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  1. Yeah, the Patriots just LOVE signing locker room distractions lol. How the heck are you blaming our pi** poor defense on a high-caliber vet who never played defense?
  2. Once again, I think it comes to balance. When you throw at a 2/1 ratio, you are off balance. But it's not a 0 or 1 decision. When you ask your OL to hold to long, you're asking for turnovers. But OTOH, when it seems you are only throwing "dig/stick" routes like under Mularkey, you're not going to get the YAC you need to be explosive. I LOVE deep balls. But they work WAY better in tandem with play action. So if you haven't earned the right to throw deep by having a legitimate threat in the running game, you're not going to be very successful. So, to point out a few things about our personnel: 1) We haven't been very good on the OL the last several years 2) We haven't ran the ball very well since 2016 3) Matt is not exactly a "throw it a mile high 70 yards downfield like Aaron Rogers" type of QB. He can throw deep when he times it well, and he's deadly in that 20-30 yd intermediate range. But the deep ball has NEVER been his strength. For Koetter to insist on deep balls when we have these three things working against us is pretty foolish if you think about it. Now if you call a 25-yard out route a "deep" ball, then I can agree. But in my mind that is not a deep ball. It is intermediate. Personally, I hate the "20 play grind down the field grind" offense like we had 2010-2012. We also no longer have Gonzalez who made a lot of that possible. I LIKE the deep ball, mixed with appropriate play action. But mostly, I like routes going toward the opponent's end zone rather than toward our own end zone, or horizontal. I like DIAGONAL routes the best, because you still have forward momentum, can catch in stride, and you're typically crossing a zone. They are also easier to catch than a vertical route. You just have to be careful of a safety or deep LB undercutting the route. The PERFECT football play imo is the play action deep post. If you execute it well, and have a threat in the backfield, it is almost always a killer. Chris Chandler destroyed teams with that in 1998. And ironically, the same play killed us in SB 33.
  3. You don't need all those stats. The guy generally has a 2/1 pass run ratio. That is out of balance. Period.
  4. I'm thinking he's been a 2-time NFL OC and an NFL Head coach and he sounds like he's just now figuring this out?
  5. I think considering the deal as a whole and what we lost for a backup, it was not good. Likely Pro Bowl player leaves AND we lose our 2nd round pick? Makes no sense whatsoever to me. I hope Graham is ready.
  6. Yeah, nobody can cover that guy. He darn near ran Trufant off the field that game when he got injured in 2016.
  7. Some people can't leave well enough alone. They get impatient. Or maybe because of cap restrictions and having to let players walk, they try to fit a square peg in a round hole. It's weird too because with Quinn his defense is based on simplicity, familiarity, and reaction time. The better you know something the faster you play. But he did the exact opposite at the start of this season.
  8. fwiw, I posted a topic here that Shanny was the best OC we ever had 5 games into his FIRST season (look it up if you don't believe). That being said, he's gone. He ain't coming back. And after he botched the end of 51, most were ready to run him out on a rail anyway. It's best to move on.
  9. Eugene Vick Shanny Man...this franchise just has bad luck or karma or something when we start to get close to the pie.
  10. He totally understands situational football. His mindset is to IGNORE it. That is both his strength and weakness. It's why he is so unpredictable as a play caller. And it's also why he botched the end of 51.
  11. He's gonna be asked this question so many times the next two weeks he won't be able to HELP himself thinking back about it. The media is relentless when they see a chink in the armor.
  12. 22.4% rushing percentage? Can that possibly be correct? That's less than 1 in 4. TERRIBLE.
  13. I'm seeing this as a repeating problem with Quinn. Asking people to do things they simply aren't good at. Person/Garland flip flopped, Beasley in drop zone, Kazee at nickel, Rashid Morris coaching WRs while our DBs are horrendous, guys at nose that are simply too small, trying to run a 3-4 type look with 4-3 talent. He tinkers and not often in a good way.
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