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  1. I sometimes *hate* fans. it's not like the man doesn't have a family.
  2. there was also a pass where you see the ball clearly hit the turf and they ruled it an INT, that may have been against the Dolphins
  3. looks like he's calling Wes a dud. I swear I hate our "fans" sometimes.
  4. if the Pats lose he'll be both the winningest AND tied for losingest QB in Super Bowl history
  5. I'm curious to see how long he can keep it up but what PM did this season was beyond incredible. even if he has a down year and only puts up half his stats from this season, it's still and incredible display of quarterbacking I've ever seen. I remember the first time this season and there were maybe 3 possessions where Brady was on his feet watching the young gunner play. The Chiefs are gonna be trouble for some years to come
  6. Waymint, ain't he FROM Louisiana?
  7. dude, we got Wes who's been a starter for 2 years now. he's gotten progressively better. at the end of last season the left side was clicking. this is year 3 in his development as a starter and his 4th in the league. fix the right side of the line and call it a day
  8. the worse thing possible has been happening to me all year but to be real, this technically is a new year. oh **** it, yeah book it.
  9. LT - Trent Brown - 7th round via trade - 3rd year LG - Joe Thunny - 3rd round - 2nd year (played because of Wynn's injury) C - David Andrews - undrafted - 3rd year RG - Shaq Mason - 4th round - 3rd year RT - Marcus Cannon - 5th round - 7th year to be fair they did draft Isaiah Wynn in the first round but he went on IR yep that's some top notch drafting, but they let their guys develop. we try to bench or cut ours every year
  10. I hate to break it to yall but the way my year is going I can guarantee the Saints are gonna win the Super Bowl and it's not even gonna be close. the worst Super Bowl beating in league history. Drew Brees will wearing a baseball cap early in the 4th quarter type beating. book it, take it to Vegas!
  11. cut him and make him ST coach. even if he accidentally screwed the pooch the results would probably still be top 10
  12. True. I'm more concerned with the right side of the line, the left found their rhythm as the season went on. in all honesty, the only thing we need at this point is a good RG and the line will be solid. I think Ty can out-play Schraeder and hold down the RT spot.
  13. towards the end of the year they had found a rhythm and now people are butt-hurt because Ryan took a lot of sacks. people love to bring up the Pats O-line. well .. LT - Trent Brown - 7th round LG - Joe Thunny - 3rd round C - David Andrews - undrafted RG - Shaq Mason - 4th round RT - Marcus Cannon - 5th round the Pats have one of the best O-line coaches in the league and they actually allow their guys to play and develop. Brown is the only lineman they didn't draft and they traded for him from the 49ers. it's unfortunate that Ryan took a lot of sacks this season but in all honesty that was more of a result of busted plays. the O-line and TEs are credited with giving up 26 sacks, so if Ryan was sacked 42 times what were the reasons he had to hold onto the ball so long on those other dropbacks?
  14. this is not gonna popular at all but I would roll with Wes at LG unless someone legit beats him out. I'm not talking about him getting only 7 snaps in preseason with the ones either. he'll be in his 3rd year as a starter and one thing that helps a line is experience together and he'll be in between 2 studs. all he needs to do is cut down on the penalties. pencil Ty in at RT for now and concentrate on RG like lives depend on it. in my opinion, the line is already better with Koetter at OC because he's been successful with lesser linemen here and in Tampa. if I was Quinn, whoever is my Oline coach, I'd be in their butt everyday making sure they give these guys a regiment that will put them in a position to succeed.
  15. I'm not gonna say he sucks but he's not the guy we thought he was. to clarify, I was speaking on Offensive linemen. year 3 is the year where the light should come on in a player's development and if they aren't panning out by then it's best to cut ties unless they're simply a cog in your machine as depth