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  1. I am not a huge Dirk fan. But I thought the play calling last night was stellar. Our (lack of) kicking game dictated our strategy. We were giving up 10-15 yards every time the ball changed hands. If you play close to the vest in a game like that you will lose every time. Kickers become crucial in a low scoring defensive battle. We had to TRY to open it up and make it a shootout. Fortunately they helped us do that with all the cover 0 they ran. But when our OL started breaking down more, Dirk adjusted immediately and went to short quick hitters. He was one step ahead of the Eagles the whole game. In fact he mentioned the screen in between series as the best option out the next time they went jailbreak. Matt recognized it immediately, and somehow managed to get the audible in as the Eagles fans were VERY loud at that point. I think there was one second left on the play clock. A LOT of people had very small but crucial roles in contributing to that win.
  2. It was like a Glanville defense. Ryan said in post game it was the most cover 0 he'd seen in his entire career. He obviously ran it one play too many.
  3. The way you counter a superior defensive front with a hostile crowd is quick hitting passes and fast tempo. This does 3 things: it gets your QB in a rhythm it strings first downs to quiet the crowd it gets their DL running side to side or backwards rather than forward. This is football 101. To his credit, Koetter finally adjusted and did this. But he took way too long to adjust. And I don't recall us EVER going up tempo
  4. I'm a huge Freeman fan. But I'll be honest. He looks like he lost a step. And he still seems reluctant to do the dirty work of blocking. There was a play where Ridley would have gone to the house had Freeman even TRIED to block a DB. He didn't even try. That's a very me first thing that flashes back to the turning point in the Super Bowl. He also put the ball on the carpet in what should have been our first TD drive. I'm done with the Freeman love fest. Ito is hungry and looked much better. Feed the hot hand. If Freeman wants to remain the #1 RB, he's should have to earn it.
  5. You don't have to be a Steelers or a Ravens to not be soft. But the fact is, we'll never be them anyway. Atlanta is not that kind of town. It's not our identity. Like it or not, Atlanta is about speed and swagger. But you can build for speed and swagger and still move the trenches. It's the Andy Reid philosophy. 335 lb bruisers across the front, and fast as **** at the skill positions. The problem is, we are small EVERYWHERE. And now that Reid has his QB, he will finally get it done. Maybe unseat the Pats as soon as this year. Andy Reid would have been the perfect HC/GM for Atlanta.
  6. They say it's such a dangerous position, but honestly I can't recall the last major injury I've seen a return guy get. I HAVE seen kickers injured, either making a tackle or getting blocked like Bosher almost did today. That could've been bad. My point is this. We've had crap returners for years. We've got guys who would be more dangerous. Ridley comes to mind, for one. And I know it sounds crazy but in a crucial situation I'd put Julio back there. The Steelers used AB regularly as a returner. Haven't the Coyboys used Zeke? Haven't the Saints used Sproles? We used to use Sanders back in the day, who was by far the most valuable player on the team. Flame if you want. You don't win playing scared.
  7. Yeah man we really threw the baby out with the bath water when we let Zimmer go. I'd say other than Glanville's peak years, the best DC we've ever had. can we get all these guys back? Eddie LeBaron GM Dan Reeves HC Shanahan OC Zimmer DC
  8. I'll say this about Smitty. The last time I saw a Falcon performance this uninspired and unprepared was a long time ago. They may have plateaued under Smitty, but they ALWAYS hung tough, played sound, and made it competitive.
  9. All I gotta say is if DQ goes, Dimi MUST go hand in hand
  10. He doesn't want it. I'd start Clay next Sunday.
  11. Big one today. Having friends and family over. Doing a low country boil with shrimp and gator sausage.
  12. I think they're hedging their bets in case Freeman goes down early. If he looks healthy and strong after 3-4 weeks, we might let a guy go.
  13. START HIM. The way you build cohesiveness is bring young talented guys into the lineup and start them right next to each other. You get the advantage of both natural competitiveness AND cooperation, combined with youth. And the guys learn to have each other's back since they're both new. There was one year way back when Bill Walsh started 4 rookies in the secondary if I'm recalling it correctly. That became their core defensive backfield for years.
  14. I'm for finding a way to carry 4 TEs. Use one as a fullback or something. "You can never have enough TEs" - DAN REEVES
  15. I agree. I've been pulling for him, but I just don't see it.