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  1. but he got the coach that won them a Super Bowl fired, then bounced lol
  2. exactly. I don't know why people think Mahomes is a wizard or something.
  3. Mahomes is off every game. a Chiefs game is basically them sucking for a few series then somebody will make an incredible play here and there lol
  4. now why would a bunch of people be high on someone getting tossed around like a rag doll? ok I'll bite, which game was he getting tossed around LITERALLY play after play so I can fire up the game pass and watch
  5. actually keep everyone in their place and slide Gono to RG Matthews//Gono//Hennessy//Lindstrom//McGary give them all the first team reps and let them gel.
  6. it's always some guy that was probably picked last at kickball constantly talking about what a winner is.
  7. hard working kid but he was a wreck after losing 4 family members to Covid, that's why he opted out. he will end up as a steal of the draft.
  8. 3rd rounder AT BEST. dude has 4 winning seasons his whole career
  9. in one season, Brady now has the same amount of NFC Chips as Brees and Rodgers. let that sink in lol
  10. Tony is one of the goats but like you said he made his bones with the Chiefs. my post was just to highlight that Toilolo was a pretty good piece when he was here
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