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  1. stats stats stats
  2. exactly, as a matter of fact that pissed me off about Blank. he knows MB had naming rights for their stadium, go with someone else dude
  3. wow that sucks.
  4. Cole ... you stupid
  5. I got clowned by a few know-it-alls when I said there's no way Reed was getting cut this year. BTW, he's got that Freeney spin move working about 3 or 4 times a game
  6. all I know is pissed off Matt Ryan is my favorite Matt Ryan
  7. especially maddening when we've had 2 INTs called back for lesser hits. (Clayborn against the Pats & Jarrett against the Dolphins)
  8. Poe did play FB on the Coleman TD run
  9. any other QB and that's 15 yards
  10. thanks for making me laugh literally out loud
  11. dude started out awesome, I made a post about it and he's been horrible ever since
  12. motion on that play and we walk in the end zone
  13. right??? if that was a Falcon...
  14. the "fumble" is one of those 7 plays