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  1. Remember that season well. I didn’t get to go to the great MNF game. It was a school night and My dad and Uncle went. Somehow after that huge win streak we missed the playoffs.
  2. Those were exciting times. Amazing stuff in that video. It just saddens me thinking what could have been for my Falcons. My uncle is a Steelers fan and after the 2002 playoffs he was ribbing me saying “How’s that RB you have at QB doing?” He lured me into a $150 wager that we’d win 2 Super Bowls before they’d win another one. That seemed a reasonable bet at the time. Well, of course they won 2 Super Bowls years before we even got back to one. I still feel like Vick shoulda paid that bet for me. It’s like he never really TRIED when he was here. He coasted. Whatever. Lon
  3. Our defense was 19th in points surrendered and 25th in yards. Not good. We were 4-12. You are what your records says you are. Not counting for newer player potential, and based on what we saw last season, I don’t think this is far off. There are two ways to look at it: 1) We need to coach up the guys we have as best we can, find better guys who are cut from other teams, see who improves to stick around, AND get some new guys next year to replace the ones who don’t. 2) This article is rubbish! We’re gonna scheme our way to an elite defense this season with the guys we have.
  4. They have a plan. In another year after Pitts gets a little time to develop, no one will be talking about Julio in Atlanta any more.
  5. NO ONE should be untouchable. Bill Belichek benched Bernie Kosar in Cleveland and they ran him out of town for it. What do you think they wouldn’t give to have him back now? Belichek also started a 6th rounder over other seemingly better options In NE and the rest Is history. Everything I’ve heard from Smith and Fonteneau is that EVERYONE is evaluated. That means Matt, Julio... whoever. I fully expect that if Matt has a string of bad games and we skid like last year we could see Franks or whoever as a trial. Accountability is the key here. And our owner, who had just as much to do wi
  6. I’m not seeing AS as strict simply for the point of being strict. It’s not a Parcells or a Tom Coughlin thing. Dare I say it’s more like Belichek. Stoic, straight shooting, and clear about what’s expected. I don’t think AS is necessarily gonna ream guys out repeatedly. He’ll just find a way to replace you.
  7. DQ was Jim Mora 2.0. Arthur Smith is much more like Mike Smith. But a sharper football mind and more up on the trends of the modern game. Funny how the pendulum swings back and forth.
  8. I’d prefer option 3: Eat SOME of his salary and hold out for a first. But that seems unlikely now that the cat’s out of the bag Julio truly wants out.
  9. 331 lbs. Now THAT is a nose tackle. Finally going for some beef in the middle.
  10. A lot of nice catches by Darby. And they weren't "body catches" which was supposed to be his weakness. Maybe he's worked on it and we found a late round gem.
  11. He looks like Jam in '98. Awesome if his knees hold up.
  12. Statistically historically they say it's 3 points. I think it's less of a factor with games taking a more "casual" viewing aspect nowadays. With people cruising the stadium and watching fantasy on their phones. Not as big a deal for sure. But you absolutely cannot tell me that home field played no role in the 2016 playoff run, the MNF game against Philly that year (2003?), and most of all, the '98 playoff game against San Fran. Every one of those were worth 5-6 points.
  13. True "Favorites". Not cause they were necessarily the best, but because I personally liked them. 1 - Jesse Tuggle 2 - William Andrews 3 - Warrick Dunn 4 - Matt Ryan 5 - Scott Case 6 - Jason Snelling 7 - Morten Anderson No particular order, but I can't leave them out - Julio, MV, Gonzalez, Roddy, Jam, Deion oh yeah... Abe
  14. 1999. Without question. Chandler stunk. Jam blew his knee out. We lost Biscuit, Martin, and I think Tobeck. Although 1980 would definitely be up there. We made the playoffs but expected so much more. In 2016 we expected nothing. You have to have expectations to have disappointment. So even though it ended in the most God-awful imaginable way possible, I still consider it a great season, not a disappointing one.
  15. It actually is kind of a screw job. We have nine away games out of 17. Ten if you count Europe. I don't care who the "host" team is, an overseas game is a road game. It's like 1 1/2 if you count distance and complexity. So in reality we have 7 home games, 10 1/2 on the road. That's messed up.
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