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  1. Wes, Ben and Sean are the guards with talent, and we got four very good starters on the line that can help whoever wins at RG. but you right, they've don't have any NFL starts so we need to sign a vet to start and let those guys continue to sit. then next year we might need another RG and since those guys still don't have any experience we'll sign another vet.
  2. I think Ryan has earned the respect to be able to get us out of dumb play calls. sometimes you have to overcome coaching
  3. the re-branding is beginning. it makes the league look good to have a team like the Falcons as a top tier team. like Ryan said, Julio sets the tone of the team so it's hard for someone to come in with an ego, knowing good and d@mn well you ain't a fraction of Julio. he said Sark has been quizzing him on what plays he like in certain situations to keep the feel of the game similar. Quinn gives each player a goal to improve on. guys are hungrier than ever after Super Bowl.
  4. I wouldn't like it at all. we finally have some talent on the line, we need to develop who we have for the long term at RG
  5. so we gonna act like Free didn't pick up 37 yards the play before Julio made that awesome sideline catch?
  6. well said droopy. going back to that ALA-CLEM national championship game, Sark did very well for a couple weeks of prep with a true freshman QB and considering his stud RB got injured in the 3rd quarter, he still put them in position to win the game. I think Sark may find that balance we need to keep the offense rolling at prolific levels
  7. the only thing I disagree with you @g-dawg is concerning Russell Wilson being somewhat over-rated. Seattle still had a descent offense considering they had a terrible offensive line and no running game. you're right though, GB & Pitt is running on fumes and is getting props for past success only because of Super Bowl wins
  8. imagine a defense like that with our offense now:
  9. *I* think we'll go undefeated *they* think we'll fall off, so that prediction sounds about right
  10. sounds about right