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  1. yep ... also Sanu gets to play with 2 great Bama WRs. Ridley is in the best position he could have hoped for after getting in the league. anything he gives us will be a bonus
  2. when I was in Memphis struggling to find Falcons games on TV I wondered just how much the city actually supported the team. now that I've moved back here, every day I see a staggering number of hats, jackets, scarves, shirts, jerseys & the like and it's amazing. I pass by the stadium every day I go to the job and in all honesty the city is already on fire. the NFL is sitting on a potential goldmine in the city. there is so much money coming to this area in the form of music and movies and a lot of the people are new to the area just like I am and a great majority of them can't wait to become Falcon's fans since they are "kinda good" now. I work with at least 30 new to the area people and they don't have ties to teams from their former places of residence and they are all in to becoming ATLiens. you are right when you say this city will erupt into something never before seen
  3. dude he open up with this: Hageman is one of those guys who just doesn't have the discipline and maturity. like he knows Shede personally. people see a 3 minute clip and break Olympic records jumping to conclusions.
  4. you know that's a lie! Wes single-handedly ruined our season.
  5. you're absolutely right. we couldn't run any of the plays the Seahawks, Giants or Rams used to move the ball on the Eagles. our poor O-line made us run plays that were to the Eagles strengths. luck played no part in a sure INT being kicked right to a Philly WR that put them in field position for a FG right before the half.
  6. and that very well could happen, but according to a good deal of our fans, its not possible to improve so we're screwed and have to sign FA OGs until we get 2 All Pro Pro-Bowl OGs for minimum pay
  7. no one ever improves.
  8. are you waiting for an answer too?
  9. where is this crystal ball you're looking into? Philly got lucky to get past us, who's to say we don't find that luck? maybe Sark installs his own playbook and is able to use the talent we have to be a top notch offense. it's amazing how every other team can improve but our team or players can't.
  10. the Rams, Giants and Seahawks all put up film showing how to move the ball and score on the Eagles and Sark's game plan did NONE of it. hopefully he's learned how to put together game plans to expose teams weaknesses instead of trying to run Shanahan's plays.
  11. in all honesty, with the level of competition we played last season, I wouldn't be upset if Wes started again. he faced a murderer's row of talent his first year and did well enough that the O-line didn't lose a single game for us. it would be great if Fusco holds down RG but what I like is we got Ty Sambrailo, Sean Harlow, Ben Garland and Austin Pasztor as backups and all but 1 have started several NFL games. drops killed us way more than the O-line.
  12. yep, statistically our O-line was very good last season. top 10 in a lot of major categories (sacks allowed, 3rd down conversions, 1st downs made) but 24th in plays ran. for all the Matt had no time crap, we were the 16th most pressured team and Matt was 3rd in QBR for QBs under pressure. I think it may be me, you and like 6 other people that get our line is nowhere near the mess people try to make it to be lol
  13. at this point, anybody that still complains about our O-line, including Wes knows jack crap about football.
  14. Phillips and Shepherd. then re-sign Rubin
  15. I can't log on to this crap. it keeps saying to claim account. WTH?!