” in that analysis is more than 20 yards. I’m sorry, 25 or even 35 yards is not a “deep” ball imo. Matt is actually very strong in that medium long 20-30 yard range. I would say it’s his biggest strength throwing wise. Where he struggles is the “air it out” take the top off the defense throws that keep the safeties on their heels and keep you from ending up with 8 in the box, thus impacting your running game.
  11. Great post. Ultimately I’m good with whatever they do. Maybe they see something in Wilson they just have to have. But this is the BEST argument I’ve read against that in 6 pages of posts.
  12. Because at this point in a QB’s career it matters. Of course I remember Jeff George. He was an idiot. For every Jeff George, I can name you a Rogers, Marino, Elway, etc. Brady has PLENTY of arm strength. And he throws one of the prettiest deep balls I’ve ever seen. It’s one step and launch, 50-55 yards. He’s not taking 2 steps and winding up like Matt does to throw that distance. The last time I saw Matt throw a Consistent decent deep ball was 2016. And ironically that was when he trained with the group in Cali that Brady trains with. Fair is fair. Matt has a ton of strengths, but ta
  13. Clayborne looked good today. When did we pick him up?
  14. Simply hilarious and sad that we’re making a big deal about taking the advice of a HC that we had as an assistant and didn’t think he was even worthy to be our OC at the time.
  15. Lol, I very specifically remember telling my father that the pocket passer was finished in the NFL after watching Bartkowski get sacked for the umpteenth time in a game at AFCS in 1982. His reply was “you think so, huh?” That was 38 years ago. It still hasn’t happened, and never fully will. Granted, the position is *evolving*. But it’s a slow change, not a revolt. And there will always be pure passers like Brady and Brees, just like there will always be big bell cow backs like Derek Henry.
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