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  1. Hardy is probably an excellent punt returner. the common denominator for our ST woes is coach Armstrong. remember how Andre Roberts started out amazing, then he sucked for us? now he's amazing again all of a sudden. the answer lies with Armstrong
  2. so I just saw the play, he got ejected for that? oh well
  3. down by the schoolyard?
  4. Vic has to quit over-pursuing too. Just like against the Redskins, he had Smith dead to rights but he looked like anticipated Smith stepping back and he didn't so he missed the chance to wrap him up and by the time he recovered Grady got there and actually knocked Smith from Vic's grasp. when he gets past the OT he needs to remember the quickest way to a point is a straight line. that was the 4th sack he missed this season from doing the same thing. he must hate watching film by now and seeing himself do the same idiotic thing
  5. are you fricken kidding me?? sometimes I really hate this place...
  6. I wanna like TeCo I really do and I do while he's a Falcon but man if he don't run soft as heck. I love his speed and I'm happy he's starting to make his cuts cause truth be told dude has had holes all season. I wouldn't be mad if we kept him and I wouldn't cry if he left.
  7. just imagine getting another DE with the tenacity of Takk on the other side of him, with that LB corps, and with a healthy, Rico, Neal and Kazee?
  8. he had a point, that was a personal foul, hands to the face, face-mask, clipping, holding, false start, off-sides, sticking, travelling, charging, horse-collar, taunting ... basically Jake committed every foul known to man on that block lol
  9. agreed. plus I love the fact that they made quick adjustments this game. when it seemed like Vernon Davis was about to go off, they put Bredi Wreh on him and took him way from Smith
  10. Oluokun played very well and so did Duke but I was really impressed with Bruce Carter. there was a play where Smith hit a WR and not only did Carter have good coverage, he ran stride for stride with him.
  11. Foye was good today but I was also impressed with Bruce carter. the guy still has some wheels
  12. we haven't?
  13. I hate this place ...
  14. exactly. In all honesty he never should have been starting this season.
  15. it's chili season so I'll be making a big pot over the weekend. I've recently discovered sour cream in chili ... I feel like I've wasted years of my life.