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  1. Of course is over. The blinded me too. I thought they found was in the bye week. But at the end it was only a win against a team, which is very bad at playing behind. No more. Today it was back to earth. The D-Line got no pressure the lb was too late and the backfield? And the offense? it was average. Average joe and at goaline it was disaster football. Game over Season Over.
  2. Yes. Mike Zimmer had also as Falcons Defense Coordinator the best third down Defense until Week 13 or 14(it was the Colts Game TNG) Please remember this talent level . This is coaching. Fantastic game. The weakest position is their kicker and you see that now.
  3. Everson is sooo good now. This D is the best in football and that is not even close!
  4. Fantastic game of the Vikings. Refs are going to the Saints more and more......
  5. Mike Zimmer is a fantastic coach. We should never let him leave the building. That was the play, which hurt the Falcons wit the Ginn TD. What is he doing, he give the Safety the freedom to play the ball.
  6. I see a big Problem, that we were not doing the same way, we did last year. If you are running a Zone blocking system, stretch plays. The bootleg is your bread and butter Play. We scored last year in Denver and in Oakland with hooper and bootlegs. Where was Hooper this year and Gabriel. Look at their numbers, the was non factors. Austin Hooper is useless in a Sark system. If Sark is coming back, this offense will get even worse. Sark is also doing a lot of WR Screens. I do not think, that this Team is build for WR Screens. Kyle made this team in a WCO Style offense. Spread the ball. That is Mattys strength. Sanue/Jones...and then? ... Bright spot ist Takk for me. He could be a real good pass rusher. I like his style of play and his mentality. Our secondary has the Problem, that the get no interceptions. That is not Seattle style.
  7. Mike Zimmer will solve that. Great Guy. He should be the HC of the Falcons, after the Petrino fiasco, Arthur had the Chance. But he is more fan .....
  8. Yes i think Vic Beasly was overrated last year. But he had the hit against Foles, which had to be an Int. But Neal dropped the Int, and that was easy Int. So Vic Beasley will never be a absolute elite pass rusher. But he is okay.
  9. Very good post. I have to agree with every Point. What Sark was calling, was a disaster. Did he get Money from the Saints? And Yes this Soft coverage from Trufant, was also not to watch. Please watch Rhods against Thomas tomorrow. Mike Zimmer is the best Coach in teaching DBs. It was the biggest fault, that this man did not get the Chance to be the HC here.
  10. Kubiak would be a dream.....a soft dream!
  11. For me this is a worse year. Last Year you lost against one of the best in NFL History. Bill and Brady. This year you lost against Pederson, who never won any playoffgame and Foles. Sorry that is garbage.
  12. This game had Mora/Knapp Level. Losing against a backup, who beat us with checkdowns? ARe you kidding me. Please Arthur, do your Job. Your are seraching for the hottest women and gets the coldest coaches.....Please Change it....I am hoping for better coaches than women.
  13. A good Coach flames the Refs for this game. It was a typical Saints home game. They can murder the QB(Brett Favre), they can go offside, and you get a false start and Pass Interference? Are you kidding me, not for the Saints. You have to draw attention! On the other side, you have also to flame(intern) your OC. It was a terrible playcalling. The offense hurt the team, with turnovers, not able to move the chain against a average defense, with one very good Corner and one good LB, and one good DE. Spread them out, they are very thin at coverage guys. So Quinn will neither call the refs out and he will not call Sark out. So nothing will change
  14. It is not about missing me and Kyle. Matt Ryan is missing Kyle Shanahan. And that is obvious. Where are the bootlegs to the right and Hooper is open on the left. Like the TD at Oakland ? Kyle is a mastermind. Yes he made a big mistake last year. But he will learn and he do it. Perhaps it will be the question anytime, if the Falcons had to decide Quinn or Shanahan. To lose Kyle could be a huge setback. Of course I will hope for a Turnaround, but this is only hope...
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