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  1. can we play some football now?
  2. same here but what was even more impressive is how slow the Bears defensive players are. Mack and Hicks are the fastest dudes on that D
  3. grand opening ... grand closing
  4. give Matt a defense like that Bears D
  5. just throw it to Robinson
  6. what a waste of a defensive effort.
  7. Bears defense gonna have to score
  8. really Mitch?? dude sucks
  9. really Mitch?? dude sucks
  10. o-line holding ... no problem, still got him
  11. great coverage on that naked boot
  12. Gabe pushed off
  13. why was it not called then? a ref was probably 7 feet away
  14. right?!?
  15. how?? he did absolutely nothing wrong or dirty except tackle Aaron Rodgers