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  1. people have WAY too much on their hands lol. and I watched every second of it.
  2. it worked every week after that post. the only week he didn't post it was the before the Super Bowl. hmmmmmmmmmmm.
  3. exactly. I've seen worse on Julio not get called but then again, it's Julio. the play that pissed me off more than anything is the play they called holding on Alford and Clayborn was being held RIGHT IN THE REFS FACE.
  4. the 3rd down penalties are a problem but sometimes I wonder if the refs do it to keep the game from getting out of hand lol
  5. once again, great job with the video
  6. this team swag is on stupid. love how matter-of-factly Tru says "the offense is gonna score" like it's no thing. that's what we do. lol hope we can keep protecting the ball as well as getting turnovers. one thing I respect about Aaron, he rarely turns the ball over.
  7. this was probably only suggested because people are too impatient to let Wes develop and feel like we NEED a RG when Wes is doing just fine. so now we gotta trade Coleman to get this lineman to fix the "terrible guy at RG" that's gonna ruin our chances at the Super Bowl
  8. I doubt it. I think he'll get a score or 2 maybe in the red zone but this is a classic decoy Julio game because speed may dictate using the RBs and TEs more. if I was Sark I'd RB and WR screen them to death because they seem like they wanna play very aggressive defense
  9. in southeastern Georgia, the local stations Fox, ABC and CBS are in Jacksonville, while NBC is in Savannah. so that sucks for Falcons fans
  10. this is my first year with the Sunday ticket because I live in Memphis and so far EVERY game this year has been on the local station. I just went to the guide and it just shows 'due to blackout rules, Fox will be airing the early Atlanta Falcons vs Detroit Lions game' ... okay.
  11. I think Shannon Sharpe said it best ... Julio is an alien. He just ain't fair. my uncle who's a BIG Packers fan called me from Milwaukee and said as long as the Falcons have Julio the Falcons should have to go 20 yards for a first down.
  12. that's what I was thinking, that schedule ain't that easy. and heck we got an early bye week so we got 12 straight games down the stretch.
  13. Matthew Stafford, Tyrod Taylor and Jay Cutler so far