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  1. not even past the sticks and a drop, the ol twofer at least we got 3 here did Matt see Hooper, at all? what made him pull the ball down? even the cameraman got fooled as he turned the camera for the throw. and I didn't include the Sanu drop on 3rd because Julio converted on 4th the next play or a lot of bad passes. only one with pressure.
  2. maybe if we had better guards Matt would have thrown the ball to Sanu instead of running. my biggest gripe is Hooper is almost in the same area as Sanu so it would hard to see just what he had past the sticks wow, 3rd and 20 and we didn't throw past the sticks. maybe a better line wouldn't get us in 3rd and 20 but before it was 3rd and 20 it was 2nd and 20 and this happened: your number 1 WR has to make this catch. 3rd and 1 is a lot more manageable than 3rd and 20 and the reason why it was 2nd and 20:
  3. I clearly said that we didn't throw the ball past the sticks a lot on 3rd down as well as the drops. a new OG will certainly take care of that though
  4. I don't need stats when I have every game recorded.
  5. drops and penalties hurt us on 3rd and long more than any O-lineman but hey let's get rid of RG, LG, LT and RT. start fresh around Mack. build them trenches. it wouldn't hurt to throw the ball past the sticks too. we need 9 for a first, why throw the ball 6 yards lol
  6. exactly. he was put in a terrible position from the start and that's on Quinn. if he wanted someone to run Kyle's offense then he should have promoted either LaFluer or McDaniels, guys that have been with Kyle for years and know his tendencies in play-calling. I think the offense might have performed better if Sark was just allowed to install his offense from the beginning and that way there wouldn't be any expectations. by telling us we're 'keeping the same offense' people are expecting 30 points a game and that's not fair to put Sark in that position, especially with his drinking problems.
  7. I'm all for this.
  8. so you're saying an O-line that ran the ball as well as the previous historic season and produced the lowest sack total in Falcons history wasn't that bad when you look at they weren't helped much by play-calling. hmmmm. by all accounts then if we did scheme receivers open and use more play action and misdirection then the offense would look a lot better. it would probably help if receivers wouldn't tip easy catches, turning them into INTs too. you would think we got blown out 38-3 the way this place is overreacting.
  9. I'm over Gabriel, he can go shock and awe in San Francisco because if Sark stays then he doesn't know how to use him. Derrick Coleman, while I admire him for being able to make it as a deaf man in the NFL, to be perfectly honest, dude straight sucked. I honestly would love to keep everybody else on the roster. I'm glad I'm not the GM
  10. the only thing right on is number 2. everything else is just butthurt ramblings from somebody who most likely thinks the NFL is like Madden
  11. I can show you a game when a team I know played the Bills at home and the refs totally screwed them, a few times at that. happened this season too.
  12. the only thing that bugs me about the offense, I KNOW they have to see that no one hardly ever covers Toilolo. other than that as long as he's keeping us scoring points, even FGs at this point is fine with me. Matt is always better in year 2