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  1. All true. We did give up leads after we went ahead. The D also got a little auto-pilot in some parts of this past two games. So here is the one thing that gives all the Falcons fans hope. New Coaching staff means new coaching schemes... Most of these players have had maybe a little less than this offseason to get ready... They are winning while learning a new system. I mean there are countless other things too. For one the D isn't soft anymore, they keep fighting. Last year you saw players quitting! Outright giving up on tackling. That third down fumble wasn't the Giants to give away... if this was last season Kroy wouldn't have even gotten back to Eli and it would have been a touchdown to a wide open receiver. The game is about inches. They are fighting for them just that much harder now. Can we be better? **** yes. But you know what? that just means we will be that much scarier come Sundays.
  2. Watch for Donald Russell from Georgia State to make PS as a darkhorse. He was one of the few good players we had. He's wearing 33 and the coaches are saying they like what they see.
  3. Donald Russell!! GSU alumni here, and long time falcons fanatic. A little background on one of the star players for GSU. The Donald transferred over from Kentucky (SEC). Ran hard for State. The guy was hurt mid season last year from mcl injury but he is hardworking and would love to see him make ps
  4. I thought I heard he was not on our side before... But This was a good defense against skip. http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=8846039
  5. Here's the deal with my fanaticism. A. I never go watch any games at my rich uncle's house cause he's got bad mojo I tell ya. (Probably cause he jumped ship to cowboys when he move to dallas) B. Set the volume to 33 cause Turner needs some mojo C. No Church on Sunday games. Went to church twice and lost saints game and bucs game. D. NEVER eat at cheesecake factory on Sunday. you miss some of the game it's bad mojo. E. Take off the New Era hat entering the house. F. Wear the Falcons polo on victory monday to continue the trend!
  6. I had a huge problem with us even going 13-3. Noticed that he no longer took risks like 2008. The dinking and dunking and the OVERLY excessive targeting of Tony Gonzalez was horrible! I started asking for Mularky's head since Tony got here. Felt that he stunted the growth of Ryan for years now. Taught him how to play it safe... too safe.
  7. THIS. Their Offense didn't score big like the media hyped them up to. So they quietly blame us knocking them out to save face.
  8. LoL Always win? Never had a back to back season isn't always win... LET's BE HONEST... We have won more in these new jerseys and this logo than anything else prior to this. Our Throwbacks are awesome, and they will stay that way as Alternate Uni's
  9. Vick sucks. Ryan rocks. By the way poor people.. by a cheap ryan jersey there's plenty reebok's out there now... Oh yes I'm talking to you Mr. I'm so cool cause I have a Vick jersey. Mr. I'm repping my bra... Psh.
  10. Bawseee... It's quite plain to see that he was just getting into the zone... like what you do before a big speech or something walking off some jitters etc... You look down and breath in as a calming effect...
  11. ****... feel sorry for Robinson... Minding his own business head down... boom knocked out.... Looks like a Concussion and MCL PCL injury....
  12. Could care less for these people that threaten to kill themselves. They don't value their lives and others lives. While people get murdered or robbed, these cops are here for an attention craving moron. Yes I'm insensitive to idiocy.
  13. Considering the fact we will be drafting in the 32 pick... I think it will be BPA for at least a couple of rounds.
  14. I'm a fan of the team too. When a player leaves...No longer in my good graces. But when they are on the team and doing well I'm a fan of that player. If they are like turner.. I agree. Replace him. If you look at just the total yardage for Turner, you'd be like "OH he's productive". Problem is, he lacks the explosiveness of season 1 Turner, and a bulk of his yards came from garbage time this past season. Plus he seems to be hesitant in the backfield. And with that he is now coined the name "Tip-Toe Turner"
  15. when trolls have stuff to respond to these facts... thats why I only skim through these messageboards. Oh and boy do I hate it when they say Turner is the star of this team... Maybe in 2008, but since then he's been steadily declining every year. Yeah he's got the stats, but if you break down the stats you would also see a huge increase in yards and carries at the end of the game. Coach MM loves to waste time and what better than a 2-3 yard run on 1st through 3rd down? This year the trolls will either have more ammo, or be shut up permanently.
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