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  1. Don't you dare give the defense a hard time. They have been on the field FOREVER and are the only reason we're in this game. This is what happens when the offense's ineptitude wears out the defense late in games.
  2. Getting really tired of the "stars" on offense getting outshined by regular guys on defense. We should be a lot better than this, good thing Nolan has the defense playing lights out. They will get worn down late if the offense lets them play all game.
  3. Just read the last 10 pages. You guys go from doom and gloom to sheer joy in seconds. Comical.
  4. The chicken little mentality on this board is alive and well.
  5. Good lord, I feel like I'm at work with all this INR crap. He most likely is fine, although there is a slightly higher chance of recurrent clotting after you've had one before.
  6. Thoughts? We have the crew for a 3-4 right now almost. If they want to change. DE: J. Babineaux, P. Jerry NT: Paul Solial (MIA), V. Walker DE: R. Edwards, C.Peters OLB: L. Sidberry, S. Adkins ILB: C. Lofton, A. Dent ILB: S. Weatherspoon, R. James OLB: K. Biermann, S. Nicholas
  7. Best comment ever: DJ Mack posted 2 minutes ago If Miami signs Mularkey as the HC I will personally shoot Stephen Ross's helicopter out of the sky with a surface to air missile.
  8. Dunta will make it till 12, possibly 13 at best. Then he's gone. 3/5/2010: Signed a six-year, $57 million contract. The deal contains $25.5 million guaranteed, including a $7 million signing bonus. Robinson will also receive $5 million in option bonuses. 2011: $5.5 million (+ $3 million roster bonus), 2012: $6 million, 2013: $7 million, 2014: $9 million, 2015: $9.5 million, 2016: Free Agent.
  9. You can't get mad at defense. The Giants are going to get theirs. Our offense has to put up points and quit sucking *#)&!
  10. This is getting pathetic. How in the **** are they allowed to hold nonstop? Not to mention the fumble for 6 that got blown dead, the late offside, or the grounding not being called on 3rd and 1. And this ball comes out and is bailed.
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