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  1. from my understanding, Fontenot felt strongly that he was gonna be offered the GM job so he reached out to Dean Pees because he also felt Smith would be offered the job also. Terry got Dean's word that if Smith came aboard then he would serve as DC, which is why he turned down Vrabel's offer
  2. and 6 games were against top 10 offenses so it like they did this against scrubs
  3. and it's a load of crap. LeBron clearly carried the Lakers during that championship run leading them in points, rebounds and assists, and his defense was key in keeping Jimmy Butler from willing the Heat to a comeback but Davis was the best player lol
  4. I hated Sean Payton but I actually got to sit down and talk with him at a function and it pains me to say but the guy is ok. I still hate the Saints but our chat humanized him and I respect him.
  5. no, they gave Brady his redemption story. everybody in the post the night of the Super Bowl knew we weren't winning that game. I wonder if it was archived. EVERYBODY knew
  6. because Atlanta is a diverse city with major ties to music, movie and international business. it would make more sense to make the city have a winning team and capitalize on the potential money to be made. and outside of Atlanta, at the moment don't nobody care about the Falcons like that for them to be considered a clown show.
  7. looks like the league is giving teams their due. they gave the Eagles their ship, then they gave Andy Reid his. now they may be trying to give either the Browns or the Bills their due. so I figure next season they'll give Atlanta ours
  8. looks like TD's guys and Leeman Bennett are the only ones with winning records. to be honest TD should have 2 SB titles during his tenure but coaching
  9. from what I saw from Fowler, I think he can be an 8-10 sack guy, if we went to a 3-4.
  10. at my job I took over a team that had horrible metrics, and me & my co-manager turned them around in 2 months and now we're the highest rated team. I've had 2 team members poached to become team leads and another is the new QA manager. they were all about to be on the chopping block a few months prior. sometimes a team just needs clear leadership
  11. there is nothing wrong with the O-line but horrible play-calling. what do y'all be watching on Sundays sheesh.
  12. the O-line is super great, when we don't have an idiot calling the plays. just look at the first half of any game this season. so do they forget how to block at halftime? a non brain dead OC that knows how to make adjustments to defensive pressure will do wonders for them guys. matter of fact I loved seeing: Matthews//Gono//Hennessy//Lindstrom//McGary. the Bucs game Carpenter played more instead of Gono and they didn't look as good.
  13. nothing about that article made me like dude. nothing about Tennessee's offense moves me except Henry.
  14. I'd rather have him than somebody with no prior head coaching experience. the ideal situation would be if we were to get Pederson, then keep Raheem & Jeff to continue running the defense. then at least we know the offense won't be stalling and Pederson can make adjustments. plus for what it's worth he out-coached Belichick in the Super Bowl
  15. Tomlin has NEVER had a losing season, and he has a SB ring and a SB loss on his resume.
  16. in all honesty, if you look at the games we played this year as frustrating as they were to watch we should have been a contender this year. give us an OC with just ounce of a close on how to adjust after halftime and a competent O-line coach and Rah could have won every game he coached this very season, but he didn't
  17. yet and still, if he had an OC that wasn't totally brain dead we would have won pretty much every game Rah coached. EVERY, GAME
  18. Schaub "retired" like 5 years ago lol
  19. oh wow, not you Vandy. I guarantee if you took every offense player we had, put them in a Saints uniform with Sean Payton calling plays this would be a top 5 scoring offense easily
  20. the Falcons ain't cursed. the NFL is just stupid!! you got a diverse city booming in the music, movie and entertainment business. there are a gang of fortune 500 companies with their headquarters in the city and a state with a die hard football fan base. there's NO WAY I wouldn't have a championship team in that city. there's TOO much money the NFL is leaving on the table.
  21. get out of here with that crap. the O-line will look beastly next season with a non brain dead OC. play calling has resulted in more sacks and dead plays than any defense we've faced
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