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  1. Tru is a good player but we kinda play better as a defense when he goes down ... just saying
  2. in all honesty, I think Gono should just be penciled in as the starter. I can respect competition but at this point, 4 of 5 starting positions are a lock. quit playing around, name a starter and let them build from day 1
  3. dude is a freak athlete, I'll give him that but I've never understood the hype on him.
  4. don't you mean Gurlie to Atlantie?
  5. Steelers / Cowboys is a pretty serious rivalry in many parts of the country. since they don't play too often it's usually super overhyped
  6. somebody needs to change their name to refried brains
  7. exactly. and for all the crap he got, Jalen Collins played his fricken brains off during that SB run
  8. people keep spouting lies about Wes.
  9. I'm just trying to figure out where on watching the games over he's doing so badly. heck if he's running like this on a bad knee then I'll take it. he's running over people and has a spring in his giddy up
  10. Defensive starters last season: Takk - still here Davison - still here Grady - still here Vic - gone but the board hated him anyway De'Vondre - gone and will be missed Debo - still here Oliver - still here Sheffield - still here Tru - gone but actually wasn't on the field much when the D started to catch fire Allen - Still here Kazee - still here then we get back, Neal a starter retain guys who contributed last season in Bailey, Cominsky, Blidi Wreh, Neasman & Oluokun and signed Fowler Jr who everybody was creaming their pants at the possibility of getting. yep we're doomed!!
  11. not by everyone. I was super happy we resigned Neasman and now I'm not worried about the secondary at all barring injury. if Neal can stay healthy, Allen remains solid, Kazee rebounds, Oliver and Sheffield take steps up and Jordan Miller can contribute basically anything, we are good on DBs
  12. my thoughts too, and I watched the later games and he looked fine. if he can give us what he gave the last few games of 2019, I'll take that all day and twice on Tuesday. the Cowboys and 49ers took away the run game but they don't have the QB and WRs we got
  13. the messed up thing is whenever I've seen him get playing time he was very disruptive. maybe he has a bad attitude or something
  14. yep dude ain't passed a physical yet right?
  15. dang they got Gurley on ads already