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  1. Ok as for my writing i had to writing that way because the fukkin title wouldnt fit for you fuks to get what im saying oh or should i SPELL that correct too u fukkin sensitive text correct reading ****** Female dogs
  2. Ok I'm wonderin the way the cards are playing and knowing there record you all think that they are worst or better than us.....and also you all think that the panties are starting to become a for real solid legit team?
  3. Yea thats what we need more winning stuff from Jacksonville
  4. I want a refund even for the bootleg stuff too
  5. Sh** u think you waisted money I bought a F load of falcons gear that I have that I most likely won't wear in public
  6. You all think that Rex will be the next head coach or most likely a school coach
  7. Being outrageously mad oh or did I spell that wrong too?....and texting does distract one from typing correct... here check this one out I got one that's correct for you can you guess the other letters F*** YOU
  8. HA Ha a aints fan talkin sh*** that's f***ing funny
  9. I heard talk about harbaugh might be out of San Francisco and would probably be in Oakland y'all think TD would make a run for him
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