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  1. monson007 (12/17/2007)
    Mario Williams was considered a bust last year since he was the first overall pick in the draft and did not live up to the hype. He now has over 13 sacks this year and will probably make the Pro Bowl.

    Give Anderson a break. One year does not designate success. The sacks will come. He has been close several times. Arizona has some o-line problems so maybe he gets his first next week.


  2. atl_falcon_89 . (12/16/2007)
    The highlight of the day was Hall stepping in front of the receiver for an INT. Unfortunately every time D Hall gets a pick, he mentally adds another 30k to his upcoming contract.

    Until we turned it over on the very next play

  3. Setzertopia (12/16/2007)
    mrs falcon (12/16/2007)
    Seriously for all you guys that know the X's and O's what do we need and where do we start. Besides saying O-line what position do you mean I need something else to focus on. Appreciate it

    Well, I am by no means a football guru, but here goes:

    Left Tackle

    Nose Tackle


    Middle Linebacker

    Power runningback


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