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  1. he's easily a 1000 yard receiver last season if he started every game. here we have a guy that's developing in house turning out to be a dependable productive receiver and we getting complaints we need a veteran. we can always use depth but let these young guys cook. dude is a 6th round draft pick for Pete's sake
  2. and there you have it, pretty much as simple as that. my guy even threw a TD last season.
  3. one thing I noticed when I rewatched some of the 2020 games, Matt never under-threw Rid. he pretty much always hit him in stride or fit the ball in a window where Rid could make a play. odd thing is, it was the same way with Gage. I actually am a pretty big Gage fan after seeing what he was doing as the #2. I can't wait to see what a non brain dead OC will do with these guys. on a 3rd note, I also like Omagod Zacchesadsjfnwjfnf? #17 I'm trying not to get my hopes up but with those guys and then Hurst and Pitts. man even Gurley had some moments last season with a brain dead OC who basically loo
  4. if Primetime number ain't retired then no. but #2, 21, 57, 84 are the only numbers in consideration in my opinion. #11 after he retires.
  5. drops are gonna happen but there's not a game where we can say 'man that drop by Gage cost us the game' the thing I can say about Gage is if he did have a drop he redeemed himself later, usually by putting his body in harm's way; hence why I have no beef with him. dude has about 2 near concussions every game
  6. my only beef with Gage is that he needs to go ahead and slide sometimes. I appreciate the effort but as a smaller guy, he needs to live to fight another play.
  7. exactly dude. I love Julio but if he don't wanna be here ... bounce. all I care about right is #2 (not poop lol) without 11 we're still a contender, without 2, gonna be a LONG season
  8. we got some guys that may not be superstars but they're young and could be coached up or schemed to succeed. JTM is only 24, Cominsky is 25 and though he didn't really hit last season Fowler is still only 26. plus we got some serious blitz speed in DeBo and Foye. Pees is one of the guys that can use the speed at his disposal to get off the field on 3rd down
  9. Matt was sacked 11 times on 3 man rushes last season. that means nobody was open and he either ran into a sack or didn't try to run for yards. towards the end of the season Matt pretty much had to bail at least 3 or 4 times a game after going thru progressions. there were several times I saw ONE DB covering 2 of our receivers cause they were in the same area
  10. knowing the Jets, they probably drafted the wrong guy then had to make up for it later lol
  11. I'm in Memphis and I've seen Gainwell. he's a legit beast but he's smaller than listed so it made sense for him to fall to later rounds.
  12. how Sway? Kenny Gainwell 231 carries 1459 yards 13 TDs, 51 catches 610 yards 3 TDs Khalil Herbert 155 carries 1183 yards 8 TDs, 10 catches 179 yards 1 TD
  13. or they can have an awesome defense ... sheesh
  14. might as well draft a long snapper
  15. somebody came in my room and started cutting onions during that Google commercial
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