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  1. if people are claiming Phillip fricken Rivers is a shoe in for the HOF then Matt is definately going in.
  2. THAT'S MY Quarterback!! this man deserves a championship because I hate how much disrespect is thrown on his name.
  3. thanks to free NFL Network I got to watch a lot of Rams games during this pandemic. I didn't see this lost step of Gurley's the media kept speaking about. I bet he can get 340 carries this season and won't miss a beat
  4. agreed. in 2 weeks he had the DBs looking competant after they just couldn't get it right for half the year.
  5. I'm sick of crap like this from crappy posters. and everybody that liked it can suck a tailpipe with the car running. some of y'all "fans" suck!!
  6. I wouldn't say he loves the Falcons. he's just informed and he's like that about every game he calls. I've never heard him have a hint of bias for a particular team
  7. one of my favorites. I still hope Brian Billick goes back into the booth. dude was one of the best to ever do it, super insightful.
  8. I thought this said Common traded for Falcons draft picks ... I was all confused for a sec. I was like "he gone quit rapping to play for us?"
  9. don't know if you know this but years you hate the draft, we lose, years you like it, we win.
  10. cause apparently we got the best GMs in pro football right on our very on boards. all of them have their own scouts and are far superior to TD when it comes to drafting players. just look at all the Super Bowls they've won over the years
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