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  1. I'm just loving how Wes doesn't have the capability to improve in folks eyes. I remember last season all we had to do was get rid of Chester and the line would be blah blah blah. now all of a sudden Chester was the man and Wes messed it up lol.
  2. I think Andy got 1 more very good year in him. that' 4 out of 5 spots solidified and to be honest, I actually think Wes should start again. I think he's taken his lumps and would show improvement in year 2
  3. Great news!!! Brooks is one of my favorite defenders on the team ... and yes I'm serious! gives you 110%, balls to the walls every play. just needs to not jog off the field against Rodgers lol
  4. if the Eagles win 10 games next season I'll be shocked
  5. but honestly, what does Jerry Rice know? lol
  6. agreed. I'm in the VERY minority that thinks Wes has taken his lumps and if he starts next season, he's gonna battle tested and play very well
  7. I imagine I could power through the hurt too lol
  8. please edit your comment and add this:
  9. I wish I knew Ryan personally. I would show him this board and then help him plan which team to go to lol
  10. I'm trying to give you the benefit of the doubt that you're joking
  11. I'd rather have the red helmets with the new Falcons logo on it and switch back up to the black jerseys, white pants. then our road uniforms would look like those color rush thingies lol
  12. I'm pretty sure he's proud of not making that block and wears it like a badge of honor
  13. people keep throwing around backup QB recklessly not realizing under Kelly when Foles was the starter he had the 3rd highest QB rating in NFL history for that year.
  14. nah but we get to keep 3000 yards 29 TDs rushing and 1357 yards 6 TDs receiving Freeman from the past 3 seasons